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Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a high school and learn the skills to prepare you for tomorrow’s Workforce today? Well on our own suburban bucks county that school is called middle bucks institute of technology Now imagine a school organized around ten broad career clusters that not only prepares you for a career or higher education but offers 23 career Pathways to choose from Let’s start with the health science Career cluster the health science career cluster offers programs designed to prepare students for a Rewarding career in the medical and health field these programs include dental occupations medical and health professions and our newest program For therapy and exercise management. I tore my acl. I had to go through a lot of rehab I always thought being physical therapist an athletic trainer What get me so much farther in life students in these programs learn how to provide therapeutic? diagnostic and supportive services related to their specific program of studies the architecture and construction career cluster offers students 6 reward and Career Pathways from which to choose from construction carpentry electrical and Network cabling building creatives occupations computerized drafting and engineering graphics hvAC and plumbing technology and practical environmental landscaping if you dream of designing planning Managing and building where you live work and play then the architecture and construction cluster is for you If you are intrigued by hospitality and food science and consider the hospitality and tourism Career clusters I look forward to coming your every single day is like the best decision ever pick the culinary Arts and science program within this cluster introduces students to the management marketing and operation of restaurant and prepares students for Entry-level positions in the Foodservice industry The human Services Career cluster prepares you to meet the needs of others within a specific career pathway students enrolled in the cosmetology or early childcare and education program learn and practice skills that prepare them for diverse post high school education and training opportunities These range from apprenticeship and two-year college programs to four-Year college and graduate programs After you’re done and have your license you can go and expand your career in so many different aspects of cosmetology Are you fascinated by how products and machines come together with High quality? Materials and workmanship then you should explore the welding program within the manufacturing career cluster Careers and advanced manufacturing offer exciting opportunities to design and improve products operate high-tech tools and machinery Analyze problems develop creative solutions and work with both your hands and mind Creative students who imagine a career as an animator graphic designer photographer director Producer or audio technician can pursue those interests through the commercial art and design and Multimedia Technology program these programs are offered within the arts Av technology and communications career clusters within this cluster students can apply artistic Talent problem-solving skills and visual arts principles to prepare for employment in any a number of creative design and entertainment Fields there’s like a little kid I always try to make like little home movies some of them turned out any good, but I get to play. I’m here for a fast-growing career in computer and information Technology students are flocking to our information technology career cluster this cluster includes administrative sciences and business technology Networking and operating system security and web design and interactive Media these programs provide Students with the knowledge and skills related to design development support and management of hardware software Multimedia and systems integration services students interested in a career in law enforcement fire science emergency medical services or security and loss prevention Should consider our law public safety and security career clusters I like the real-life experience that gives you with all our certification through yet Students will study criminal justice system police science fire science and emergency medical services the Curriculum will include discussions and case studies professionalism ethics Cultural Diversity and conflict resolution if you are eager to be at the vanguard A 21st century technological Innovator and problem solver you will find plenty to keep you captivated in the science technology engineering and Mathematics career cluster Within this cluster is the engineering related technology program which introduces students to a variety of engineering specialties Students will gain skills that prepare them for diverse post-high school education from apprenticeships And two-year college programs to four-Year college and graduate programs The Transportation distribution and logistics career cluster is formulated around two programs automotive technology and collision repair Technology in Automotive technology you will study all car operating systems and learn to diagnose and repair problems you will also study Hydraulics and electrical system. I think what’s really cool about this is you get to work in the shop will work hands-on Take engines apart for them back together. I so excited to learn a lot here before and one off the college in collision repair technology Students learn to restore cars and small trucks you will mix and apply paint? Straighten frames and repair or replace damaged parts with opportunities for work immediately after high school or to earn a college degree There is almost no limit to your potential for advanced Thank you for joining us on this video tour of middle bucks institute of technology for more information, please visit mbIt org

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