Mending Pocket on Cargo Shorts

Hi there! This is Laure from Stitching
it Right. In today’s episode I’m going to show you how to stitch a cargo pocket
back on a pair of shorts. There’s an iron-on patch that I put underneath in
an earlier episode – to help everything be sturdier – because the fabric is very thin
and frayed. In this particular pair I’m going to stitch it into a shape of a
triangle because both pockets have ripped out, and the cargo pocket has two
layers – so I’m going to get started. Normally, I would have both hands free, but I’m holding the camera right now… I’m coming right up
onto the seem to add just a little extra strength. With the needle down, raise the foot and turn the fabric , then lower the foot. Stitch over the topstitching on the seams, then sew back over any frayed spots in the fabric. Thank you for watching – sorry for the problems with the feed and volume. Happy Sewing!

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