Mekorama Game Review

Mekorama is a new puzzle game for iOS and
Android. The basic concept is you are the keeper of an adorable-y dumb robot and you
need to guide it through levels by telling it where to walk and removing obstacles from
its way. According to the game creator, the robot is called B because of its bumbling
movement and yellow & black paint job. Though every level is wildly different, the
gameplay remains the same. You can either tap the ground to walk or move blocks marked
with a circle. Usually… it’s a combination of both. The level itself sits in a white
void and which you can spin for a 360 degree view of the task at hand. Some levels you are elevatoring B up and down,
navigating through a castle, or bullying around other robots dumber that you. I like that
that the levels are a mix of different types of puzzles. Nothing is obvious. You start
each level with a head-tilt stare trying to sort out your first three moves. Or at least
I do. The game is free technically but the creator
reminds you throughout that a ton of love and hard work went into making it. SO maybe
you should donate some cash because clearly you are enjoying it. Which is valid. The game
is great. If you swipe through the menu there is a ‘pay what you want’ page that gives
you some fixed options ranging from 99 cents to $32. Mekorama, paid or not, includes 50 levels
and gives you the option to build your own or play levels made by other players. Once
you pay it unlocks ‘hints’ But if you notice, every levels name already gives you
a pretty strong clue on how to complete it. Only negative, I’d say, is that sometimes
when you are rotating an element within the game, your view shifts instead. This making
it harder to do whatever it is you were trying to do…in an annoying, not purposely challenging,
way. Mekorama is less than a week old and already
topping the iOS gaming charts. This is likely because the game has already been featured
42 times by Apple. Thanks to it’s overall awesomeness and 5 star rating which is a pretty
impossible get, Mekorama is a breakout success and well deserving of it.

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8 thoughts on “Mekorama Game Review

  1. It's a great game that will have you throwing your phone against the wall in frustration, but then immediately trying to complete the level again.

  2. This game is a LOT of fun. I think what's especially cool is that you can make and share game levels as QR codes.
    It's definitely worth paying for.

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