Modern KCI Infinite Combos EXPLAINED

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100 thoughts on “Modern KCI Infinite Combos EXPLAINED

  1. cool thing about this video is the guy that did the animations for it doesn't even really play magic. it was fun to watch his brain melt trying to figure it all out

  2. I do this nonsense in my Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle commander deck. I don't have access to Pyrite Spellbomb but I do get to take advantage of a number of cards that benefit from infinite loops. Perilous Myr, Ticking Gnomes, Blasting Station, Aetherflux Reservoir, etc. It's great to whip out every once in a while haha

  3. Had heard people complain about the deck but couldn't find an explanation of what it did thanks.

    This seems abysmally unfun to play against.

  4. Free main deck access to moderns best sideboard card? That statement is infuriating. You say that like other decks can't run EE mainboard because they can't not because they don't want to. Its a choice not free access, all the decks that sideboard EE have ways to play it for the sunburst necissary mainboard, they can play it they just choose not to. Using that statement as a reason to ban cards in KCI is illogical, its not free access its deckbuilding, put the cards you need in mainboard and cards you want in sideboard. I still think something shoukd be done about KCI but using this as a part of your argument is idiotic.

  5. Intent to cast is a vastly underused "cheat" i guess is what to call it, it can also be used alongside convoke with eldrazi spawn/scions, same with blasphemes act and eldrazi mana dorks.

  6. KCI is banned from modern can we get an F to pay respect?

    NO!!! WE CAN NOT! KCI is stupid. go back to commander with that crap.

  7. Now that KCI is banned what if we tried metalwork colossus instead? Okay hear me out: You have a scrap trawler and myr retriever in play with a colossus and a 1 mana egg in the yard. You can sac 2 artifacts to get the colossus back into your hand. Sac trawler and myr retriever: with scrap trawler’s die trigger get back myr retriever, scrap trawler on myr retriever gets back an egg, myr retriever gets back scrap trawler. Then you get the colossus in your hand. You can do this at instant speed which can keep your combo from dying to removal. It doesn’t give you infinite mana like KCI but it effectively doubles your mana because all the mana of artifacts you play can go towards another colossus, so in my opinion it could be a fun brew but still fair.

  8. even if this wasn't banned, cards like shattering spree (a 1 red mana cost w/ replicate for 1 red mana that destroys target artifact) would dismantle the deck outright.

  9. Should do a competitive r/g dragon build video or 5 color hydra commander or 5 color ur dragon. Please?

  10. Right around alara I decided to make a joke vintage deck, since that was the format the local store always ran, and picked up three of these bad boys. Combined them with auriok salvagers and lion's eye diamond to make a worse bomber man. Threw in artifact lands, some salvaging stations, a banefire as one of the win conditions, and a tolarian academy for better mana (obviously with sol ring, mana vault, mana crypt, grim monolith, the whole gang). A playset of welders and some stars & terrarions later, I have nearly the whole deck rounded out. Just had to add two chimeric coils, because they let you loop a station infinitely with kci and disciple of the vault as another out for a kill lol

  11. I've seen some use KCI with Myr Retrievers to cast a Brain Freeze or Tendrils of Agony with a million spells cast that turn.

  12. There's a guy that plays this in EDH with only 1 crawler and 1 retriever claiming that you put the abilities on the stack and choose targets ONLY as they resolve.. so they could see and retrieve each other for infinite mana.

    I tried to explain (while being nice), but he kept insisting.. even referenced this video in the process.

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