Microsoft’s Surface Studio first impressions

We knew Microsoft was launching a new Surface
device at today’s big Windows 10 event, and that it would likely be a hybrid all-in-one,
but what we didn’t see coming was how strong a creative play the software giant would deliver. Designwise, the Surface Studio isn’t the
best looking all-in-one we’ve seen around (though it is, without question, impressively
thin). As with other products in the Surface line,
it is clearly focused on function over form. From the front, the thing is pretty much all
screen, with a proportionally small black bezel on all sides. The device is big – huge, even, tasked with
supporting that massive 28-inch PixelSense display. It’s big and it’s metal, but aesthetic
beauty isn’t really the point – the system does its job admirably. The company claims zero weight – meaning
you don’t feel the heft of the massive screen when you move it. And indeed, the display pivots with little
effort. And if you have the wireless keyboard sitting
below the screen, flush with the CPU stand, it will lower to the level of the desktop
without coming into contact with the keys. From the looks of it, the system is full of
all sorts of thoughtful touches along those lines. This versatile positioning really does open
the system up to a slew of different creation scenarios that have been hard to address with
more traditional all-in-one and even tablet form factors. On a whole, the Surface Studio works pretty
well. Though the touch response seemed slow at times,
understandable for an extremely complex models — it still feels a bit disappointing given
the high end specs (core i7 and up to 32GB of RAM). Regardless, it’s an impressive machine – and,
in the right hands, it could support the messaging that Microsoft is a creative company, after

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26 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Surface Studio first impressions

  1. unsubscribing due to ridiculously bias opinion, before even properly testing or even using the device. Every other first impression of this device has the opposing opinion.

  2. We get it. You don't like the way it looks. You don't need to repeat yourself unless you want to come off as an iSheep.

  3. Apple 2016 = touchbar gimmick on laptop, Microsoft 2016 = SURFACE STUDIO, new 3D technology, MICROSOFT is the new APPLE..

  4. Talking about surface studio without mentioning surface dial is like reviewing first generation iPhone without mentioning it's capacitive touch
    it is a game changer

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