Meeting my Friends

Okay, so I’ve been up for the past two hours because my mom called me and said, “You need to get ready. I have a surprise for you.” So now I’m kinda just waiting for the surprise She told me to be ready by one o’clock, but it’s almost 2:00. We’re gonna go check that out in a few minutes hopefully. Mother on the phone: Hey. Tanya: Hey. Mother through the phone: It was just funny because Devin, I told him, “I have a surprise for you coming,” and he say’s “Really did you get me a stripper?” Tanya: That’s what he told me. He’s like, ” I thought it was gonna be a stripper.” Eric: I can get that taken care of. Devin: I was just in my room eating Goldfish, watching YouTube, so this is a little better than that. Tanya: So when do you start classes? Devin: Monday Tanya: Monday? You ready? I don’t know. We’ll find out on Monday. Devin: I’m sorry, if I can’t hear you today. I didn’t bring my hearing aids. I didn’t think I need them for a stripper. Brandon: Yeah. It’s right in it’s mouth. Devin: That is adorable Okay, so basically what happened was my mom’s friend; our family friend, flew over here to visit her family and I just happened to be here. So name is Tanya. She’s basically like an aunt. Devin: It’s not a picture say something, yeah. Happy birthday! Devin: This will be fun, but I didn’t bring my hearing aids up because I didn’t think I’d need them. Tanya: You don’t have to pay attention to them. So, I forgot everyone’s name. Tanya: Eric, Chris, and Brandon. Devin: And you? Tanya: And Tanya! Devin: Wow! I have no idea what this is. No expectations for women? Devin: Back out here. National Mall except now we’re gonna go to museums and show that off, so that ought to be fun. I forgot everyone’s name again. Ok, so now we’re at the Natural History Museum. Ok, so they thought it’d be funny to stop me just because I have a camera and try to scan and see what kind of weapons I’m holding. But they couldn’t get my weapons. Devin: When your mom gives you a haircut and says you look like a handsome boi. Devin: (Chuckles) Where did they go? I’m lost again. What is this? Dam. That’s impressive. I got lost again and I need the bathroom and I don’t have anyone’s number here. That’s fun– oh there’s a movie. Shhhh. No talking. Bootleg. Ok, so I guess we’re getting BBQ now to eat. Okay, never mind. No we’re not. I figured that if I was going to go out today, I might as well record it. Eric: Did you get some good footage? Devin: I think– I hope so. I’ll find out. For whatever reason, we just moved and now we’re gonna go… get food somewhere else. They keep looking at me! They keep looking at me weird because they keep seeing me record with the camera. Okay, so that ends today’s journey with them so, like I said, she’s from New Mexico as well and she came over here with her family, which are in Maryland and so, since they were in the area, they decided to come check on me. My mom did send bag full of stuff from home. Maybe we can look at that and try to… make this video longer. I actually completely forgot that I was actually doing something before I left. I was eating goldfish and watching YouTube. What happened to my YouTube? Oh my gosh. It turned off. Man, I was watching that like seven hours ago. Okay, so it’s a senior bag, too Okay, so it’s a senior bag because I was a senior once. In it is a yearbook and, my mother made this because she’s special. It’s a book of me, which who wouldn’t want to read that. The rest is just perfect And the rest is just garbage. Oh, so this is wha– dkasjf sdfklj fsdkl I’m having a stroke. Help. So these are the photos we took in February when we came for the open house. Awww. So pretty. So nice. So… happy. The homecoming court? Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Where am I? Oh my gosh. There I am. Something kind of wack about this picture though. That picture is the same picture as this picture. They didn’t even give me a second photo. So adorable. Cute as a button Awww! Awww! I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll– I don’t– Okay, everybody so in a little bit we’re gonna go throw surprise party for one of my friend, but until then I’m gonna play a little game of, “I Am Bread.” Yes, my friend. He just turned 18 Yes, so my friend. He just turned 18, so we’re gonna go throw him a little surprise party and hopefully make his day better! I got him a card and it says, And then you open it and it says, Okay, so we’re gonna head out and we’re gonna go get ready for the party. Devin: Hey. Devin! Hello. Don’t put me on YouTube please. Andrew: Well, I kinda want to be in your video, I just don’t want to look stupid. Andrew: I give you permission, I just want to see it. I don’t want to look stupid. Devin: Well, that won’t be my fault if you do. Devin: Eww. Devin: Oh my gosh. I forgot my gift. Andrew: I’m so glad you’re not dead, [Luke]. Devin: I forgot my gift. Devin: Okay, I got the card now let’s go again Devin: Hello! I found my way in. Micah: Wow. Devin: Thanks for trying to help though Tammy: No. Everyone has to sign the card. Devin: I signed my own card! Ew! no! Andrew: I just don’t like myself on camera. Micah: Devin! Let me the fuck in! Devin: How’d you know it was me? Micah: Huh? Devin: How’d you know it was me? Micah: Because I can hear your voice. Devin: I didn’t say anything. Tammy: You’re gonna wanna read that card before you give it to someone. Devin: No, just give it him. Micah: I need to sign it first. Devin: I’m pretty sure we can get this right on the first try. We all have to be quiet , especially you, [Asa]. Asa: Hey! Devin: Aaron can’t hear us coming. Micah: It has milk in it. I’m sorry. Devin: What are you doing! Micah: We all love dairy so much. Devin: No, but we love Luke more! Go, go, go, go! Emily: Move, soldiers, move, move! Devin: Stop jumping, Asa. Micah: (Bird sound) Tammy: Caa! Everyone: SURPRISE! (Cheering) “You’re my, Sugar, Sweetie-Pie, Cutie, Diamond,” from Emily? I guess! Fuck you, Asa! Tyler: What’d he say? What’d he say? It says, “Fuck you!” Thank you. Let’s see what this is. Asa: Your mom. “I hope you have an awesome year. Thanks for always being there for me through all my trauma.” You spelled that wrong. Devin: Did I? But don’t worry about it then. You understood it. Is it, ‘drama’ or ‘trauma’? Devin: Same thing. Devin: Happy Birthday! Aaron: Thank you. So what was supposed to be a surprise party ended up turning into study night. So not exactly what I had planned, but now they’re all at the library and I left to my room. Still the fun night overall. Tried making his day better. By feeding him cake. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video. If you did hit the like button and comment what your favorite part was. I also want to give a shout out to my friend, Tammy, for helping me translate most of the video and actually record a lot of it, too. So, thank you for that. Make sure to stay tuned because more videos should be coming soon.

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