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[YARON] Agoda is a world-class technology company. We’re part of the Priceline Group [now called Booking Holdings Inc.] which is the leading online travel group in the world. And what’s unique about Agoda is that we’re a startup like company What I mean by that is we can move very fast… [JENNIFER] I think Agoda’s culture is very empowering you get the opportunity to take ownership build something from scratch and experience it from conception to delivery. [YARON] We use cutting edge technologies, and we have a flat organisation structure which allows us to be very flexible. [ALEXIS] From culture point of view what I like in Agoda is that we are really open, open to testing, we can do a lot of testing and we are open to mistakes as well… [EKATERINA] I love working at Agoda because of almost all parts of my job, there are very interesting and challenging tasks almost every the time. [ALEXIS] People are not shy to bring on new ideas, test new products and validate the ideas by testing [EKATERINA] My team consists of only about ten people and so for me it’s quite interesting to try to work with people of absolutely different cultures [ALEXIS] One of the things I love in Agoda is that we have really a lot of cultures, a lot of people from many nations, all these melting pot of people makes a great environment to work in [JENNIFER] Agoda really values diversity as a company and that’s very important to me. [LEVON] It’s really interesting if you come here, people have worked in all parts of the world. From Russia, China, in the US, South America, wherever [EKATERINA] Here there are lots of absolutely gorgeous people. They are so smart and interesting [JENNIFER] We all have different experiences and expertise that we can put on the table. [EKATERINA] You can study lots of things just from people just from communicating with them. [LEVON] It’s not all work at Agoda, we work hard but when we finish we also play hard. Just on my team I have people who like to run marathons, who like photography that take pictures all the time. Whatever interest you have, there’s probably somebody out there when you come in you can form your own group and get people to do it. [SARINDA] When I joined here, one and half years before, there were so many technologies that I never heard of. I’ll give you some examples: Scala, Cassandra, Kafka, and Couchbase, etcetera [YARON] We use cutting-edge technologies. We have multiple data-centers around the world and we are a very data oriented company so we use Kafka to synchronise a lot of data to Hadoop, Spark, Parquet, Impala, and Cassandra technologies. [LEVON] We’re working with terabytes of data every day and these are the kind of things you can’t just get in every company. You need to have the scale that we do to be able to get the experience that we can give. [YARON] Everything we do impacts millions of people and makes a difference for the whole travel industry. We are looking for smart and curious people to join our team. People that love change and can enjoy working in a dynamic environment. If you want to create the best travel platform in the world, come and join us.

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  1. Adoga changed the date when I booked with them, then requested I pay double, then took my credit card and denied chargeback…

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