Military Clothing Fashion Ideas for Men | How To Wear Army Clothing & Look Cool

– Good afternoon gentlemen, I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy, today we are gonna be doing
a men’s fashion video. Before we get started,
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keeps the machine moving and keeps us making content. So support the cause. So anyway, today’s video is
an urban men’s style video, with a bit of a military touch. Alright, military. So we’re thinkin’ the
SAS of urban fashion, the Navy Seal, Black Ops,
Call of Duty of street wear. I have a lot of stuff like that. The man from milk tray of swag, the James Bond of all
black on black urban style, I can go on for ages, none
of them even sound good. Just check out the look alright, shut up. Okay, anyway, so after that bizarre intro, this is gonna be the look right, let’s have a look at what
I’m gonna be wearing anyway. We’ll start off from the top right, everything we’re gonna be wearing is from English High Street brands, can most definitely get
’em online internationally, and most of the shops
are international anyway. The look we’re wearing is all black, so we’ve got a black fitted T-shirt first, as you can see, it’s got the
fastenings on the sleeve here, so it comes higher up the
tricep, looks rolled up, but it’s actually fastened. These are from Top Man, as I just said, and they retail at 12 quid
each, or two for 20 I believe. Okay, so check them out. We’ve got this little old
cheap accessory on top. Alright, see the little black stone thing mixing in with the kind of silver tooth. So the black and silver going. That’s gonna go through the whole look, we’ve got black and silver Rolex, black and silver bracelet, even the rings have a little
bit of black detail in there. Even the earing is silver with a cross with some black markings on it. Black and silver, name of the game! So as I said, it’s a black look, right? Black on black on black, but the silver jewelry especially is gonna give it a bit more swag. Make clear that we are actually
trying to look fashionable, and not tryin’ to look like
an assassin or a Navy Seal. We’re taking a bit of that vibe, but settin’ it off with
loads of cool accessories, and different layers to make clear that we’re in urban swagger king, and not a violent mercenary. Alright, who knows, we might be. That shit’s sexy. Alright, so anyway, now
let’s have a look at what I’m wearing on the bottom layer. Alright, we’ll start with the shoes, we’ve got these Nike Air
Blazer Mids, they’re called, that means they’re, you
know, mid level high tops. They’re plain black, in
the leather you can see, you’ve got that kind of crinkly thing, the classic Nike tick, and I love on the back the Nike logo. Alright, class Nike in white, kinda goes with the silver
vibe of the jewelry. They retailed at 55 quid. You could also chuck in here, a plain black pair of Airmax 9T’s, we’ll flash them up now on their price, available from any good sport shop, or you could stick in a pair of plain black Converse instead of these. You just want a low key urban shoe. We love it with the
Converse style high top. These ones are Nike’s take
on Converse, the Blazer Mid. Then we’re going into
probably one of the main parts of the whole look and we have these skinny black combat
trousers, or cargo pants. Right, you can see they are, they’ve got the elasticated
bit at the bottom to make sure they’re nice
and skinny around the ankle, showing off your trainers. Very skinny around the calf, alright, coming up into
the knee, skinny again, these are really tight
over my thighs especially, giving it that sort of fashion vibe, making it clear they’re
not just old ass cargoes, and you’re not some military freak, you know that these are
actually fashionable. And of course we have the
pockets above the knee on the thighs which sort of, are what actually marks
cargo pants or combat pants. They look really cool,
giving it that military vibe. Again, coming up to the T-shirt
we’ve already been over, that is the plain black basis of the look. Okay, so I could be just
rockin’ it like this, and it would work, but
we’re gonna layer it up now, to really make this look pop off. Okay, so you’ve seen the raw basis, let’s give it a few more elements. Okay, so I’ve put on this
oversized hoodie from H&M now, alright, it’s not a zip hoodie, it’s got the inter joining pocket here, I really prefer that with this look, then the zip up hoodie. And it’s oversized right? This I think is an extra large. I would normally wear
a medium hoodie fitted, or a large from a bit baggy. I want this one quite long and baggy, it’s got that kind of urban vibe with it, it looks really good
with the fitted combat. So that’s the first layer we could put on. Right, it looks cool with the
hoodie actually up as well. Stick my hair down a little
bit if I wanna try and be sexy. (whistling) Alright, and then we
can keep on doing this more and more and more. So now let’s wack a jacket in. Okay, so we’ve now wacked in this plain green classic bomber jacket, okay so again, it’s
another military garment. Very popular, very trendy right now. You’re gonna see these all over our videos and all over men’s fashion, they have been for the last few seasons. Plain green bomber, little
military fastenings here, they usually have a bright orange lining. This one doesn’t, because it’s cheap shit. I think this one is
actually from River Island, it retailed at about 40
quid, nice cheap one again, more High Street stuff. This is not available
right now, this jacket, you’ll find something like it
anywhere on the High Street. H&M, River Island, then Top
Man if you’re in the UK. Primark even. So you find a cheap bomber like this, you could also go for one in maroon, or in plain black if you really
wanna keep that plain black, black, black, sort of military vibe going. Okay cool, so you could
put the hoodie up as well, it’s got that nice vibe to it. I keep going with like
this military urban look, it has got a slightly urban vibe, and a slightly military vibe, but nobody’s gonna think you’re a badass or you wanna be in the army or something, it’s all just men’s fashion, and all this whole kind
of style is very popular, but it’s not that common. So what you’re doing is not, you know, out of line with fashion, but
there aren’t that many people who go for this exact look, and especially not getting
in the darker colors. So it works very well. Okay, we can keep on
decoratin’ the look even more, I’ll chuck in a few more bits. Okay, so we’ve got these
sunglasses as well, these are from H&M, they
retailed at a mere five quid, you heard it guys, fiver! Check these out. Alright, nice little style on them, very classic frame, cool at the moment. Again, this makes it even more clear that it’s an urban style look. Very versatile, alright. Love it with the hoodie and the glasses. Mega cool like that as well. We can keep on decorating the look, let’s see what else we can chuck in. Okay, so the first hat we have, this plain old school cap, this is from Top Man,
this retailed at 15 quid. You may not find the exact hat, I know these change very quickly. This is a couple of weeks old, right. You’ll find something similar. Plain old school hat,
leave the tag hanging out, that’s the style, with
some kind of detail here, not branded, nothing tacky,
I love these roman numerals, nice and low key, it goes
with the whole black vibe, I could rack the sunglasses back in. Right, very urban, okay. I can even put that hoodie back on, we don’t wanna start overdoing it, you know, I mean I’m not
actually a sniper or a rapper, or a rapper called sniper. Alright, if I didn’t have glasses on, you’d see my eyes lookin’
to heaven right now. Anyways, so we’ve got also the sun hat. Also has definite military vibes with it, this one is a kind of
fake plastic-y leather, you could have this in a real leather, or something like this, it’s just PVC. Also looks really cool
if you’re mad confident. Alright, I’m gettin’ really really, now I’m taking it to
a more hiphop-y level, don’t need the glasses,
don’t need the hat, but he hat also works really well. We think, boom. So that was the black
military looking sun hat, we had to do it. Boom! We’ve got another, oh come on. I think I just became the
military swagger don of the world. Anyway, anyway, alright, so there we go, the military sun hat, this one actually
happens to be reversible. It’s by Fred Perry, it’s branded, so it’s gonna retail a bit
more than the cheap shit we’re wearing for the rest of the look. It’s probably about 35 quid. You can find something similar. Simply go on eBay and
look for military sun hat. Camouflage sun hat, plain black, works perfectly as well. See where we’re coming from, final hat, let’s see if you can
actually, oh well done. Alright, so final hat, plain black beanie. And as well, hood up. Okay here we go, oh that look
with the glasses back on, the plain beanie. So as you can see, we can
sort of add those elements in. The sunglasses, the hooded
top, the different hats, they’re all gonna give it
a bit more sort of traction when we’re going for
this strong, as I said, urban street wear with
the military vibe to it. Very swaggy, very
fashionable, so give it a try. Okay, so this is the
jacket by Blake Hedley, flashin’ up the price now. Little bit more expensive
then the other stuff we were wearing but it’s
definitely worth it. It’s got this nice shearling
wooly inner lining. Really nice quality suede, so check that out online, Blake Hedley. Alright it gives it a kind of more, slightly more adult vibe, less urban, then when we put the bomber jacket in. So for the mature guys who like the style and the whole vibe, this would
be a perfect alternative. You can find a cheaper
of jackets like this, it’s a shearling jacket. All over the High Street
as well, so check that out. Anyway, be sure to subscribe,
like, leave us a comment. Plenty more fashion, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle videos coming
soon from the camp here at Make Me That Guy. I’m Ollie, it’s all love, peace. (thematic music)

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8 thoughts on “Military Clothing Fashion Ideas for Men | How To Wear Army Clothing & Look Cool

  1. The style on display in this video is "my" innate style. I get that rebel without a cause attitude/vibe from my dad. I digress. Ollie, you look great in street/rock wear. Do you feel like this type of look is a good representation of who you are?

  2. I hope that look doesn’t get you hurt on the street – you look more like a punk kid looking for trouble but you seem like a nice guy – I checked out your vid hoping to see some classical military style suites not a punk rock snot nose.

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