Merino Wool Underwear: Smartwool vs Icebreaker

What’s up guys. Tony Florida here and
today I got a very special video for you. I’m gonna be talking about my underwear.
Now, never in a million years did I think I would make a YouTube video about my
underwear, just like never in a million years did I think I would spend $40 on a
single pair of underwear. But here I am today proud owner of three pair of
merino wool underwear. Right now I own one pair of Smartwool underwear and two
pair of Icebreaker underwear. These two companies, Smartwool and Icebreaker are leading the way and merino wool apparel.
I haven’t switched over my underwear drawer from traditional cotton underwear
to merino wool underwear just yet, but I do plan on doing so gradually over time.
The obvious barrier to entry with a product like merino wool underwear is
how expensive merino wool apparel products are. You’re probably
thinking yourself at this point: Tony what’s so good about merino wool
underwear and why is it so expensive? Let me just first start by saying if you
never have worn a pair of merino wool underwear, you don’t know what you’re
missing. And again, you’re probably thinking: Tony you’re crazy. This is
insane. It’s just underwear. But in this video I’m gonna explain to you what’s so
good about merino wool products in general, and then I’m gonna put Icebreaker and Smartwool head-to-head and tell you which one I prefer and why. So
check out this video and the blog post that I linked below for complete details.
So first let’s talk about where merino wool comes from. Just like any other wool product, merino wool comes from merino sheep.
Now these merino sheep are primarily raised in Australia and New Zealand and
they’re renowned for their ability to not only survive but to thrive in a
climate that swings in temperatures from, you know, 5 degrees Fahrenheit in
the winter to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in this summer. And, you know, the thing to keep in the back of your mind is these sheep are not layering their clothes.
They’re not putting on a winter jacket when it’s cold. They’re not taking off their wool when it’s hot. The cool thing is that the merino wool is
naturally regulating the temperature of the sheep and these companies like
Icebreaker and Smartwool are harnessing this natural technology that has
evolved over time through Mother Nature and is putting it into our clothing now,
and specifically the merino wool underwear. Let’s talk about the benefits
of merino wool. First off: breathability. Merino wool is very breathable material
because the fibers are fine and thin allowing water moisture and vapor to
easily escape through the material. Two: you have temperature regulating. Just like we talked about before, you don’t see merino sheep taking on and off their fleece or
their jacket. Their merino wool fibers are naturally temperature regulating so
you stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Number three: moisture wicking.
It’s been proven that merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight before it
actually feels wet to the touch. Number four: strong and elastic. Merino
wool and human skin are very similar in that they both are made up of a protein
called keratin. This protein called keratin gives merino wool its strength
and elasticity just like the human skin. Number five: odor resistance. Odor causing bacteria need a wet and moist environment to survive, and because of
merino wool’s properties, it’s resistant for odor causing bacteria because the environment is going to be, for the most
part, dry thanks to the fact that it is quick drying. Just like I said, merino
wool fibers dry fast because they’re so thin and they don’t have the capacity
to maintain or contain a lot of moisture or water. Number six:
not itchy. I’m sorry that’s seven. Number seven: not itchy. Merino wool fibers are not itchy like traditional wool fibers because they are thin and
flexible. So there you have it. Seven benefits to merino wool. I want to now talk to you guys about my experience with my merino wool underwear. I was really able to put my underwear to the test when I traveled abroad in Italy in
India for 50 days. On this trip I only packed with me five pairs of underwear:
three of which were merino and two of which were cotton. Now this might sound
gross but I was able to go up to three days at a time with my merino wool
underwear before I had to change them. On the other hand with my cotton
underwear I got one day tops. So I can vouch first hand that the properties
of the merino wool really lived up to its promise as far as moisture wicking and odor resistance is concerned. So based on my experience with Icebreaker and Smartwool merino wool underwear,
I can recommend both products from a performance standpoint. They both
resisted odor and they both were moisture wicking in my experience. But
which product or which company do I feel has the best merino wool underwear? For
full details about the comparison between Smartwool and Icebreaker,
definitely see my blog, but to keep it short, I prefer the fit, the style, and the
comfort of Smartwool over Icebreaker. I just find their underwear to be a
little bit more soft, a little bit better fitting, and a little bit more stylish
than Icebreaker. But like I said from a performance standpoint both
companies are on point. I hope you guys found this information about merino wool really helpful. If you have any questions about merino wool products or
Smartwool or Icebreaker, please let me know on my blog or in the comments below. As always, definitely like this video if you appreciate it and follow me if you
want to see more. I’m on social media @iamtonyflo So definitely check that out as well for the latest updates. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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  1. Do they recommend adding a conditioner to this wool blend? I’ve soaked wool sweaters in hair conditioner to soften the fibers and make it less itchy.

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