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Welcome to the MadqueenShow! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 lore video for you, and today we’re going to talk about Microfactories MicroFacs or Microfactories are computer-controlled
miniature manufacturing plants They are almost always designed to produce
one type of product: raw materials are inserted into one end, and a finished product extruded
from the other The actual shape, size and construction of
the product is determined by using a Computer-Aided Design Field or a sketch pen In general, there are four types of Microfactories:
Polymer extrusion, Nano-Plastic Structural Ovens, Lathes and Parts-makers, and Assemblers All types are about the size of an old-fashioned
stand-up photocopy machine Polymer extrusion types use a flexible two-sided
molding base that is computer-controlled, the shape of the mold is manipulated by a
CAD Field Preprogrammed nanopolymers, the same ones
used in netrunning battles, are injected into the mold, where the nano reshapes itself from
an amorphous silver goo into whatever the mold and programming have specified Polymer extrusion Microfacs are
used for heavy-duty applications like machines, auto parts, or building fixtures Polymer extrusion is less effective for lightweight
or highly detailed objects, and as the characteristic silver color must be painted over, it is rarely
used for personal consumer goods Nano-Plastic Structural ovens use a high-temperature
version of an extrusion mold to shape nanomolecular dust into shapes Magnetic fields suspend any metal parts in
place, while the dust is baked into the shape required by the mold Nano-Plastic Structural ovens are usually
used for anything where light, cheap plastic forming is a must, personal electronics, small
weapons, knickknacks, etc. Lathes and parts-makers are advanced versions
of the auto lathes developed in the late 90s They shape blocks of metal or plastic to CAD
specifications, using monomolecular blade cutting assemblies to cut away the required shape Usually used for heavy duty applications,
like firing actions for weapons Assemblers put together objects out of bins
of pre-assembled parts, or cut and heat-seam clothes from bolts of cloth These are the most common type of Microfac,
many are integrated into Vendits and other points of purchase locations Microfactories are widely extended in 2077,
they have, to a large extent, replaced inventory stocks in many storeS Nowadays, you select what you want from a
holographic display of the item, then go to the checkout counter or Vendit salespad and
have it made up on the spot New designs for products are sold as templates
for the microfac, rather than as material objects, making the distribution of a new
release almost instantaneous Well, folks, thanks for watching Don’t forget to check our Cyberpunk 2077
lore playlist to know more about the dark future See you in next videos and Stay being Amazing!

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17 thoughts on “Microfactories – Cyberpunk 2077 Lore

  1. As usual, awesome video. Not sure if I have missed it already, but if you have not covered the cybernetic lore stuff. Can you do a lore video on it?

  2. Great content as always. Can you do a video that focuses on the graphics/tech we can expect? Not sure there’s much info on this.

    Agree it’s going to require a true next-gen engine (PS5)


  3. Microfactories AKA 3D Printers… also, it is unfortunate that they do not yet have as diverse capabilities yet, wrapped in one…

  4. Blood vessel tissue 3D printer actually exist. Of course, it's a still experimental degree device now. Maybe, future people will invent "fifth element" level body printer. I think IPS cell technology is more superior than synthetic cyborg parts. Just print new organ, and replace old organ parts with new one.

  5. This talk of factories has reminded that I’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve been able to watch the recent adaptations of Philip K Dick’s short stories? They were on tv here in the UK, but you haven’t mentioned them so not sure if you’ve seen them?

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