fort what’s going on guys welcome back to
another episode of tech in here and today we’re gonna be doing our second
showcase and this is actually my original deck that it’s gone through
some changes modifications obviously since I started playing the game but
this is the original deck i started when i entered ranked pvp and even complete a
lot of the regular challenges in the game and honestly it is still my
favorite deck to use it just unfortunately is not quite as consistent
as a lot of the other high-end tear ducts in the meta game right now
being you know against spike against Ryu burn control and also against chun-li
we’re probably the three of the top decks that you’ll see on the ladder even
you’re seeing a little bit of Dante Dante resonate control as well but I
still want to go over and do this little showcase video with you guys um I mean
it’s not incredibly expensive there’s definitely my rear deck is a lot more
expensive to make but it does require a couple of epics it does require one
legendary but you can set about artifact X for the to nine double strike that you
do get for free I believe it’s either an X’s or
Chumley’s deck so but I do want a I’m gonna go over this deck today and we’re
into a couple test tools my last video do not not correct it so hopefully today
we do a better job so we have overall let’s go over the spells first we have
wall jump that is a base look for your red match up or even your purple match
up basically is going to shield you damage this is best to use since it is a
one cost in response to damage done by actions because then it will fizzle the
action obviously if you can have the shield be in the top of the stack
healing is a pretty powerful +4 HP for two cars so that’s a very good card this
card um is awesome I think this card is fantastic because basically what all
spells resolve and then at the end you can just pop the guy that they’re
trying to kill back to your hand you may you can save your axe the only thing
that how people can get around this is if they last-minute like dropping a unit
and you don’t have an opportunity to respond you know and the combat damage
be able to still kill your unit that’s reasoning why dream of restoration will
kind of be fizzled out but that’s what any action there’s really much you can
do that do that that’s just how the game works
fail on awesome card one seven great body for three and then he gives you an
MP boost of 20 so that is great and then we have green herb which is going to get
five HP and it’s also gonna art charge one so any little bit so one more cost
but it does give you one more HP in one art charge so I feel that for LA’s the
mana cost so that’s why I have that three as opposed to healing then healing
dance is probably the best overall buff in the deck for this cost to power ratio
giving you three HP to all allies for three just a very well-rounded card
emergency strikes since you guys noticed this deck is all about buffing your HP
this card is insanely good because it is one of the few remove actual removal
spells that Green has and for being three costs is actually very very good
considering a lot of time you’re gonna be hitting for seven and up minimum
since you’ve run Chris and you run feline in this deck then this guy
the ZT Yahoo dinosaur is just incredibly insanely good because he basically
turned off so many game breaking effects in the game like wrap those playing
against red like any unit that has a revenge and against black purple it
shuts off their resume shuts off they’re flying you know in the green mirror
you’re shutting off artifact X so so many different cards that this part can
shut down very very good even good to have your opening and especially if your
opponent is gonna be more than reluctant or more than optimal to play first
supply this and this I am debating whether or not I
should keep unwavering faith and at all and go up to three supplies because it
is it is for cost but those get four HP to all allies
whereas unwavering faith is basically going to be a card draw and then you get
a another draw off of it basically you put a card from your from your deck in
your ax pocket randomly I would assume it’s just the top of the deck
and then it’s half the empty costs so lets you play out a thing faster
unfortunately if you get like a three or a two it’s not really that great it’s
only really good if you hit like a six or a five so just keep that in mind I
mean it is cool like a three-drop iris or a you know three drop Chris three
true drop Felicia and artifact X but you have no control over that
so if this card is ever erratic to say like put a card with the highest cost
card in your deck than this car will be insane because then you could like drop
like a yeah totally for for but it’s still decent I mean it’s it’s something
you could always chain to if you have to mana that it’s never like a terrible
thing to shame to unless you just have no cards left in your deck but you know
I see the pros and cons of it for sure iris amazing car the best probably the
best five dropping green overall has a shield as MP boost of 50 has a one six
body just overall insanely good for green
I’m a Chris Redfield obviously he is kind of like the bread and butter for
this type of deck because I am using X charge and he combos very very well he
gives victory um gives victory games plus two plus two
for two friendly green units oven itself so basically turns all of your green
units into a plus two plus two victory so especially if you have X on the field
this cut this he will be absolutely insane to get X’s engine going with all
the different effects X is gonna accumulate from killing units it just
will get out of hand really really fast and then also he gives himself three HP
to keep himself alive when he gets victories as well to seven his fats are
pretty lackluster for a six drop I will say like I think he should have been
like a three seven or or like a-29 or something like that for
six but his two effects are very very good maybe he will get buffed one day
who knows then we have felicia spams de Bourg puts copies of herself in the
other slots so two five she actually is done very very well
with Dawn of restoration because basically you can have all the other
Felicia’s die except one doctor back to your hand and then you can basically
play out Felicia’s again you know if you’re in that state to let your mana
recover to that extent so very very cool card and then obviously artifact X my
boy my favorite card ever in the game cuz its Mega Man X and acquires the
abilities well all the few units so it is a five five four six so very very
good stats on him so let’s go and hop into a match guys and I’m hoping we can
get a win at least one went on camera out of two games so let’s let’s hope we
can do that and as always if you guys have a better a version of this similar
deck style that you guys would like me to try out I am more than willing to
take recommendations so alright were you not playing adieu again let’s
go this seems like a match and we have a very very good hand I would say that’s a
very very good hand so we are definitely gonna wait on him as long as we possibly
can before we play anything and if he doesn’t play anything when we hit 10
then we can opt to play Felicia since we do have spread healing in hand I think
that’s what it’s called right healing dancing Han alright let’s go and play
Felicia we have healing dance ready to go and we
just top deck restoration that is fine I’ll take the axle drop that’s totally
fine alright so we’re gonna do some battles we’re gonna then chain with that
we’re gonna boost up our dudes all right so um is that worth it
do we just know I’m just gonna let that die actually tell us what the die that’s
fine now we can draw X right there boom and we have a way to
save X as well we have a removable stool for an eighth cost in our hand so we’re
in a pretty good position and bam a surrender there we go all right I’m
happy we got at least one win so no matter what happens with this next game
I’m totally happy awesome that’s how you’re supposed to do it scoop into the
artifact X we almost have our X actually max level at 50 now I was trying to
climb with him for so long the first week of the game and then now I figured
out that there’s more consistent my really builds a lot more consistent so
so cool guys so I appreciate anyone checking out the video today look don’t
let me know guys what you guys think of the deck and what you guys it changes
you guys would like to see to it alright guys is a decent ham I will take that
man so he’s gonna start by playing in play for MP cost and fortunately I did
not about it in a perfect situation to have unwavering faith in Han but
unfortunately just did not have it so I’m gonna go ahead we’re going straight
out here yeah we run straight out there and then
we’re gonna go play Chris and he’s gonna immediately kill that and get to health
so that’s good oh really
man s us that was nothing I could have done to
really prevent that so is what it is perfect opportunity to use that to send
this back to our can okay that’s fine so we’ll let that resolve we’ll get our
Dino back in our hand well gain we’ll go back up to full health and we to another
one that’s actually really funny actually pretty pretty funny alright so
let’s go ahead and lock that guy down alright so he’s gonna go ahead and kill
her noon okay that’s fine our hand is actually pretty garbage now our fans are
actually really bad this is not looking good actually alright so we need to play this like
right now and kill something thank you the least he killed something that I
would have preferred to kill obviously the second slot card but at least killed
something that wasn’t this right now cuz then that’s gonna trade all right and
now we can send this back to our hand yeah we’re we’re just too overwhelmed
though we can’t go back there’s just no way we can come back from this he had he
was out of the gate way too fast him killing the Chris early on just was like
pretty much over for us we just couldn’t come back from that and he reads read
his uh his super revenge miles a trip so so we’ll go ahead and forfeit that just
to make the video not too terribly long for you guys but you guys see there
that’s the situation that can happen we’re like basically my hand was full of
the pomp spells and I couldn’t stabilize to utilize them and that is the weakness
of the deck simply because when you go against things like Wesker Ryu and your
Dante were there there hero arts are just they do everything on their own
they aren’t reliant on your setup on the board state and that’s where units like
X G Chumley I don’t think is as bad because she provides pseudo protection
cuz with Chumley if you’re running either her shield ability or your rein
her MP you don’t have to have other cards in your hands he utilized the
ability whereas like X can get really really strong and out of control but you
have to have the spells to pump in you have to have the creatures in play to be
able to trigger them and you have to have them in play land your art and then
play your spell so it’s like a lot of things have to align for X charge to be
really really good so I’m hoping they’ll buff him one day or they’ll give green a
boost with other sets down the road to where you know the game isn’t so fast to
where X doesn’t get so overpowered so easily but we’ll have to see how that
pans out um you know if you guys still want to try this deck like I said it’s
super super fun I really love piloting it so I’ll definitely still use this
deck for like viewer matches when we do like streams like that for you guys but
just for climbing I don’t think he is up there as far as being able to maintain a
champion but definitely I think he can he can compete with B in competing D and
C ranks but A’s probably where he kind of falls off a little bit so but let me
know what you guys think in the comment section down below as always if you guys
did enjoyed today’s video please drop a like down below subscribe as always if
you guys are new to see some more teppan content and i’ll see you guys in the
next step in video peace out guys

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