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Financial professionals, now more than ever, are expected to perform with speed, accuracy, and accessibility. Implementing an automated accounts payable solution is essential to streamlining the management and processes of an AP department. There are so many vendors and options out there. Which is the best AP automation solution? In a workplace where everything was needed yesterday and instant 24-7 availability and access is becoming the norm, mobile adoption in any solution is a necessity. That’s why Esker launched Esker Anywhere, a mobile extension of Esther’s accounts payable automation solution. Esker anywhere gives managers convenient, on-the-go accessibility to review and approve invoices or purchase requisitions. In addition to the easy and intuitive user interface, Esker Anywhere features document lists, easy access to key data, line items, and original documents display. It also allows approvers to send invoices back to accounts payable or to a previous approver for questions, put invoices on hold, and of course, approve invoices. Esker Anywhere delivers on the road accessibility to managers, enabling exceptions and approvals to be quickly resolved, resulting in improved supplier relationships, early payment discount opportunities and increased resources and time to cash management, and spend management. It’s time to get faster invoice reconciliation and reduce approval times from the palm of your hand. Contact Esker today to get started.

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