Meet Virtual Reality startup Psious

Hello my name is Xavier Palomer. I am the CEO of Psious. We do Virtual Reality for mental health care. As you probably know, a lot of people are suffering from different anxiety related disorders. Such as fear of flying. At Psious we have therapists to treat these patients by exposing them to different virtual reality experiences controlled by the therapist. And you have to think about it that mental health care has a lot of social stigma behind it. People don’t like to talk about these things. And in our case, our patients they post about this technology. They talk about different issues in the social networks with their friends. So you can imagine the difference being from social stigma, past to this technology, where they post on the social networks about this. They talk about this. The difference is incredible. So why Founders Factory? We are from Spain. We started our business in Spain and we are growing quite significantly in Spain. We decided few months ago to start our international expansion, and we think and we really believe that Founders Factory is the perfect partner to start expanding within the UK market and grow internationally. So today we have, we can help patients with more than 15 different disorders. Mostly related to anxiety. But where we see the business growing is expanding into the different mental health areas. Like pain distraction intensity, which we are already conducting clinical trials on that. So the areas to expand the business within the health care space. In the long-term our bed is Data. We are collecting, today we have database with more than 4000 patients. So you can imagine that our database is one of the biggest today in the world. Relating anxiety treatments and patients, and different processes they have been through, and the response they had. We really believe, we strongly believe that within the long-term that’s going to be an important asset for the company. For the to understand anxiety, to understand treatment and they are there to have better outcomes or better treatments for patients.

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