Microsoft unveils the Xbox One X

– We are here at Microsoft’s
Project Scorpio reveal, which we learned is the XBox One X. – Yeah X. – The original Xbox team
lives by the mantra, there’s no power greater than X. And today, we are proud to
welcome the newest member of the Xbox family,
fittingly named Xbox One X. (applause) – Their whole pitch was
there’s a great gaming device. There was nothing about like oh it’s a media center or whatever. – Yeah, I was expecting that. We were expecting them
to be like oh Windows 10 and Cortana like watch
cable TV on your Xbox, and like none of that. – They really did like
this is a game where as we want you gamers and we’re
gonna ask for a lot from you. We’re gonna ask for 500 bones. – We’re gonna ask for everything. Give us your souls. – We’re gonna give you the
best gaming experience. What was the slogan? It’s like the most powerful gaming, world’s most powerful console. I don’t like the name Xbox One X. – No. – It’s like redundant. – It sounds like you made a mistake. Yeah. Every time I say it, I feel
like I’m not saying it right. – Yeah, but still it looks really good. The demos they showed were amazing, like the floors technically
looked beautiful. – Assassin’s Creed all of
those were just like … – Like photorealistic it looked like. – Totally. – The thing is that you have to decide is is it worth it to see those games in full glorious detail as opposed to just playing them normally right? And I don’t if that’s gonna be that to me. – Like that experience of seeing it and making it feel so real like, that is the delight I
guess for some games. So it depends on which
games you’re gonna play. – Yeah and of course
you’ll need the hardware, you’ll need the 4K TV and you’ll need, they have HDR support as well. – And they also have enhancement
if you don’t have 4K TV. – Yeah it says it’ll play… – So that 4K games will look better. – Yeah right. – Essentially Xbox 360 and Xbox One games are gonna play on this. – That was the other announcement. – Right so you’re not spending extra money on old games for your new console but you essentially have to buy a 4K TV. Anyway five hundred bucks, Xbox One X sounds like a typo, sounds like a verbal typo.

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