Merino Wool Travel Clothing Guide | Part 2: Merino Products | T-shirts, Sweaters, Underwear, Socks

– Welcome to the next video in our series on Merino wool for travel. In this video we’re
going to be taking a look at some specific garments.
So we’ll be taking a look at some T-shirts, buffs, underwear, socks, button downs and workout gear. We’ll cover the broader
categories in this guide. If you want to see specific
reviews on some of this stuff be sure to head over to, or check out our YouTube videos. Let’s jump right in. [upbeat music playing] There are a ton of common
clothing products out there that are actually made of Merino wool now and more and more seem
to crop up every day. The reason that Merino
wool T-shirts are so great is that you can wear
them many different times without washing them in between wears. So instead of bringing
say, eight cotton T-shirts, you could bring two Merino wool T-shirts. We recommend about two to four T-shirts for long-term travel. Four if you do feel like you
like to have fresher clothing, but you can get away with
two. And a great thing that you can do is when you
go out exploring for the day you leave your hostel, hotel or Air B&B or wherever you’re staying,
you can wash your shirt in the morning, hang it up to
dry and it’ll dry really fast and you can kind of rotate
shirts in and out that way. We usually recommend
traveling with dark colors because they do stay a little
bit cleaner on the road. They have a cleaner look because
they pick up less stains. And they can get a little bit
more dirty between washes. Another thing to take a
look at when considering Merino wool T-shirts is GSM. And that stands for grams
per square meter of fabric. So some Merino wool T-shirts
might be up to 190 GSM which is going to be thicker
fabric, and then others will be lighter weight maybe around 150 GSM. So companies will usually
create both of these and it’s up to you whether you want a thicker fabric T-shirt or a thinner one. For a quick ‘pro-tip’: If any
of your wool clothing does get some pilling on it on
the road, you can feel free to toss it in with some
denim and that will help get that pilling down a little bit more. Just be sure to put it
in the washer on cold and on low power. Usually delicates works really well. The next thing we wanna cover is a buff. A Merino wool buff to be
a little bit more specific, and these things are really
great. You can wear them as a hat, you can wear them as a scarf. There’s I think over 20 different ways that you can wear these things. We have a full review on it
if you want to check it out. But this is a very compact
lightweight piece of fabric that’s going to be good at keeping you warm in cooler temperatures. And again when you’re not
using it it’s super easy just to stow away in your bag. How about Merino wool underwear? Well it’s super soft, very
comfortable and not itchy at all contrary to what
your belief may be. The great thing about Merino
wool underwear is again, that you can wear them a
couple times between washes. Not that we’re telling you
to never wash your underwear; you still want to stay clean
when you’re on the road. But the thing about traveling
and the magical part of it is that you can hop from
place to place and you can go on adventures. And who wants
to sit in a laundromat cleaning their underwear
all day, I certainly don’t. We’d recommend carrying about
two to four pairs with you. You can follow the same
strategy that you would for a T-shirt, wash one
in the hotel and then go out exploring for the day
wearing the other one. Otherwise you can grab more pairs – so maybe four, even six pairs.
These compress really small and they don’t take a lot of weight and space penalty within your bag. So it’s definitely easier to carry a lot more than less with you versus a T-shirt or something
that’s going to take up a lot more room in your pack. Similar to underwear, Merino wool socks are a really great option for travel because they’re naturally anti-microbial. One thing to keep in mind
here is there really aren’t a lot of 100% Merino wool socks. A lot of companies will
blend this with other fabrics say Nylon, Lycra or Spandex. What this does is it shapes to your foot a little bit better. If it was 100% Merino
wool it would stretch out and be a little bit weird. Plus it adds to the durability
of the fabric itself. So don’t be alarmed if you see a sock that isn’t 100% Merino wool, there’s not a lot of those that exist. Sometimes it’s good to look presentable when you’re traveling, so it’s good news that some brands make button-down
shirts out of Merino wool. Whether you’re trying to
impress the customs agent, you are out for a dinner at a semi-formal restaurant
or something like that, these are definitely great to have in your pack at your disposal. And again, one of these can go a long way. Anti-stink, anti-microbial,
wrinkle resistant. One can go a long way
versus trying to roll up a bunch of button downs
and oxfords and bringing it with you on your travels. Good space saver. There’s a lot of workout gear out there. And some of it is made
out of synthetic fabrics, others made of Merino wool, as well as a variety of other fabrics. And Merino wool clothing for
working out is really great because it’s very versatile. And I’m not necessarily
talking about tight leggings or compression shorts,
but I’m talking about more the casual cuts. So for instance – this T-shirt
right here I could definitely wear this to the gym. It has
a lower GSM, it’s breathable, it’s lightweight. And then
after the gym I could shower and even just have this
hang dry and just air dry, and it will get rid of some of that stink and some of that sweat that
I had been putting on it while I was working out. So very versatile for travel.
And again you can get away with wearing this stuff a
little bit more between washes then you could cotton or other synthetics. So we’re not recommending
that you never wash your Merino wool clothing,
hygiene is certainly important. But again it’s just going to
give you that option if you do want to go more
wears between washes. Versatility, we like that. Thanks for taking a look at this video and our Merino wool guide. Be sure to stay tuned for the next one where we’ll cover how to care
for your garments on the road and at home. [upbeat music playing]

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11 thoughts on “Merino Wool Travel Clothing Guide | Part 2: Merino Products | T-shirts, Sweaters, Underwear, Socks

  1. Hey Pack Hacker Community! Tom – the founder here. What are some of your favorite Merino Wool Products? I'm a big fan of Outlier T-Shirts (Ultrafine & Runweight), and Darn Tough Socks (I still can't get over the lifetime warranty … that actually works … on socks!).

  2. Great vid as always. I got my feet wet in merino with Wooly t shirts and a henley and take just 2 with me on 2 week trips. I’ve found if I air them out overnight after wearing them all day that they are fresh for the next day. I usually alternate them and they dry overnight if I wash them in the sink. I’ve since bought and use the Icebreaker hoody, buff and their socks and after not liking the shininess of the W&P Oxford have purchased 2 dress shirts from Libertad Apparel which are cut slimmer, wrinkle less and have a hidden passport/currency pocket in it. They started as a Kickstarter project and were created by a traveler for travelers.

  3. with all the $ you spend on this stuff Marino wool product, I could take a 10 day sun holiday all in, nothing wrong with Costco tech wear clothing from pants Ts and underwear at a fraction of the price for travel.

  4. Thanks for great videos. I've purchased some clothings(Buff's merino wool, Patagonia's puff jacket) thanks to your review and am happy with it everytime I travel. Now I'm looking for a merino wool hoodie as a mid-layer or a versatile outer. Could you add a review on the hoodies on this great guide? I'm considering the Icebreaker's shifter L/S hoodie and many others as a mid-layer or versatile outer, but not sure I'm on the right track.

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