Mom Bot Malfunction: Robot Messes Up Mother’s Day!

I’m going to defeat you! In your dreams! What am I forgetting? I know I’m forgetting something? I have no clue what I’m forgetting! It’s Mother’s Day! What are we going to get for mom? Yeah we can do something awesome for her before she wakes up. I could make her a homemade pillow! You’re not too good at sewing. Let’s just stick to tinkering. true I can get her some flowers! Do you have any money? I can cook her a delicious meal! You can’t cook! All you can do is order pizza. True There’s got to be something we can do. I’m going to get you you robot. Eden do you still have the Chore Bot you’ve been working on? Yeah in the other room somewhere. Hey! That was mine. I introduce you to Mom-Bot! Good morning kids, how may I serve you? Uh Hope, I haven’t completed all the functions on Chore-Bot yet. Hey Mom Bot, can you make a homemade pillow and a delicious meal? And buy some flowers? Yeah! You got it! Are you sure Mom-Bot is working right? I wanted to make some adjustments. I’m going to go check on her! She’s doing great! She already got the beautiful flowers for Mom! Hmmm, okay. Let me go check on her. I’m going to beat you! Hmm I guess she really didn’t need any adjusting. She already made the pillow! Really? That’s awesome! I’m going to go see how the breakfast is doing! I beat you! It’s going great! Mom-Bot has got it all under control! Time to cook! Now to set the plate. Now for some finishing touches. Mother’s Day is served Mom bot! You got it all wrong! Oh yes, it needs more egg. Okay, here’s the game plan! Noah, find a way to turn Mom-Bot off. Yes sir! Eden, we need to clean this mess up super fast! Super fast? I just created these bands with super fast energy in it! Let’s go! More eggs! Need more eggs! I need to turn her off! Flour, flour, flour! Not flour! I’ll take her back to her charging station. Thanks Noah. I guess Mom Bot needed some adjustments after all, I’m sorry. It’s okay. I know you were excited. But next time let me make sure my inventions are functioning correctly before we use them. Okay, mom’s about to wake up and we have no breakfast for her We could order something? Why didn’t I think of that! Happy Mother’s Day! We got you a delicious breakfast! And we even cleaned the kitchen! Wow! I have the greatest kids ever! Hey guys! And don’t forget to comment down below what you’re going to do for your mother on Mother’s Day! Like this video and subscribe for more SuperHero Kids Adventures!

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