Mick Griffin – Brand24 – Applied Foreign markets expansion strategies

Today’s presentation had a really super
fancy business title that was kind of like proven strategies for going global. What we do as Brand24. We try to
do things that are really simple and really straightforward. So today it won’t
be super complicated strategies that but take months to implement. What I want to
do today is give you tips that you can go and actually do tomorrow. So let me
get started. So a little bit about me. My name’s Mick Griffin. I’m the chief
revenue officer for brand.24 They let me pick my title. Which was
awesome, so I could call myself whatever I wanted. The reason why I chose this is
because basically this is how I’d like my job looks like. a beautiful
award-winning how did he get instant access to mention about your brand across the wed, people ask were is the secret to our success. Well apart from reading a lot of comments. we’ve been qutie successful of keeping our key members motivated Basically it is how life look at Brand24.
We basically are allowed to do things that break the rules a little bit. That
we try to do things that all the brands don’t do that all the companies don’t do. And this is not just because we like to have fun and we want to make work
enjoyable which we do. It’s also normally a lot cheaper to go and play in spaces
that are the companies haven’t made competitive yet. So that video for
example we will launch that video, because we wanted to win a competition
to go to the US which we did and we’ll go to a SaaS competition in in
February, but we also made that video, because that’s the video we sent to
customers when they don’t buy Brand24. So we say like are really thanks. We’re
really sorry we weren’t good enough. We’re going to take care of Mick because of it. So we try to do things that do things different. What I like to always
start my presentations with it is this which is the perception of the
salesperson the perception of sales. The reason why my job title is chief
revenue officer and director of sales is because of this guy. Whenever you think
about sales or whenever someone says hi I’m a salesman. This is the person
actually comes to mind. This is the guy that interrupts your day. He’s the guy that
literally wants to think that sales is achieved by just pushing pressure.
Pressure, pressure, pressure and finally a certain amount of people will buy. Well
you know we do sales differently at Brand24 and I wanted to cover this today. This
is this is how we went global and how we’re going global is because consumers no longer want that
kind of sales process. They no longer want you as a product to go to market in
that way that he did. So he is a prime example if you google how to stop cold
callers. There’s a hundred and seventy-seven thousand ways how to avoid. So consumers more and more now are trying to get out of this ability of being sold. And these are the
numbers that back it up 97% of cold colling is ineffective. So this is not
three percent conversion like we make three percent from every hundred people
we call. This means three percent of people actually are the right people or
that they pick up the phone. Actually you might have a conversation
with them. It’s getting seven percent harder every single year it is getting worse and
worse. Those hundred and seventy-seven thousand ways to stop cold calls are
increasing. And it’s sixty percent more expensive in the social. So basically cold
calling costs a lot of money. You gotta have the phone systems. You gotta buy the
data and it gets harder and harder. So we all know that we hate salespeople.
Me too I hate old the sales people. I hate traditional sales people I hate
when Orange phone me and they’re like: Dzień dobry! Przepraszam panie Michale. I’m like, hey listen, I don’t speak Polish. My name says it and they put the phone down. Because I’m not in the script no paid yet five hundred and twelve how to talk to an English person,
but I believe that people do like to be sold to. So I’ve got a quick question
please raise your hand if you’ve been to the cinema lately and the Kino. Ok, now please put your hand up again if
you went to the cinema and you watched the movie trailers and okay so I’m gonna
give you an example Ok so James Bond trailer. Fantastic and a
lot of you did what I did and I watched your face and you were all watching. So you sat at the cinema James Bond wow awesome and then this happens, because I really
liked it. I wish we had that in England, but this is what happens you know. I’m
the weird guy the cinema, because James Bond trailer comes on and everyone sat
down and I really, please do this next time you go to the cinema and
everyone’s focused on the film, everyone’s watching the film. And movie finishes and
you see people like telling each other like hey listen we need to go to that
movie next time and the girlfriend is like No next time romantic comedy. Then suddenly this happens you know Biedrona, T-mobile whatever
comes on. And I watch people and people should only go from there, to the mobile device to their friend, they start talkin they loose attention. Now what I tried to
explain people is that when you watch a movie trailer you’re being sold to you being
pitched to the next movie and I see people
that being sold to nah nah nah nah nah I don’t like it, but here lots of people raised
a hand they literally go to the cinema early on purpose to see the trailers, but
they don’t go to see to see the Biedronka advert. So we do like being sold to but there is two main factors in being sold to the right way. The one factor is that
it’s super relevant to what you’re doing. It’s a movie trailer and you are
approving movie customer, because your sat in the cinema way into watch another
movie. So you know that it’s really important to the person that’s there. The second reason why people go early in the except being pitched to, is because they
know it’s going to happen. They feel that they’re in control the consumer knows
that a trader is gonna happen. If the trailer came on halfway through the
movie. They would be annoyed, because it’s interrupting their experience, but they
have they have a choice. So we do like to be sold to, but just when we are in
control. Now as a salesperson, we actually never had the problem of this in the
past. This is how sales used to look. The guy would roll in to the town. He would
have his would have his face cream and they would be speaking to a woman. If you buy my face cream you gonna put
on your face, tomorrow you gonna wake up you gonna look 10 years younger, 10 years younger. Woman’s like wow, I’m
gonna look 10 years younger. So this nice woman on the left bought face cream. She put the face cream on, she wakes up the next day, she looks exactly the same. Now she’s like
wow that mickey is a dick, he told me I was going look 10 years younger, but me as a salesperson, me as a
brand, me as a company the worst thing I ever had to worry about in the past was
this. Word of mouth. That they would tell their friend, tell their friend. I could live with
that. I was rolling into the next town the next week. I could overpower
them with expensive marketing budgets and just drown out their voice, but this is
changed now. So this is the article from The Economist’s 88% of consumers
now use online reviews before making a purchase. You’ve all seen it you all see everyday
you go into a store, you’re in H&M or you’re in Zara and people are
literally have their phone out there. They’re checking the prices, they’re checking the reviews of the product 80% of people do this 85%
of people will check up to 10 reviews. So not one review is enough now.
They really want to call your bullshit. They really want to know if what you saying
is true. 88% of people trust online
reviews more than they trust their friends. So this old-school way of hey
listen I believe that you should buy that. Thanks for the advice Mick I really
appreciate it. I’m still gonna go and check anyway. And this is what makes my
life really hard is that even if I convince somebody, even if they’ve got
their credit card in the hand and yeah Mick I really like what you saying. 44% of them will still go away and will check anyway. So consumers are in control and some brands are trying to take that power back. Here is
just a quick example of this. There is a hotel in the UK in Blackpool, beautiful
place. I recommend it. This couple went to stay in this hotel. They went to the hotel.
They paid their money. They came home, a week later there was a hundred-pound
extra charge on their credit card bill. And they found a hotel and they are
like, why? This hotel says you left the negative review about this hotel on
TripAdvisor. And in our Terms and Conditions point
1582. We say that we can charge you a hundred pounds every time you leaving
negative review. Thank you very much. 100 pounds in my pocket mister hotel manager. So this hotel manager thinks I’m gonna do this and people are never gonna say
negative things about my hotel. So what this old couple do is, they go on, they
tell their story online. And you know they make it BBC news and this hotel managers think, ok a little
bit of a PR problem, but it’s just the BBC news, tomorrow another story. Tomorrow, it’s in the Guardian, so the Guardian actually featured the story now. Fined 100 pounds and is
like, ok crap that’s 2, but it’s gonna be okay just UK. I’m gonna get some foreigners
will be fine. The next day since CNN International and this story makes its
way all the way around to the New Zealand Herald. So this hotel guy is now sad looking at his hundred-pound go in might not have been worth it actually, because remember the statistic 88% of people check online before making a
purchase. So he’s just lost 88% of his audience, because when you
google this kind of story, you can see that it was featured in 395
news articles. So he’s now left with 12% of his possible consumers, because he tried to take the power back from consumers. So we know now that
customers go online. We’ve always known customers go online and this is a project that tracks how many people say customer service fail. Ok we
know that, I do it, you do it. I love going online have a little bit of a moan, about
a brand. But what some people don’t always know is that. We will go back here. You see this number, this 1700 mentions of customer service fail in a month. It’s
a lot of people complaining. In a month there’s 18,000
people that say, can anybody recommend. In the same month 36,000 people that say
where can i buy, online. Now there’s hundreds and thousands of endings to
that sentence, but what we can see is that people don’t only use social media
and online to complain to talk about negatives.
They actually out there. They’re looking for people to help them with purchasing
decisions and this is a big part of how we sell Brand24. But let me give you
some real-life examples. This guy wrote online where can i buy HABS Jersey in
Miami and I’m thinking to myself, ok maybe nobody sells it. There was no
responses. Lots of favorites, no responses. So I went to take this guy out and this
guy has 3.6 million followers on Twitter and nobody responded. So HABS Jerseys is an ice hockey team from Canada. And I’m thinking, ok well maybe literally nobody
sells a Canadian ice hockey jersey in Miami. So I googled it and I’m sure that everybody in this room is familiar with. Look at look at the companies that are
fighting for the ad space. Paying those valuable PPC dollars, PPC zloty, PPC pounds and yet the guy wrote on Twitter can anybody recommend a place and nobody did. So what we see now is that this happens more and more. Here is what happens when you do
respond. Where can i buy your book Shawn Michaels? famous wrestler back in the day.
He responds and he says: you can buy my book right here. Great, he made a sale. But
just what you need to respond it. Look at the kind of response he gets from the
user. Thank you, god bless. This is, this is not
just a sale. This is an interaction that is more valuable than not only the
dollar you made in profit. You actually starting to generate funds again, you starting to generate a relationship. Here is a prime example of what a hospital did in the US.
Which I thought was a fantastic example. Private hospital in the US they want to
generate more sales, as we know operations are money for these people. So they live tweeted orthopedic surgery. They live tweeted an eight hour surgery. There was
three surgeons. One surgeon was surgering the other surgeon was resting and the
third surgeon was tweeting. And they worked in that cycle they changed once an
hour. What they managed to do, was not only did they build trust people asking questions
like can you feel it, does it hurt how you’ll tomorrow. Even the stupid question
did you ever lose your watch and all that kind of stuff, but these are regular
questions that consumers have. And what they managed to do is they increase
sales by 15% after that access, by making it real in the and the consumer have some
control in the process. This is my favorite
there’s a young gentleman in the UK 18 years old he sat in the toilet, in the train and he is going from London to Glasgow. And he finished his toilet activity looks over and there’s
no toilet paper. So as every teenager those he decided to tweet about it. So he
twiit I’ve just had some business on the train. Send help! He’s done this because, he knows that
it’s friends might like it, might get a retweet or two and so on. What actually happened was Virgin Trains replied. They’ve radio to the train. The train driver contacted one of the conductors.
They went to the toilet, here you go sir and they gave him a toilet paper. Awesome, so
from one really good engagement look at the kind of response the guy has. Can we
please thank the best train service provider in the world. Great viral story, everyone’s happy, PR
company is the best. So what else is different in this stories.There’s a
financial aspect to this. This is not just feel good scenario. This is
financially viable for your company. So I did the math Virgin Trains plus Twitter
interaction plus a toilet break. Ok this generated over 2000 Twitter interactions but it also generated over 40 positive news articles. You all know that
that cost you $100, $200 to be featured in any kind of article internationally.
And Virgin just got 40+ for free by just engaging with the
consumer. So we finding a more and more situations to do this. So what happend here? What that was. That was Nike Russia, did an Instagram campaign. What I wanna show is here that, Nike what they did. They found 1 Nike user who posted a picture of themselves online on Instagram and they took that picture out
and they put it on a wall. And I’m sure that they didn’t even understand how
viable it went. People started to do is take pictures of the picture and then
they made their own selfies. So Nike decided to print more and they make 25,000
Instagram impressions from this one campaign. The reason why it made 25,000 impressions was, because it was about the consumer. If Nike put a
picture on the wall that said buy Nike we are awesome. Nobody would take a selfie with it and then that wouldn’t go viral. The reason why went viral is, because it put the consumer
first. It made the focus about the consumer and Nike gets all these super
cheap free press just by being associated with the campaign. So again consumers love things that are about
consumers. And this is not just about B2C. B2C this makes more sense you know I have a very close to home B2B example. I won’t play it all the way through, because some of you may have seen that already. What it basically we as a Brand we put, we tried to put IKEA first. We try to make the focus about IKEA and how cool IKEA that they’re doing something new. I now have customers that come to me and say Mick I just bought Brand24, when do we get a video? And I’m like oh shit, ok We will try to do a video around on new
you know lounger customer. It’s not really that easy. So actually it could even be B2B customers. They really like the idea of being put out there and being the focus of
attention. So what we talked about today is that. We know that consumers like to
complain, but we also know that they like to buy. So a lot of brands out there, a
lot of brands out there, so yeah we need to be online. This sales we need to be
engaged in right now. And this is Gary Vaynerchuk have a big man crush on this
guy, but basically it’s like he said market is ruined everything. So let me give you
a couple examples of why you don’t need to rush onto social and certainly like
all that. So there was a nationwide campaign in the US. which is called “Why
I stayed, and why I left”. And what they say about this is about domestic
violence. So this is about when there’s violence home between man and woman and so on. So what happened was a lot of you know especially females were like: I stayed
because I loved him; I left because I was tired. And this is a really Twitter
and social media is really great for this, because it gives people a voice. Allows people to
share their interactions. So this campaign is really really you know going
viral in a lot of people are getting involved. And then this happened. The
pizza company wrote why I stayed? You had pizza and this is from the pizza company. What?
Like what? This is about domestic violence. And what actually happened was that the pizza company actually wrote that hashtag, because what they did. Is they
process every morning, they came in. they looked what was trending and jumped in. And they saw trending “why I stayed” and they jumped in. So they had to issue an apology.
They were out of touch with the online community, because they were trying to
treat it like a marketing campaign. Here is another, let’s get 2296
retweets for everybody that died at 9/11 from a yogurt company. Again these are
people that are trying to jump in and they not really connected with it. And he
can see you look they have to spend the rest of of their probably their business
lives apologizing for it. Look at this one 9 + 11 equals 20% off a 9/11 day.
9 + 11 equal to 20% off. And I guarantee you, every year you’ll find
more and more of these. Look the point of this was to associate our discount with
patriotism. No it wasn’t. The point of this is that you were trying to jump in on a
trend and make money. Consumers they hate it. So you know we
really have to be careful of this. Again I’m what we’ve got now is brands go okay
we know that we can fuck up online and it can be a huge problem for us PR.
So maybe we need to leave social leave, social away a little bit. So what
happens here is that here is a news article and target the TESCO auction of the US. They decided as a corporate responsibility, that they weren’t gonna have boys toys
and girls toys, or boys clothes and girls clothes. They would just gonna have children’s clothes and be gender-neutral. Ok it’s a political decision. People are gonna
like it, people are not and this is what happens. So one person goes to social
media. They go to the Target Facebook page and there like: hey I have a boy and a girl
and I really don’t like that you did it. I’m probably not go shop there
anymore. This was bound to happen when you make a decision like this. Look at
Targets response. Kevin there’s no really nice way to put
this. So we at Target will say it: You’re dick And suddenly everyone is like what’s? Target just called their consumer a dick online this is insane. What actually happened was. This wasn’t Target responding. This is somebody that created a Facebook profile page called ask for
help with the Target logo and trolled them. So you like, so you got to think you
self what happened and the reason why this happened, because when Target do
something like this and somebody complains. I imagine their internal
processes like boss someone said this what do I respond? Wait a minute I’m gonna ask my boss. Boss what do I tell my guy to do this? Let me go and have a committee meeting and we
will decide what the politically correct way to reply to this. At meantime there
was a guy, he was responding. Now talk about consumer interaction with the
brand, Targets post nomally got 250 to 750 likes. This troll got 50,000
shares of his actions. It got covered by 14 news publications. Him responding not
Target and the worst thing about this is that was one example he did it for
three days. He replied first 56 times. 56 times he managed to say first: hey you’re dick, hey you’re an asshole,
hey I’m sorry maybe you need to go and walk into the woods and never come back. 56 time before Target could give their
copper response. So as a brand now like wow it’s awesome to be on social. It’s
horrible to be a social, but I have to be there. Cause if I’m not, maybe someone else is going to do this. So we do have to be on social. We do have to work, but we
have to work quickly and we have to work responsibly. Have to make human decisions and put the consumer first. And what Target exactly did. I was really really happy to
see this is Target actually put troll dolls back on the shelves and to show you what
you know people think target are you aweful you did this gender neutral. Look
at how many interactions they had 12,000 shares 32,000 likes, because they were being human They were being normal. They were doing something that all of us
really wanted to do in this situation, is to make some fun of it. So
so we love human consumer approach and this is how we sell. This is how we go global at Brand24. We are human we just tried to multiply that as fast as possible. So
people say to me like you know, ok how do you go global Brand24, maybe you have
some secret strategy and we don’t. I’ll try to tell you a little bit about how
we do it right now. The first thing I always tell brands open the door. Have an English version, if you wanna go
global let people find you. You’ve got to start somewhere. And someone of you might have not read this book if you haven’t. I recommend it from reworked You’re better off to have a kick-ass half and
a half-assed whole. So basically your product you find any founder any CO
that’s been on the market for three four five years and ask him when he looks
back at his first version did like it. He didn’t, nobody likes the first version.
You’ve got to get out there. You’ve got to take to get to the best possible
place you can and then I see put yourself online. And this is something that we do this this like. I kinda said it all. We started Brand24.net our global
version. It wasn’t a global version. It was a USA version that was the plan. We had the Polish version. We will have an American version then we’ll have a UK version.
That was the plan so we put Brand24.net out there and certainly were sat down
it’s like you know we get that email notification that you’ve got a new
customer from Nigeria. And how did that happen we don’t want Nigeria. We didn’t ask for it. Then the next one, then you have a customer from the UK, from
Sweden, from Australia, from New Zealand. All because we just, they could find us.
You’ll be surprised how many people can just find you by just starting. It’s not
about hey listen first of all we will generate $50,000 in Google AdWords
band and then will launch the website. You don’t need to. You need to get it out
there and you’ll be surprised at how open, how viable just your sales and
marketing strategies can be. The next one is really really important
and this this is something I never thought would happen. Is that, it’s not
always about who you want it, it can be about who you don’t want. So you go
global and you open the door. And we had the situation, like website
users are going up, trial users are going up this is awesome. Look at this, you
know. Let’s keep putting money in the pot let’s keep spending. And then we looked
at it and actually this is a real live Brand24 report is that. There are certain
countries that don’t convert and you actually have to start cutting these
people out of your targeting. So what we have here is the example we used to
give countries scores and rankings for how many visits we had from
them? how many trials they generated? And these countries like for us it was very
open it was India was a big one, Brazil was another one. We had to cut them out of all our targeting, because they were, they are awesome at signing up for trial
products and they really bad at buying them. So we had to actually define our marketing. Define
our time, because we were Startup. We don’t have resources. I’ve got a sales
team and my target is I tell every I tell my salesteam to contact every
single trial user. Let’s getting tortured them, let’s email them, let’s do that. Then you
find out about 26% of their time was taken on India. Who doesn’t buy
anyway. So a lot of the time when it comes to going global it’s always about
trimming the fat as we would say. It’s like ok we don’t want that country, we
don’t want that reason, because they’re sucking up our resources. And the resources are super super important to us. You know the topic of the conversation
was how, what we did to go global and going to different countries. And this is the kind of statement we
have, we have a whole different version of where. So instead
of saying like ok we want to go to the US and we want to focus on the US, we want to focus on the UK, we want to focus on Germany. We focus on channels. So
we know that, we can sell internationally. We know that we don’t need to focus on
one country. So what we do, the way that our team’s work is we say I
don’t have a sales team for the US. I have a sales team for LinkedIn and I have a
sales team for Quora and I now have a sales team that worked on Facebook
groups. And that’s actually how are sales and how are targeting works.
We go from channel to channel, because we can see conversion ratios and costs for
channels, rather than we can do for countries. So this is how it looks in
reality you know we’ve got Kuba. Kuba channel is LinkedIn and he tries to engage all the conversations on LinkedIn. We try to engage ready-made current
conversations about what we sell and we and we talked about Brand24. this is
Kuba recommend an our webinar and actually from this link we gotta trial
user. Then what we have, is we have a Gloria who picks up conversations. Her region her sales channel is Quora. Gloiria job title and Kuba job titles are community managers, because that’s what they are,
they engage communities, but they have statistics just like my sales team. So
how many post did you answer? how many people came to the
website? how many people converted? how many trials did we get? This goes on
obviously, we do discuss so obviously we track every blog that
talks about social monitoring and we leave comments like this have you ever
heard about Brand24 soft selling. We go and try the conversations we don’t
go out we don’t, we don’t buy 10,000 phone numbers and email addresses and
blow them out there and hope that someone comes back. All these people are
our current customers are already online having conversations. We just have to
find them and again. Facebook is the same, we go out there we leave
comments. What else do we do when we going global. We tried to be revenue effectively. We
try to be resource effective. So I’m going to show you the three
campaigns we did that a quick wins. The first one is to ride the trends. Ok so
this these numbers are from last year, but we just done this
year and anyone that followed Sadek you saw that we had like seventy 70
customers from this. Basically you ride the trends means like you don’t
always have to generate your own boss. So last year cyber monday, it’s already a
really big deal in the USA. So everybody is already looking for deals, so why
shouldn’t we take advantage of that. So we gave away 50% for three
months it looks like a super huge discount actually cost us 8.3% of our
revenue on LCV standard. So it’s actually cheaper for us to give away 50% for three months, than it is to give away 10% for life. It took us two days to set up this
campaign, so we had a landing page, we set up discount code. We had a 150
new registrations and over 7,000 in sales, that was the last Cyber Monday and
again that was by us saying, we just put the #Brand24cybermondaydeal and
actually all the traffic was already being generated, by the the event itself.
So I guaranteed Black Friday, Cyber Monday all those kind of Small Business
Saturday I think there is now. Keep on track of these trends, because someone
else he generated the boost for you. You just need to jump on it. Create win – wins. Last Christmas we created, what we called the SAS holiday hamper. What it basically was? We created a landing page with our little
discount as most companies do. Christmas discount 10% off of whatever it may be. What I decided to do was, we got 17 other brands I was like hey listen
you wanna give us your discount and we will put on the same page. To a page with
17 different discounts. One hit for the consumer 17 eyes. It
cost us two hours to set up this landing page. It generated 7000 users and
generate 10,000 zlotys in sales. Now the question is why it’s very, very easy.
It’s just cross marketing. We had 17 partners every one of those partners
promoted the same landing page. Hey listen we’re in the SAS holiday hamper…
So instead of us just trying to sell to our Brand24 marketing
audience. We sold to 17 others and it cost us nothing. It cost us no money to
access 17 other partners audiences, because we were doing a win
for them and they were doing a win for us. So win – win the Super importing, go out
there find companies, find brands at the same
target audience you and say listen maybe you want to cross promote,maybe wanna do something together. This is saves you tons of money on advertising and be fast.
This is obviously, this is something we love to do anyway, but this was last
year you may remember it maybe you’ve got mortgages in Swiss francs. Anybody?
Mike did, and we sat in the office one day and Mikes like shit like my mortgage went up
300 zlotys, because I got mortgage in Swiss francs and the credit the exchange
rate just blew up. So we should charge Swiss people more to buy Brand24 to
make up for it. And he was, so we did we actually put this on the pricing page
due to Switzerland’s excellent currency rate, Swiss customers will pay 20 to
50% more. This was really put on for a day look we don’t have any Swiss
customers to piss off, but maybe if did this year we got So we were all in the office and we’re all high fiving, because this was cyber monday this was
cyber monday for us huge peaks in traffic, awesome high five
site Monday rocked. This is Cyber Monday, this is Swiss pricing there. That’s how
crazy this because people of real-time, people love to go out there and ok
of course we had a lot of traffic where people are just click click on the brand
and go haha. What they didn’t know is that now we targeted them. So traffic is still really good for us. So this is how
crazy it was, and it cost us nothing. We like to be fun. It all on the back-end has financial gains. It’s all tracked, it’s all statistics. So what
we do now and this is so we know how to get the traffic and we feel like we
we know how consumers can find us. And this is what a lot of companies doing. I
used to work in email marketing and this is what we’re trying to do different in Brand24. You work your ass off to get those trials and you get those email
addresses and everybody goes into the same funnel oh hey listen day 0 thanks
for signing up to my product I really really like you. Day 2 hey you wanna
buy my product maybe not. Day 4 Here is a case study, would you like to buy my
products and we gonna go on in the last days like I really really want
you to buy my product. Everybody goes in the same funnel for everyone has the same email cycle. This is the biggest problem with this. The average number of emails up people
receive in a day is 204. 204 emails a day globally. That’s the global
statistical average is 204 emails so we send everyone the same
emails and the avarage is 204. So what we decided to do. was to be dynamic. How awesome yeah, we all have the sometimes. It’s ok so what we do at Brand24 is that if someone opens in the email they get a different type of email. If
they open an email to get a different type of email and click on the click and
click. That sounds great, but we all have statistics like this and this is
our email marketing statistics. And the green is to open race. So again we’re in
the office and we like wow highfive Mick 35% open race awesome great. And that’s
pretty ok 35% is great and I sat there and i can assume you know all this hard work. We work hard, we spend a ton of money to get all these leads in and we think it’s awesome that 65% of them don’t even see what
we’re talking about. It’s insane, we’ve got to
this mentality where we can’t move fast enough that we keep pushing people into
a funne; we don’t care as many as we lose, as long as we gain some. So this we have a mentally at Brand24 that is acceptable lost these 5%, 50%,
75% it’s not acceptable anymore. So we have to think to ourselves now that. We
don’t want to just be another one of these emails. Email is a super valuable
tool, but what we need to do now is we need to think about how we can change
the game. So instead of having like this guy open, this one didn’t open and every
part in this funnel we lose 10%, we lose 5%. What we started to do is go well
what can we do differently? I don’t want to say that
that guy didn’t buy Brand24, because he didn’t like it. I don’t know that. because
he never read my email. So what we had to do was say okay well, what all the
channels of communication do we have available? And then we went back to our
statistics and we go, ok well listen John here joined Brand24 and we’ve all got
Google Analytics pages. He came from facebook. Sent him an email didn’t open,
sent another email didn’t open. Hey maybe I’ll find you on facebook and try him
there. And this is what we started to do so we had Dan here, Dan found us
via Twitter. He wasn’t open email, so we we reached out to Dan and he responded,
because it is where he hangs out. He doesn’t go through his 204
emails every day. He doesn’t reply to 240 emails. This was a US embassy signed
up for Brand24 and they won’t responding to emails. So into their fan page. Hey guys I saw you registered at Brand24, can I help you? They replied back, not only they’ve reply
which I hadn’t gone before. I also got a different email address for them. LinkedIn the same and this is the one
that i love to talk about, because it’s true had a client from the UK she wasn’t open
in the emails. I was really look, se had like 20
logins and I’m like what’s going on? what’s going on? And at the time we were
testing an app where all customers phone numbers get updated to the app and so on and she wasn’t answering her phone. and I’m going through my whatsup one day and I messaged her. I’ll try and she responded and she responded like hey listen I didn’t get
your emails here is a better email for me and call me at three o’clock. I called
her and she said I didn’t answer your phone, because I didn’t know the number,
as we’ve all been true. We all have it We all like that those hundred and
sixty-six thousand ways of folks are in trying for a contract in Polish again. We
don’t answer phone that we don’t know. We don’t run answer numbers that are withheld and this is exactly the same so we have to try a different way to get in
touch with this customer. And someone said to me and this is a really valid
point like. Did somebody get pissed off with you? Did anyone ever get annoyed
that you invaded their space? And is very simple for me only I can accept 5% of people being annoyed with me. More than I can accept 75% of
people not hearing from me, never opening my email, never even getting my message. I
can accept the 5% of people telling me that I’m an ass and I should
die. Ok it’s better than 75% of people not knowing I exist or not
remembering the Brand24 at all. Just gonna wrap up with this is the
numbers are independent members are currently social sales,so that sales via
Facebook, Twitter conversations one to one. It’s 20% shorter sales process and this is,
because people are going through 204 emails are going
through 2 or 3 tweets a day so the response time it’s much quicker. So if
you moved your sales team entirely to social, instead of calling they would
already be more cost-effective. 8,000 new LinkedIn groups all week are created 8,000 new LinkedIn groups a week of B2B, B2C people asking questions and
creating communities. And then the best one that works for us
there’s 5500 daily questions on Quora. People asking questions, people don’t
post on Quora, because they are bored. They post question on Quora, ok sure some of them are like: Do you really think John Snow really died on Game of Thrones? It happens. So bored, some of
them are true real questions about problems that do you solve. Guys can who can recommend a good CRM for example? Exactly. Who can recommend a good social listening to? What are the top polish stars right now? There’s all these kind of B2B questions going on. That are waiting for you to actually engage them. And it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying PPC AdWords and so on so. When people ask us how do Brand24 go global? What it is? We’re going global, we’re not
picking countries, but we’re picking channels where we can be the loudest, we
can have the biggest presence for the least amount of money. That this is our
global strategy.

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