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Welcome to the know, I’m Ashley Jenkins, And I’m Gus Sorola. Is YouTube threatening the livelihoods of some of its biggest content creators? Well, some say yes, and they’ve only been making a fraction of the money they used to after YouTube changed the way it monetizes videos, And they say that could end up forcing them off the platform entirely. This an issue that’s been going on for months now, and it’s pitting YouTube against some of its most popular personalities, And it’s another sign that the ‘Wild West’ days of internet videos might be coming to an end, as advertisers get increasingly skittish about what videos they are associated with. Time to hang up the ten-gallon hat, guys.. Take my spurs off. But a lot of content creators say that, in addition to trying to make advertisers happy, YouTube’s now gotten extremely conservative With which videos it will monetize, even if they haven’t had a complaint about a particular video. The folks behind the popular channel H3H3 Productions, which has more than 3.8 million subscribers, posted a video yesterday, blasting YouTube for its new advertiser-friendly policies and, more interestingly, They say they’re now only making a tiny fraction of the money they used to make from advertising. And they say those changes are forcing them to move on to other ways of making money. While Ethan and Hila Klein, who make videos for H3H3 Productions, say they’re not giving up on Youtube, They say they’ll be cutting back drastically on the number of videos they post each week. So, how did all this get started? How did we even get to this dark place? If you haven’t been paying a whole bunch of attention- And we don’t really blame you, if you’re not a creator, it’s probably not directly impacting you at this point- YouTube and its parent company, Google, have come under a lot of scrutiny after several reports That ads were running alongside YouTube videos that were promoting hate speech, and terrorism, all kinds of terrible stuff. That prompted major advertisers like Pepsi, Verizon, Walmart, and others to completely ditch the platform; Some even completely left Google’s entire ad network. You think they would’ve given them a Pepsi and they would have calmed down. Right? That’s obviously a big problem for Google, which makes up 90% of its revenue from advertisers, according to a report from Wired. But it has a scale problem when it comes to YouTube videos: Users upload nearly 600,000 hours daily to the platform, Which would require a ton of people to watch it manually. We did the math on this at one point, and they’d need somewhere between like 70-100,000 employees to try to watch every minute of YouTube that’s uploaded. And that’s as it stands right now, that doesn’t account for the growth. Yeah, it’s pretty insane. Instead, Google said it’s working on developing artificially intelligent content filters That can flag offensive videos and try to help them manage this huge problem, And it’s hired a bunch of people to try to watch as many videos as they can and flag offensive material, So that it’s AI filters can learn what to filter out, and what to keep ads off of. So if you wanted to apply for this job watching YouTube videos all day, like, y’know, where do you… Where do you sign up, right? Are they just, like, on Craigslist? Yeah, but you have to watch all the shitty ones. It would look like a scam. [Both] “Watch YouTube videos at home all day and make money! Get paid!” YouTubers are saying that YouTube is cracking down way, way too hard on what kind of videos can be monetized. Ethan Klein at H3H3 Productions says that, of his last eight videos, only one has been normally monetized. Videos that weren’t monetized included one that involved urination, although, it was faked, Another titled ‘Christian Moms Against Dabbing’. Klein said “Well, I think, I mean, the- it’s because the real crime here is dabbing, I think.” Klein said that he thinks the latter video was flagged simply because the word ‘Christian’ was in the title- How offensive. -He’s not entirely sure, it’s speculation, but that’s his theory, and, ironically, that video was an attempt to make something explicitly brand-friendly, he said. “To bring brands back,” he said, “YouTube has given them the tools to keep ads off anything they might think are controversial.” But he added: “It’s so blunt and it’s so stupid that it is destroying our channel and our livelihoods.” “YouTube is now more conservative than Nickelodeon,” he said, and as a result, He said that his videos are only making about 16 cents on the Dollar compared to what they made before YouTube cracked down. Klein said he hasn’t received any communication from YouTube about what prompted certain videos to get demonetized. Yeah, YouTube- Communication isn’t YouTube’s strong suit. He feels like comedy channels like his are now getting punished and unfairly lumped in with racist videos and terrorist propaganda. He said, “I can’t help but feel like YouTube is capitalizing on this moment to clean house, And just get rid of the channels that they never wanted to begin with.” While Klein said that H3H3 will ultimately be fine, because they’re a big channel and still make plenty of money, the new guidelines mean That no new channels will ever get popular again if they have even remotely questionable content, And out-and-out raunchy channels, like Filthy Frank, can probably kiss all their ad revenue goodbye. Klein and his wife said they will still make YouTube videos, but a lot less frequently, like maybe around one a week instead, versus three, which raises the question; If a YouTuber can’t make money off their videos, then what other possible revenue streams are out there? Well, we’re glad you asked. That’s an interesting question. One option that’s suggested by many of H3H3’s viewers is starting a Patreon account. That allows fans to directly support content creators with monthly contributions, and is commonly used by podcasters. Klein said that he’s also looking into doing live tours and also starting to do stand-up, which, That latter might not be as lucrative as he thinks, but hey, you know good luck out there. They’re also moving their H3- Brian, our- our resident stand-up comedian shakes his head sadly and continues to- and continues to not afford food. Brian: “And still making 20 bucks a show.” Keep typing! They’re also moving their H3 podcast to Twitch. Yeah, but um, you know a friend of RoosterTeeth- kind of funny, They do all their stuff through Patreon, and they love that as their model. We have our own, it’s our RoosterTeeth First program where people can sign up and get Content early, or get exclusive content, stuff like that, like really diversifying, or merch, please buy our t-shirts. Y’know. Ethan Klein admitted that H3h3 had possibly gotten too comfortable, and said that the advertising changes have been a bit of a wake-up call for them to try new things. This is obviously just one in a long line of issues that YouTubers have had with the platform; There was a subscriber bug in which YouTubers said people were mysteriously be unsubscribed from their channels- Which we still hear about on occasion. Yes, and then YouTube recently apologized for its restricted mode filters, which were flagging tons of LGBTQ content as not safe for kids. So on the one hand, you have a platform that’s famous for making changes and not communicating them very effectively- Not hard to see why a lot of content creators are, yet again, frustrated, and may feel like they’re being marginalized by YouTube, And that the platform is popular largely because so many creators flocked to it and spent their time and their effort making content then for YouTube to sell. On the other hand, brands are naturally going to be concerned about where their ads pop up. Any consumer product wants to be marketed to the widest possible audience, and nobody wants to pop up next to a racist video. And Google needs that sweet, sweet advertiser money, So it definitely seems like they’re cracking down harder than ever. Yeah, so time will tell whether or not Google’s new outlines will force content creators elsewhere- Maybe there will be a new YouTube Mecca? Or if they’ll just find different ways to monetize their audiences, one thing is for sure, though. The days of just getting to make whatever you want and getting ad money for it are definitely over. Advertisers are paying more and more attention, and- As much as we love being able to monetize videos, and put a video out, and enough people watch it, And it gets all these ad impressions that we don’t have to do anything about, and then yeah, The money just, you know, comes in, we keep the lights on. We don’t- you know we, we can’t force the brands to choose to give our videos money, and that’s, that’s like the tough thing, right? Is: Does everyone deserves to make money? Sure; Do the brands deserve to decide not to spend it? Yeah, they do.. What do you think of YouTubers’ latest fight with the platform? Is YouTube purposely trying to drive some channels off the platform? Sound off in the comments. And for all your news on “What YouTube did wrong this week,” make sure you like this video and subscribe to The Know. Because there will be something next week, and the week after, and the week after. And like my video: Gus for Dabs. Plea- don’t- No. (Everyone laughing in the background) (Trying to clap in unison with background person) Damn it. I’ve been good for a long time. Kayden. Champ.

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100 thoughts on “Money GONE for YouTube Content Creators? – The Know Tech News

  1. Damn Gus, you have a huge head on your Kermit the frog body. Hard to look at your goofy self. Try lifting some weights frog boy.

  2. well this sucks, I just started making YouTube videos lol. guess well see what I have to do to stay in the game lol

  3. this is a dirtier plan by youtube that people realize. because youtube still places adds on demonitized videos, but rather then share it with the video producers, they take it all. if they were REALLY demonetizing the videos, no ads would be displayed period.

  4. Wouldn't more indepth monetization rules be easier. Yeah content creators might be a little pissed but it would give youtube much more information to give advertisers that want to advertise on youtube. Everyone could still get monetized but what kind of content you create would be clearer to the advertisers if put into clear groups. The 'safe for all' section, the 'NFSW' section, the politics section and the unmonetized. Each could have varying prices, and these are awful numbers but just for perspective, say the safe for all is $5 dollars the NFSW is $3 as is the politics section. the unmonetized is $1 but its at your own risk. This seems logical enough to start. Even add a section where advertisers can specify channels they don't want their ads appearing on.

  5. i dont can ads control where or what channel they want be on instead an automated system? i mean just have a singup system where youtube creators can be sponsored by the ads providers.. i mean that would fix the issue with no hassle..

  6. look at all these small and non conservative media getting ad revenues. take them down in the name of children!

  7. Oh, I can't make money off you guys? Sorry, fans, I was only in it for the money. It'll let you know which YouTubers are real and which ones just want your views.

  8. If the video is "alt news" or remotely politically right of centre. No money for you.

  9. I'de buy that for a dollar. This sucks though, in my opinion, this is a prime example of cencorship. Calling it "filtering" is a misnomer.

  10. Honestly I have little to no sympathy for them. Google never told anyone to make YouTube videos as a career. And now that the well is drying up people want to cry. You know what, you should've saved all your YouTube cash when you had the chance. Nothing good last forever and you always gotta prepare for the future.

  11. If you owned a business and were spending your money on ads, you'd want the ability to decide what you spend that money on.

    Most of the people attacking the advertisers, wouldn't be so free if it was their money and their brand…

    Yeah ur sucks for some creators but it's not going to kill the platform. Plenty of creators manage to make great content without pushing or breaking the community guidelines.

    Just because YouTube had turned a blind eye and advertisers have in the past doesn't mean they should have.

    Now that the "bosses" who don't watch YouTube but know their money is there, read a few newspaper headlines, they are giving marching orders.

    The real surprise is that it took this long.

    Ultimately a lot of smaller channels are now suffering primarily because to be fair a lot of Big YouTubers have more status and attention than some celebrities but haven't learned to handle it and minimize scandals and controversy….

    People can cry "censorship" but this is going to either be "art" or a "business" if it is a business there are strings when you take other people's money…. there would be strings if it was your money…

  12. From the ashes, a Youtube-like site will arise, and creative people will once again find a way to monetize it so we can be entertained. The democratization of entertainment and other industries can't be stopped. At the heart of this is the old system vs. human ingenuity. And so far, nothing has been able to stop human ingenuity.

  13. Bahaha! So basically, millennials complaining about everything that is offensive are actually killing themselves by forcing sponsors to back out of a lot of videos! Now millennials have to go out and get actual jobs!!! HAHAHA! Teach you millennials a lesson about all the damn complaining and being offending by everything!

  14. you should see how the YouTubers that do car blogs are crying like little babies no one told you to buy a $200,000 car and you can't pay your bills

  15. YouTube is stupid. They have control over who and what is allowed to be advertised. If advertisers don't like it, they can deal with the lack of advertisement. This might give reason to their competitors to advertise on YouTube. If someone doesn't want to advertise, it's their loss at this point. YouTube needs to grow a pair.

  16. to be honest youtube should scrap all the stupid adds and breaks within every video or the floating adds at the side which you get multiple interrupting the vids you wanna watch in the first place and charge everyone who has an account $1 a month and you get unlimited video watching from youtube add free this would cut all the shity advertisements out all together

  17. I'm kinda speculating that Youtube is just using this to redirect Ad money to benefit only the TV studios but there's also more to it than just that. If Youtube is doing there Youtube TV with access to mainstream studio content, then that means as a (traditional) media platform they'd have to follow FCC guidelines. There are rules they would have to abide by which would account for why they've been going flag crazy. It's basically a hard and soft reset of the company. In turn, that redirects ad money to the studios and to youtube but cuts off portions for content creators.

  18. honestly I hope all the big YouTubers leave so smaller channels can replace them.
    I purposely make certain videos more PC than others. I've also made certain videos of mine adult restricted knowing I could never monetize. I'm aware of the change on YouTube and prepared for it.

  19. ok…… i figured it out…. i know why gus creeps me out. HE'S A GODDAMN VOGON! skinny arms, but a huge head and a fat guys body.

  20. From a business POV, the only real mistake YouTube made was in paying creators in the first place. They then started to expect payment. The fact is that YouTube would have done fine without having to pay for content. There's plenty of people who would create the content just for the attention. YouTube could stop paying creators and still do well.

  21. The wild west of the Internet has been dead ever since Napster was killed. A veeeery long time ago.

  22. Then there are creators like myself that only make videos for the love of making videos. I don't make a red cent…

  23. YouTube needs to find a way of placing advertiser with the videos they want to advertise on. If I were and advertiser I would like to have my ads place with videos that have large viewing numbers but with those that do not conflict with what I am selling. I know I wouldn't want to have my ad placed on a video that has a small number of views over several years. Nor would I want it placed on a video that would cause my sells to drop.

  24. As i always say, if someone believes their work is worth money, then charge directly for it… When youtubers make themselves dependent entirely on Ad money, they place themselves at the advertisers mercy… Their fault, not ours… Advertisers have the perfectly legitimate right to choose what they want their name associated to. Plus, Youtube was never meant to be a job, so again, anyone who placed themselves dependent on that was just wreckless. The bubble was bound to pop someday anyway.

    Aditionally, nobody likes having ads shoved into their eyes, if youtubers really believe their content is worth money, set a price for it, and if viewers agree with that value, they will pay. The problem is that with that model, 99.9% of the content on YT isn't worth money and most of the wealthiest youtubers right now got their subs way before it was a business… Example: How many of you would be willing to pay for Pewdipie vids? I sure as hell wouldn't. Sure, some of his stuff is fun, but fun worth paying for? No way…And yet he's still the highest paid youtuber.

  25. The ability to create content is insignificant next to the power of the Force. The assumption these types of decisions are not directly impacting viewers is incorrect. Without the viewers content creators and said advertisers' monetization to them, would cease to exist. Hence, never assume and instead encourage versus discourage those researching the concept of the next big thing via process improvement or via means of innovation.

  26. And yet The Young Turks not only doesn't have to follow these rules, but Youtube also promotes them despite constant cursing and coverage of controversial issues which keep other sites from being monetized

  27. no more Minecraft video's hopefully the down syndrome game will be forgotten if the creators don't get payed any more

  28. Google/YouTube needs to focus less on ads on objectionable content and more on objectionable 'ads' showing up on content. Such the ones that redirect you from what your trying to look at to a page that tries to push a download for an 'urgent security update for your browser' from a random address.

  29. this has nothing to do with hateful content this is a premeditated strike to gain a foot hold on online censorship

  30. so ppl basically are worried now because they put all there ​financial eggs in the YouTube basket. videos like how-to basic shouldn't be making money

  31. Youtube is simply leftist. They dont demonetize leftist videos at all, and the trending feed is FAKE.

  32. internet videos should not be censored, freedom of expression and speach but a warning should be notified of the content to be watched.

  33. Meanwhile, people with ANY level of computer skills, instal an add blocker and don't see any of the adds anyway.

  34. this will weed out the fame seekers… the last thing this world needs are more fame seeking, look at me, look at me's….
    just do it out of passion without the monetary kickbacks….
    this goes for everyone that thinks youtube was put into place to make money, it never was…
    if people want to make money off youtube then seek out your know sponsorships… don't rely on subscriber kickback…
    all you guys are on the right path using patreon that is the way it should be done if you want to make money doing this… this will weed out all the channels posting other people's old videos as new… and all that BS

    I'll give you an example… in what world does someone get paid to sit around and comment on people playing video games??… let say you think "yes I think someone like that should get payed"
    so if that person feels their content is of some monetary value, then if it so great, go put some effort into getting your own sponsors…. doing that would filter all those $h!t channels…. and the ones that pack it in would prove they didn't have the passion needed to do it money or no money… in the end its a win win for the viewer… it will be the best of the best and the best of the most passionate…?

    so no youtube is not getting rid of these channels , these channels are ready to pack up shop if its not making money….
    channels like this were supposed to be channels of passion to spread the truth…. not money ventures….

  35. Why doesn't YouTube give the Advertisers an account with "Big Red Button" powers? Flag all ads from, say, Pepsi with a Pepsi flag. Then give them, Pepsi, the direct ability to restrict certain videos or channels from being able to have any ad with the Pepsi flag run alongside it. Simple.

  36. YouTube gives free hosting and bandwidth for hours of HD video. If anyone has ever tried to pay for all that on their own, they wouldn't be complaining. What an entitled bunch of babies.

  37. the sum yall did here almost seem a little oh well for new comers and we should be thankful for those who see this as more a side sponsoring and not a deterring of topics which supply and demand is based on

  38. You have to keep in mind YouTube is at war with the main traditional media….such as the Wall Street journal, television news channels, and any newspapers that are left…

    Those traditional sources have financial incentive to trash the most profitable youtubers.

  39. this is funny creators always told me that it's not about the money it's all about you the viewers and now look the money goes away and look the creators are starting to panic but hey it's not the end of the world there is tons and tons of ways to make money the most simple way is get a job:)

  40. YouTube is censoring like crazy and mainly censuring Christian and conservative channels… Because it does not fit their agenda and ideology since they are a company on the left

  41. Hmm…There's no easy answer to this. On one side you have advertisers not wanting to be visually associated with things they don't like since it conflicts with what ever image they're trying to uphold. On other side you have content creators getting hit from Youtube's algorithms (again) and are now seeing less revenue to invest into making videos. On another, we, the viewers are going to end up seeing less content that we want to see when the content creators can't afford to crank out videos due to their loss in revenue. On yet another side, this will effectively censor Youtube to where only the content that advertisers approve of can afford to keep posting videos on a regular basis, this in itself is probably one of the more dangerous sides since you would effectively be bared from talking about anything remotely controversial when (not if) it gets out of control leading to situations where people no longer have use their brains and think about the world around them in their new save haven that is Youtube.

  42. Content creators themselves should buoycot YouTube. If there's no money left then alot of channels arnt going to be able to carry on anyway without sponsors. Cause a ripple effect and YouTube/google will either have to come up with a way to pay the content creators fairly or the platform will die. The big problem is old school media can't accept the new ways because they can't control or censor what we watch. So they try to just force it to shut down.

  43. You hit the nail on the head. YTC can make what they want. Advertisers and other contributors can pay for what they want. If you demand money from someone that's called theft. It's time to grow up, eventually everyone has to.

  44. Question, if YouTube is nothing without it's YouTubers​ meaning the people who have very popular channels who go on to make very successful videos which brings them thousands if not millions of views as well as subscribers which in turn then makes YouTube profitable and therefore brings a wage with YouTubers then why don't all the YouTubers stop making videos for a while kinda like a strike?

    Whilst I understand that the videos that YouTubers have made already will continue to get views and make them money as well as YouTube itself getting paid because of the ads that they put on each YouTubers uploaded video if YouTubers such as David dobrik, d news, louder with Crowder to name a few were to stop and even pull their content off would it not send a clear message to YouTube to tell the advertisers whilst we appreciate you paying us to advertise whatever it is you're selling if you don't like the videos that we allow on platform you're more than welcome to take your business elsewhere I guarantee you that advertises will submit because at the end of the day how they get exposure of their products is not as important as getting exposure

  45. Google has a safe search option on their website, maybe they should just try to do that for youtube. And eventually when companies realize there is a LARGE amount of people flocking to the "unsafe search" side of youtube, we can get back to the way things should be -.-

  46. My question is why aren't my current videos making money anymore? My revenue has been the same since March 🙁

  47. This is where perceptions screw up possible solutions. A subscription service to have your videos observed by human moderators would limit the number of mods needed while also providing the funds to afford them.

  48. Well, the first problem is the suits in the advertising agencies underestimate the tech savvy of Youtube's customers (viewers) and panicking. We know the ads are random and not the result of algorithms.

    Though this does bring up why Youtube can't tailor ads to the account of the viewer like Facebook does. I mean you can do a Google search and your facebook feed will have adds for what you searched for. How hard would it be for them to simply sort ads the way Facebook does?

    The problem lies in Youtube not being willing to implement that system.

  49. people want to do away with all social media networks YouTube Google Twitter facebook gone and if you want this you have to pay for it by credit card so kiss all of this bye bye they want all of this gone and if they do this i won't have any more entertainment whats the sence of having a phone if you can't watch videos and i love Bush craft camping videos

  50. Well the advertisers are the ones who pay, so they have right to choose where to put their adds. Stop crying about monetization and deal with it! If advertisers don't want their adds in such videos, youtube needs to solve that. Because like I said, they are the ones who pay!

  51. How about YouTube just makes an application program that they can have you tubers apply for monetized vids, in some sort of approval program or design a system for donors and letting the people speak for themselves on what content they want?

  52. they're not only censoring people on the left they are censoring people on the right and it's pissing me off because a lot of my favorite YouTubers who are in the skeptic community are losing their way of life and having to support themselves with Patron while making really good content

  53. They kept using the word "conservative" and that is deceiving…..the problem is being too PC. Snowflakes are doing the monitoring…..I know of a channel that has trolls that literally copy and stalk the creator and threaten him and Youtube allows that. The trolls copied his patreon videos and uploaded them to YT to F over the creator. He stopped his Patreon account. It's insane. All YT are doing are hurting the creators.

  54. Call and apple an apple.
    I guess you guys are a lefty channel also since you refer to YouTube as taking down "hate speech" videos. Everyone knows Google is super liberal and have gone out of their way to shut down anyone with a more conservative view, either by removing their videos or removing the videos from Ad Sense. Not that you'll care, but you lost a subscriber.

  55. YouTube stinks! I create great original content that takes a huge amount of time and effort. I will delete all my content if this greedy corporate pig of a company demonetise me because they are not going to get my content for free.

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