Microsoft’s Paint 3D for the Windows 10 Creator’s Update

Microsoft kicked off their early morning conference
by revealing an art-focused update to its operating system. Windows Creators Update will be built around
the company’s aggressive push into augmented and virtual reality, with a slate of 3D-focused
tools. The simply named Paint 3D turns pens sketches
into 3D with the press of a button. The effect is, as one expects with with Paint,
simple. But it’s also pretty impressive (in the
demo at least), turning a doodle of a cloud into, well, a 3D doodle of a cloud. The sticker tool, meanwhile, lets users stamp
two-dimension images onto 3D ones. Users can also pull objects from SketchUp,
thanks to a partnership with the 3D Modeling software company. Once finished with a picture, it can be shared
with the community or via social like Facebook. Also shown off at the event was the Windows
Capture 3D experience, a 3D scanning app for mobile devices that let users shoot objects
in 3D dimensions by walking around around. Applications like Paint, the company is quick
to point out, are just the beginning of an all-out 3D push for Microsoft. Naturally, HoloLens is a big part of the play,
as well. The company demoed how the the images created
in Paint can be imported into the Edge browser and viewed in 3D on the device. You can sign up for the Remix 3D community
preview today, with the full Creator’s Update including Paint 3D planned for release in
early 2017.

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18 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Paint 3D for the Windows 10 Creator’s Update

  1. Don't have any touch-screen Windows device, don't have a Windows Phone, don't play games. Not interested in this Creators Update. But I guess users have no option to reject this update just as they do not with the Anniversary Update, huh? The Update will nag you until you finally give in and install it wasting 2 hours.

  2. This is BETTER than EasyToy and it's FREE vs $4000… I want everyone to pressure Microsoft into adding obj export support in this app, and ALSO to allow for unwrapping of the models into sewing patterns (maybe 3rd party app? I dunno… just MAKE IT HAPPEN)


  3. oloko, ai sim.. Minha querida e amável Microsoft adaptando suas tecnologias a seus programas junto ao cotidiano..

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