Meta: Planets and 3D Printing Technical Demonstration

This video introduces some of the augmented
reality features possible with Meta that go beyond the capabilities of virtual reality. Here we are generating a real time point cloud
of two hands using the depth-sensing camera. This mesh is able to align with a person’s
real hands as they look through the stereoscopic display in the glasses. With our gesture recognition algorithms, we
can simultaneously track the movements of the two hands independently. The IMU allows us to look around and keep
objects at a fixed position in the real world. We can also make the objects collide, and
have them react accordingly. Here we can see an example application that
dynamically generates a finger-sculpted mesh and sends it directly to a 3D printer. Now the user is pressing the “Got It” button
with their finger — this functionality is provided by the finger tracking algorithms
that can precisely detect a person’s fingertips. Using the ZeroUI sculpting library we are
able to generate a dynamic 3D mesh. The mesh follows the fingers as they curve back and
forth to create the sculpted object. The sculpted mesh snaps into the 3D printer
as it gets dragged over it. A conversion process happens in the background to get the mesh
ready for printing. This converted mesh file then gets sent to
the printer by Pronsole, which also provides our application with an estimated printing
time. This does not require any menus or other software — just by dragging the object to the printer it begins to print, and you are seeing the entire
process here as a user would experience it. Here you can see the completed 3D model that
we created, now as a physical, tangible object. These applications demonstrate the beginnings
of what is possible with the Meta glasses. What will you make next?

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16 thoughts on “Meta: Planets and 3D Printing Technical Demonstration

  1. I placed it on my website

  2. Now your talking, these are the kind of videos I want to see from meta!
    I have been with meta ever since CNET released that meta 1st gen meta space glasses I new this was going to be more then google glass, trust I'm if I the money I would buy one but… I'm just a 12yr old kid that will just watch other people use them. Maybe glass would be around $400. Meta, good luck guys I know you guys are going to be the next appleĀ© or SamsungĀ© when I'm a software engineer I'm going to buy these! Yes 12yrs down now 15yrs to go!

  3. how about a vr of life size animals so you can see a full gron trex in your yard or a full size blue whale and every animals that ever lived and have the move around so you can see how it would eat or walke so on and so forth.

    and you could do the same with vothers things like how about a life sized godzilla or kraken or ice crown from wow. sound cooland i want somthing like that with the meta glasses

  4. This tech is great, but honestly, the sculpting to 3D printer application is one of the last things I would want to do with it… why not show a demo video with some cooler features or applications of the tech?

  5. Guys, you should be riding the HoloLens hype train high. You should be putting out videos of things people are working on or are almost done on Meta to showcase that Microsoft isn't the only game in town as many people believe.

    It's killing me how much I want to see the progress made since last year.

  6. The train rides of the future are going to look really silly when AR goes mainstream! That and imagine what it will look like in shopping centres or walking down the street! Is AR going to make us any smarter? Will it help us communicate more effectively? Or, is it just a few steps away from the corporates having direct access to our brains? One only needs to look at how saturated and meaningless advertising has become. To a great extent, advertising has ruined the internet experience. So much so, that we're all choking on noise pollution.

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