Microsoft’s Semantic Machines Showcases New Conversational AI Technology

(text message ding) – What do I have today? – [Cortana] Here’s what
your day looks like. Today you have take a walk
outside at eight A.M., your one on one with Anjali at 10 A.M., lunch with Tom at noon, and your app kickoff at three P.M. – Go ahead and reschedule
my walk to tomorrow at the same time. – [Cortana] Sure, I can
move take a walk outside to tomorrow at eight A.M. Is that right? – Yeah, that sounds great. – [Cortana] Okay, I’ve
moved it to tomorrow. (elevator dings) – And schedule a cram session
with Nicholas and his manager from 9:00 to 1:30 today, and we’re gonna need a room in Bellevue. – [Cortana] Oh, okay,
I’ll invite Nicholas Kohn and Michelle Estes to the cram session, and I’ll put your meeting
in City Center 2605. Does that look good to you? – Yeah, and push back my one on one with Anjali to tomorrow. – [Cortana] All right,
I’ve booked your meeting, and here are a couple of options to meet with Anjali Bhat tomorrow. – Is there anything later in the day? – [Cortana] Let’s see. How about this one? – Yeah, that’ll work. And, is she invited to the
app kick-off this afternoon? – [Cortana] No, she’s not on the invite. – Well, please send it to her. – [Cortana] Okay, I’ve forwarded the app kick-off to Anjali Bhat. – Great. (light music) (text message ding) Oh, right, after my last meeting today, schedule 30 minutes to
pick up the birthday cake. – [Cortana] Sure, pick up the
birthday cake at four P.M. Is that right? – Yep. And remind me, where is
my lunch meeting today? – [Cortana] Lunch with
Tom is at Liberty Cafe. – What’s the weather going to be like? – [Cortana] It’ll be
mostly sunny and 71 degrees at Liberty Cafe at noon today. – Can we eat outside there? – [Cortana] Yes, Liberty
Cafe has outdoor seating. – And, can you send directions to my car? – [Cortana] Connecting to car skill. Sure, directions to Liberty Cafe have been sent to your car. (text message ding) (gasps) – When’s our next review with Cyrus? – [Cortana] Your next quarterly
review with Cyrus Nafani is Tuesday, June 11 at 10 A.M. – Schedule a 2 hour dry run with Benjamin Macintosh the Friday before that. – [Cortana] All right. Does this work for you? – Yep. That looks great. – [Cortana] I’ve scheduled
your dry run with Benjamin. – Thank you. – [Cortana] Happy to help. (light music)

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37 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Semantic Machines Showcases New Conversational AI Technology

  1. I wonder how many people will be using their phones to shout out their schedule or other sensitive data in the hall. May not be the perfect scenario to depict in an official ad. Better wait until you can publicly place a Surface Earbud in her ears for this 😉

  2. I love that! This is so futuristic. 😊 Now we just need Cortana available worldwide or at least stop blocking her for most of the world. 😥

  3. @2:20 Cortana says "Your next review … is Tuesday June 11th…". Screen pops up "Monday June 11th".
    Cortana: Making you miss meetings in style.

  4. This is like basically just a high tech calendar manager… Like you have to be REALLY obsessed with your scheduling to be this deep. This lady has like every minute of her life on a schedule.

  5. This is the future, wonderful time to be alive. Hope Microsoft sticks to it rather than backing out 2 years later.

  6. That lady works all alone in a biiiig office unless she finished talking to her mobile…how convenient

  7. 1. Bring it to Android
    2. Bring it to ALL markets. You can allow people to select their closest "supported" market; but let everyone download the app!!

  8. You know, in the distant past, we had a thing called a brain which would care of things! Plus, we didn't have to walk around lookin like a dork talking to a piece of plastic!

  9. Until Cortana starts being an assistant and not an app; I can't see how this next implementation will be any more helpful than it already isn't. I used to love using Cortana on Android, but anytime I wanted to use Cortana, I was first redirected into the Cortana app which either took too long to load or crashed. Microsoft did great on refreshing the app, but they also took away a lot of the helpful features the app once had. I appreciate how Cortana gets my contacts names right 10 out of 10 times and surprisingly better than Google Assistant. It bothers me I couldn't simply say, "Hey Cortana" from any screen on my device. A virtual assistant has to fast, and easy use with as little user input as possible, (e.g. opening the app).

    Microsoft already has a better version of Cortana, with their "Microsoft Launcher" app, (which actually has the option to summon Cortana on the homes screen, and can even be remapped to Bixby via a shortcut widget. This is where I think Microsoft should take Cortana, back to simplicity.

  10. I wish it worked like this. It's super slow on my android to even initiate a conversation. Course, I'm the person that would text my cortana lol.

  11. The problem is not only language understanding but also the fulfillment. And there is zero changes in the implementation paradigm in the last 50 years. These are still the same if else commands and you just can not program logics with such level of granularity to take account all possible end case and scenarios if you would not invent a new programming paradigm for reasoning.

  12. I get it, it's a helpful tool, but who in their right mind would walk around like that, talking to their phone(not as in a conversation) about scheduling their day, asking the phone to "schedule something at x" and then when the phone asks "is that right?" she replies "sounds great".. You said it, why point out that it sounds great? It was her suggestion…:P
    I will use it for some things unless they fuck it up with making Cortana US only or something stupid, but I won't use it like that woman, having to schedule a walk for herself, I call that being detached from reality.

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