Meet the Pro Fingerboarder

– Usually people are really confused when I tell them what I do. I tell them, like, yeah, I
own a fingerboard company. Like those Tech Decks you
used to get in something. Yeah, but professional. Skateboarding makes me feel awesome. It doesn’t get boring. It’s always a challenge. There’s no rules. Fingerboarding and
skateboarding both have that. I started fingerboarding in fourth grade. I had a lot of fun playing
with the Tech Decks and then I wanted to kind of improve them. A lot of times the screws would
come out so I’d glue them in and just start modifying things like that. And I just realized I could
make them better and better. A lot of kids wanted to buy them so I kinda put a name on it and it grew into this
huge business over time. There’s hundreds of thousands of people out there that are into this. We are at the Flat Face
rendezvous location in Dracut, Massachusetts and it’s pretty much a big building filled with fingerboard parks and I do huge events here where kids fly in from all over the place to come and fingerboard together. When you go into a contest, it’s crazy cuz there’s stadium seating and there’s everyone looking at you and lighting and cameras. My first few contests, I
got a crazy adrenaline rush. Like, you don’t even remember the thing after you do your run. I don’t do any warm-ups or exercises with my hands for fingerboarding. Apparently some people do calisthenics. The rules are pretty much
you want to use two fingers. You’ll have maybe 30
seconds or a minute or so and you just do a run and there’ll be a whole bunch of judges. They’ll judge you on consistency, style, the tricks you do and it’s
like really high pressure. You can’t even really put it into words. It’s a crazy kinda feeling and atmosphere. When so many people get together
from all over the world, all over the country, and some of them, it’s like a really,
really big deal to them. Like, that’s the only thing
they want to do all year. It just makes me super happy
because I can barely believe that I’m the reason they’re there. Like, because of something that I set up and that I’m doing.

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100 thoughts on “Meet the Pro Fingerboarder

  1. I am a speedcuber and I can solve a Rubik's cube in 14 seconds. A competition for cubing is just like this

  2. Well, technically everything human race is doing is pointless, so why not this as well… Society shamed pro skateboarding, eSports, skating, streaming, but everything starts to seem normal after a generation passes. This will too.

  3. I don't really the no there's anything called "professional" fingerboarding. It's just stuff people do for fun

  4. Yooo if u don't skate I can see how silly it looks. But damn It's just a hobby like any other and a great way to scratch that itch of needing to skate but can't due to injury or crappy weather. If u don't got a hobby u should get one don't hate on some homie makin a living doing theirs. Mad respect for this dude. 👏

  5. What grown ass man would admit to doing this, let alone talking about himself like he’s a god?! 😂😂😂 So embarrassed for the little boy. Lol 🤦‍♀️ Oof.

  6. You guys should try finger boarding it is a great sport it is so fun and some people might not like it but if you try I think you have like a good time with the sport and if you don’t like it you won’t get results want you just try it I will love it I’ve been doing it for a year I am 10 and it’s such a good sport so I recommend you to try it

  7. 2:43
    him: *standing*
    everyone else: "what the fuck did this creepy guy do standing here with his psycho eyes"

  8. There are no rules to fingerboarding later in the video you have to have to finger s on the board and you cant hold it

  9. recently I've started Pro Fingermontainbiking cos my Pro Fingersynchronizedswimming partner has drowned

  10. This is something we used to do in school when we got bored in class. Then we got outside and forgot about them.

  11. Dude kids in my class play with those things in class and the teachers always takes them away from them.

  12. This is how many little kids use this comment format to get likes and popularity because they are too nervous in real life


  13. Me: mum I’m going to finger with my girlfriend
    Mum: WHAT
    me: yeah fingerboard
    Mum: ok bye honey

  14. ugh people used to be normal in the comments now it’s just people making stupid jokes/memes that people think are relatable like “nobody: YouTube recommendations: *meet the fingerboard pro*” or “weird flex but ok” or just stupid shit and it’s so annoying and I know someone is going to reply with “nobody: gush35z: bla bla”

    Edit: I’m not talking about funny memes I’m talking about stupid ghetto cardi b okurrr type shit that isn’t funny

  15. Respect for this guy, he made a small hobby to a big business where small fingerboarders come and meet, it's like cosplaying.


  16. "So what do you do?"
    Skateboarders: "I skate"
    Him: "I finger along with other kids who fly in from all over the world".

  17. lets not forget the days people cringed at "skateboarders" for playing with a stupid board on wheels like its a toy

  18. WHY wasn't I practicing with mine! Damn there goes my fame cause you stole it sir you stole it and you know it. Jk man, really that 900 was freaking sick bro.

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