Merino Wool Travel Clothing Guide | Part 3: How To Care For | Washing | Deter Bugs & Pests

– Welcome to the next video in our series on Merino wool for travel, where we’re going to be
talking about some ways to care for your Merino wool, both on the road and at home. We’ll talk about some specific
soaps that you can use to keep your Merino wool
clean, fresh and durable. And we’ll discuss how to
protect your Merino wool from bugs, pests and
the elements in general. Let’s jump in. [upbeat music playing] So you just spent a lot
of money on Merino wool and now it’s time to
protect your investment. Just a quick disclaimer, this guide works for most
Merino wool garments. Make sure to check the tag
on your individual garments to make sure that it works for you. It’s always better to
follow an individual brand’s care instructions because
they’ve created it and they know the ways
to keep your Merino wool lasting the longest. Across the board we’ve
found that you can wear a Merino wool T-shirt about
10 to 20 times between a wash, and underwear five to
10 times between washes. Of course, this is going to be up to you and your general judgment
around cleanliness. I know some people will want to wash it after every single wear and others may go a lot longer than that. But we found that that’s
the general kind of average in the middle and it’s safe. And as a quick ‘pro tip’, between wears make sure to aerate your
merino wool garments; it’s a great way to
freshen up your clothing without needing to wash it. So onto the washing: when you are traveling with Merino wool, it’s very easy just to
wash it in your sink. If you are in a country where
you don’t speak the language, it can be a pain trying to go
the laundromat or somewhere, and trying to communicate with somebody and explain to somebody to
wash your clothing on delicate and not put it into a heated dryer. Definitely never put Merino wool clothing into a heated dryer. It’ll get all fuzzy and
bad and it’s just not good. So how to wash. Step one, start by turning
your garment inside-out. It helps maintain a fresh and
clean look on the outside. Step two, fill up a sink
with warm to lukewarm water. It can be a little bit warmer than cold but you don’t want it to be hot. Fill it up with your soap of choice. Make sure it’s a pH-neutral
soap around seven and we’ll get into
specific soaps in a second. Step three is to let the garment
soak for about 15 minutes. You don’t have to get in
there and scrub and scrape unless you have some
specific stains or gunk sticking to the garment itself. Step four, pull the
garment out of the sink and lightly wring it out. You don’t need to crank
on it, ’cause remember, Merino wool is a delicate fabric. But just get rid of some
of that excess water. And then when you’re done with that, you do want to lay this flat to dry. So we recommend not
putting it on a hanger. It’s going to get all weirdly shaped and it’s going to be heavy from the water and it’s not the best for it. So if you can, lay this flat to dry, that’s definitely preferred to line drying or hanging it on clothing hanger to dry. As a quick ‘pro tip’, you can roll that Merino
wool clothing article inside of a towel, whether it’s from your hotel or Airbnb or wherever you’re staying, or a microfiber towel that
you are carrying with you as you’re traveling. Transfer some of that
moisture to the towel, and then that Merino wool
garment is going to dry a lot faster when you do lay it flat. When you’re washing your Merino wool, it is all about the suds and there are many different kinds of soaps
that you can choose from. So first we’ll take a look
at some multi-purpose soaps. So a Lush shampoo bar or Dr.
Bronner’s are both very great multi-purpose soaps that
you can use on your body, your hair, you can even use them for dishes and laundry in a pinch. So a lot of these
multi-purpose soaps are great to travel with ’cause they’re
versatile and multi-use. There are a bunch of
different specialized soaps specifically-designed for Merino wool, and generally these are
going to be the best to use to care for your garments. Again, that pH-neutral,
everyday, multi-purpose soap is going to be good when you’re on the road. But maybe if you’re really into taking care of your Merino wool, you might want to take some of this on the road with you as well, or you can just use it at home when you return from your trip depending on how long
you’re going to be traveling. So the three products we
took a look at here are – Granger’s Merino Wool Wash.
And this is gonna have somewhat of a cedar-y smell, which again, that cedar is kind of
anti-pest, anti-moth, which we’re going to get into in a second. But there’s a benefit to that,
it keeps those critters away. And then we’ve also got
some Kookaburra Wash, which is in this travel-sized container, perfect for travel, it’s two ounces, you can carry that on if you do want to. And there’s also Eucalan,
which is lavender in scent but they do have a bunch
of different scents that go with it. All the soaps here are made
specifically for Merino wool so that’s going to allow you
to get the most mileage out of your garments if you do
use these specialized soaps. If you don’t have any of this
soap with you on the road and you do want to wash your garments, it’s okay, just look for pH-neutral soaps. So something like dish soap for instance, has a pH of around seven and that’s basically the same as water, it’s a gentle soap, it’s going to
be gentle on your clothing. Just to show you the other side of that, bleach, for instance,
has an 11 to 13 pH level, so that’s going to be way too
rough on your garments; definitely don’t use that for Merino wool. Try to stay somewhere a
little bit more neutral, around that seven pH level. If you prefer a powdered or
traditional liquid laundry soap, you can use that on Merino wool garments. It’s not the best for it, but just make sure it’s
fully dissolved before you end up putting your Merino wool
garments into the water. It’s a little less gentle than some of these other
specific products for Merino wool that we just mentioned. And as a quick ‘pro tip’, if you do have a stain on
your Merino wool garment, try to use some eucalyptus
oil, a little bit at a time, to kind of gently rub it out; it can really help with stains. Bugs and pests love
chomping away at Merino wool and they can get in there and create a bunch of different
little holes in your wool and make it degrade a lot
faster and harder to wear. Luckily, there’s a couple
of preventative measures that you can take to
help with bugs and pests for Merino wool. If you’re storing wool clothing
for long periods of time, make sure to use a sealable plastic bag that will help keep the bugs out. Another good strategy is
the use of cedar chips. Not only do they smell nice, but they also keep the
pests away. So for instance, you can have a packing cube with a bunch of Merino
wool clothing inside of it and a cedar chip or two to
help keep those pests out. And bonus, it keeps your clothing and your pack smelling fresh. This also works the same
for lavender oil as well. And lastly if you think you’ve
already been invaded by bugs, take your Merino wool, put it in a sealable plastic bag and then pop it into the
freezer for 24 to 48 hours. And hopefully that can
kind of freeze everything and help everything become back to normal. Thanks for taking a look
at this video within our Merino wool guide for travel. If you do like what you see here, be sure to head over to for more of it and make sure
to get on our newsletter to never miss an update. Thanks for taking a look. We’ll see you in the next one. [upbeat music playing]

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