Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard App

Word Flow is a next-word predicting keyboard
that allows you to easily type single handed. It was developed by Microsoft’s in-house
experimental projects division, Garage, is now available on iOS in the US. The Word Flow app offers the promise of faster
texting via a swipe to type input — similar to other keyboard apps like Swype. More novel
is a one-handed typing mode that displays the keyboard as an arc in order to allow for
easier typing via just a thumb. The arch can be adjusted to be on either the left or right.
Users can also customize the look and feel of the Word Flow keyboard. I tested the new keyboard for a variety of
tasks like email, chat, and taking notes. I found the prediction was impressive. At
first, I liked the typing style, but was a bit bummed that the words I was typing weren’t
offered as options just above the keyboard…when in fact, they were already inline in the text
making typing faster because you don’t have to select the word you want each time, you
only use the alternate suggestions if the word you were trying to type isn’t the one
that was automatically chosen for you. Having only used it for an hour or so, I am impressed
will likely leave it as my permanent keyboard. I found set up to be a bit un-intuitive. If
you haven’t added keyboard in the past, you might not think to manage the add in your
general settings, vs app settings. But you can easily go back into the tutorial and review
the how-to, which I did. If you are thinking that Word Flow looks awesome
but seems like a weird more for Microsoft, you should know that Word Flow is not Microsoft’s
only keyboard offering. Its Garage division has produced another keyboard app, called
Hub, which was on iOS already. ALSO back in February Microsoft shelled out $250 million
to acquire London-based keyboard maker SwiftKey, an early mover in the next-word prediction
keyboard tech space. Microsoft say it will continue to offer SwiftKey’s apps despite
functionality that clearly overlaps with its own Word Flow product. Word Flow is a free download on iOS starting today.

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15 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard App

  1. I wish it had a number line on the top row and I don't like how the letters aren't separated by squares or borders like a normal "key" on a keyboard.

  2. i think it depends on the locality of the phone? I'm in singapore, and i don't see the app on google play? maybe it takes some time to dispatch?

  3. This keyboard is amazing, Microsoft definitely hit the ball out of the park with the stability and usability of this thing. The only thing I see being a problem with this, is that other developers just don't have the deep pockets which they do when it comes to application development costs.

  4. microshit make your fucking keyboard available for your windows 10 tablet and phones first before offering to iOS.

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