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8 thoughts on “Microsoft delivers download flexibility with Windows 10 1903 | TECH(talk)

  1. Dear Microsoft,
    After your having ruined 2 pc's with no chance of reimbursement, ummm… well…
    Fuck You.

  2. Soooo if you have 1809 it is now going to prompt you if you want to install 1903 and you can delay that up to 18 months correct?

  3. Please test if you got latency issues on the 1903 build. Latencymon show huge spikes on something called: ntoskrnl.exe. This issue makes the 1903 unusable for music production.
    Let Latencymon run for at least 10 minutes

  4. Still having a 2/8 ratio of cant update to 1903 to can. Audio on this is perfect. great job thank you.

  5. Windows 10 is completely garbage it is slow and data integrity is non existent since Windows XP plus it is impossible to setup a domain properly unlike linspire that just works great minus NTFS support
    On same hardware Windows transfer 30MB/s on linspire 150MB/s
    Plus linspire makes making networking easy

  6. i enjoyed this little Tech Talk. Good stuff fellas, i look forward to coming back and checking more update in the future.

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