Mets Adds New Display Tech To Citi Field

Opening day for the New York Mets is just
about a week away. What does that have to do with TechCrunch? Well, Citi Field has gotten
some upgrades, including a new full-color LED Coca Cola sign over right field, which
will be able to show off video footage. Apparently this 26 by 84 foot sign is the second largest
free form display in Major League baseball. Coca Cola is also opening a new Coca-Cola
Corner in right field, complete with a virtual home run experience where fans can show off
their batting skills. It will double as a display for social media content. Unfortunately,
the display had just been installed so they weren’t quite ready to turn it on. The Mets unveiled all the upgrades at a press
event this week, with appearances ranging from the person in charge of maintenance at
Citi Field to celebrity chef David Chang. And reporters even got to sample the food
that will be on sale this year. And that’s what is new at Citi Field. There
is a little bit of tech but it’s not quite open yet. Hopefully it will be ready for opening

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4 thoughts on “Mets Adds New Display Tech To Citi Field

  1. Why bother making this video if you have no content to show. I wanna see this stuff working. I hope you will re-visit this opening day?

  2. this isn't even related to tech, I mean I saw China has a way bigger sign in Olympic to show off compare to this small coca-cola sign

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