Microsoft’s Fetch App Identifies Your Dog

Microsoft Garage just released a new iPhone
app called Fetch that looks at photos of dogs and guesses their breed. When the app can’t
make an exact match, it will show you guess at a percentage of the closest breed. And
yes, in case you’re wondering – you can use it with people, too. To use the app, you simply take a picture
or add one from your photo library. Fetch calculates a guess based on typical dog features
then shares your results. If there’s not dog in the photo, it says…”No dogs found!”
But it also might guess WHAT the photo is of, instead. Like this cat, for example.
There’s also a pretty hilarious hidden mode where you give the app a picture of yourself
or a friend, and it will tell you what type of dog it thinks that person is…which, you
know, can be quite insightful. The app is the latest in a series of fun projects
that are meant to make understanding the complexities of machine learning more accessible to the
mainstream. As Fetch proves, this process is actually harder than it looks. I have an Aussie Shepherd with unusual coloring
and the app kept pegging her as a Shetland. Another Aussie friend was said to be a Collie.
And most hilariously, the app kept saying a photo of a llama was 60% dog. According to Microsoft’s announcement, theapp
was released just in time for the American Kennel Club’s Meet & Compete and the Westminster
Kennel Club Dog Show. So if you want to know what breed your pup might be or are curious
which dog breed you looks like, check it out on iOS.

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