Michael Arrington of Techcrunch answers the Davos Question

>>I think I’m recording now. This is Mike
Arrington from Techcrunch. Actually sitting next to Robert Scoble who’s taken one of the
YouTube computers here at Davos to blog. Yeah. So I’m supposed to answer the question. What’s
the question? What one thing do you think that country’s companies or individual must
do to make the world a better place in 2008? Interesting there are thousands of responses
I think now, and the YouTube team that’s here is actually seem to be getting a little bit
depressed listening to them. They’re excited about the responses but some of the stuff
is depressing them. What’s interesting about Davos is that there’s you know three thousand
people here and they’re all talking about the same thing. They’re talking about poverty,
they’re talking about global climate change, um those are the big issues. They talk about
other things as well, economic growth in less developed countries. It’s clear though that
there needs to be a way to make the conversation extend to a much broader audience. You know
millions instead of thousands. There is no grassroots campaign today around global warming.
There are lots of people care about it but people are not marching in on Washington about
it. So to make that happen you have to engage a broader audience. I actually think that
what Davos is doing here with YouTube is a good start. Just to get lots of people to
say what they care about and what they think should be done to make the world a better
place. This is the first year they did it so next year actually I think you really see
this probably explode. So it’ll be interesting a year from now in 2009 to look back and see
how much this has evolved and if YouTube itself can become a platform for grassroots efforts.
Sort of a virtual equivalent of marching on Washington. So that’s all I have to say for
now. I am, just want to add that I am honored to be at Davos. It’s great they’re letting
bloggers in. I hope that they let more in in the future. We’ve been trying to behave
ourselves, and play by the rules, and hopefully that means more bloggers will be let in the

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2 thoughts on “Michael Arrington of Techcrunch answers the Davos Question

  1. YouTube receives millions of hits per day, and a lot of it is to find zany stuff. But there is a constituency out here in the either that's watching and listening, so keep up the dialog with the YT community. Thank you, Michael.

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