Microsoft is cool again, but wait for 2020…

Microsoft just announced their own attempt of a foldable smartphone but there is a tiny inconvenience the service Pro X is Microsoft’s newest lightest an impressive device that is also arm powered and the surface pro line also got a refresh with a new surface pro 7 i’m high marietta and i promise you at least one of the news today is not going to be about Microsoft but let’s face it they really stole the show today this is parking out daily the official news today begin with deals and they’re not focused on Microsoft products that’s probably the only piece of news that I have today that doesn’t have to do with it but it’s actually a good one those of you in the market for an iPad the previous generation 10.5 inch iPad pro is currently available on Amazon for up to four hundred ten dollars off that pretty much leaves a 64 gigabyte variant for five hundred seventy nine dollars and the 512 gigabyte variant for 719 definitely don’t worry about the 64 one the current 11 inch iPad pro though is also available for $8.99 ship which is pretty much a $200 discount if it were up to me I’d go for the newer one think about it is don’t go for 64 gigs you won’t be able to survive with it now this one’s the spotlight over to Microsoft as well the company has stolen the show today we get a ton of new products some that you can access soon some that you actually won’t so let’s begin with the surface laptop this is pretty much the surface laptop 3 it comes in two variants this time a 13.5 inch and a 15 inch display it now features a USBC connector finally quad core temp generation Intel Core processor and an D rx Vega 11 graphics card and 20% larger trackpad and is reportedly 2 times faster than the surface laptop to three times faster than the MacBook Pro according to them now obviously the weirdest part was the fact that we have Rison processors on the 15-inch variant which is insane AMD welcome to the catch the 13.5 inch variants starts at $9.99 and the 15 inch fairing starts at 1199 they’re all available on October 22nd and I’m curious just the CM AMD laptop this is major I can’t wait but I have to admit my favorite variants has always been the surface pro it’s been so for years and now Microsoft is showing us their seventh generation finally with us BC and is the same design pretty much with a twelve point three inch display the keyboard and the pen remain the same on the internals we have the 10th generation until processors 128 gigs of storage and four gigs of RAM and there are obviously higher tier variants they can go up to one terabyte of storage at 16 gigs of ram it starts at 749 which is the most impressive part yeah I feel that that’s a very aggressive price point and it starts pretty much you can get it by October 22nd now what a huge surprise has to do with Microsoft announcing a new variation for the surface pro now being called the surface pro x and following the trend that I feel that laptops and convertibles should go through the company claims that it is going to push on base processors in the future this is actually their new Microsoft SQL nets are based apparently was a collaboration with Qualcomm we assume that it’s their own variant of the hcx but don’t quote me on that can’t confirm because it comes with the 12-inch chassis of the surface pro but a 13 inch display and it’s actually crazy thin 2 USB sea ports LTE connectivity one point six eight pounds 5.3 millimeters in thinness and it will be available on November 5th for $1000 so yeah ARM based fully connected apparently you get up to 10 hours which is great I mean that’s fine I don’t need 20 hours of my laptop I just need for it to be powerful and I feel that that’s what we need now let’s move on to the category of products we have no clue when they’re going to be launched and that’s actually a problem let’s begin with the Microsoft Surface Neo C the company has pretty much just shown us a dual screen foldable device each side is five point six millimeters in thinness weigh 655 grams they include a keyboard and a pen that connect magnetically to the bottom into a part of the display making it look like Apple’s touch bar once you have them all collapse together it will bring Windows 10 X and then tells Lakefield processor suddenly the biggest problem is I don’t understand why Microsoft that’s going back to the Windows Phone 7 days where they would announce a product in January and launch it in December right now they’re saying holiday up 20:20 my god we’re not even in the Holi holiday of 2019 I was about to say Hollywood but anyways you get the point and finally the hottest news today has to do with Microsoft making a smart phone it’s not your normal smartphone it’s definitely not typical and the launch date is also not typical sadly it’s gonna be called the surface duo it would be a smaller foldable dual screen device that actually runs Android it’s way bigger than a foldable phone with 5.6 inches on the displays it pretty much does make phone calls and text messages and modifies Android to look like Windows 10x so it’s basically a version on a phone suddenly the problem is that it seems that the announcement is also saying that this is going to happen until the holiday of 2020 which leads me to the question of the day I mean I don’t even question if the surface pro laptops and the surface pro and the surface pro X those are all great they’re fabulous but let us know what you think about the neo in the duo because in my case I love them I want them but nobody was able to touch them at the event and my god holiday of 2020 like seriously I feel that Microsoft always thus this is like back in the day of Windows Phone 7 where they announced that in January and launched it what in the fall you don’t do that why give your competitors such an edge in knowing what you’re doing why not have an event in June of next year and show us what you’re working on I’m sure nobody’s even thinking about everything that you’re doing I could be wrong leave us a comment down below what do you think friends again if you want to get the news early or follow us on packing out our comment subscribe to our Channel English and Spanish for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me on my personal handles to see what I do with these phones please give this video a thumbs up if you liked what you saw I’m hey medica dai thanks so much for watching we’ll see you tomorrow

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