Module 7: Troubleshooting Basic Technology Problems

– So when it’s challenging, there are a lot of people in the school who know how to use that technology and would probably be
willing to help you learn it, if you just ask. And my advice would be to admit when you don’t know something and to search out somebody
willing to help you because that’s what teachers
at schools are all about. – When things aren’t
going well with technology in the classroom, you
have to make a judgment in the moment of whether
or not you should persist in trying to troubleshoot or whether you should just decide you need
to take a different tack and I think the fundamental thing that should come first and foremost is the students. If you are trying to do
something where you are using a smart board, let’s say and the smart board is in loading, there’s some software update going on, it’s just not working, can you have the students
read a page in the book that you’re going to talk to while you’re trying to troubleshoot? Can you give the students
something of value while you’re doing that so that there’s still learning going on and you don’t lose control of the class. – Technology is something
that changes on a daily basis. It’s hard to keep up but if you take it as an
opportunity to learn something new and challenge yourself, that’s also a great model for students.

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