Meet MOOV NOW™ –The World’s Most Advanced Fitness Wearable

Meet Moov, your personal fitness coach that speaks to you while you work out. “Welcome to day five of your training” Moov tracks your form in 3D space, syncing wirelessly to your smartphone. And it even keeps track while you are away
from your device. Whether you are in the pool, or on the road. Moov encourages you to make it to the top. “This is your toughest hill so far
you can do it!” Moov minimizes the chance of injury, “Your impact is too high,
land softer.” and corrects your form. “Lengthen your stride.” “Good job.” Moov is waterproof and detects your precise motion for every single stroke, turn, and break. Moov keeps track of the data while you focus on your swim. And whatever your fitness goals are, Moov pushes you past your plateau. “One, two, come on, one more!” And teaches you new techniques, to help you perform better. “Now switch your gear.” With Moov you can conquer the road. Moov is with you during every movement, of every day and night. You compete and connect, across all sports, and improve your performance. Step by step. Moov, your personal fitness coach.

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100 thoughts on “Meet MOOV NOW™ –The World’s Most Advanced Fitness Wearable

  1. 6 month batter life, and then what?  Can I replace the battery myself?  Also, how do I know I can trust the training recommendations?  How was that information calculated?

  2. I just got myself a pair and am so excited about it especially the cardio boxing. Hoping it has some muay thai and capoiera moves too. And if you plan to get one, feel free to use my referral code:

  3. Hi. For me to be able to use this with my phone during activities, does it need an internet connection or just bluetooth alone will do?

  4. Can I use moov now leaving my phone in my house? And then ipair with the app? I I have to have my phone close to the band? Cause I don't like bringing my phone when I do bike or running…. @getmoov @moovnow

  5. get it here using the referral link and also share if with your friends wanting to get the new moov now

  6. I have a polar ft4. Seeing the amount of calories burned is enough motivation for me.
    And do you really need a robot telling you to go faster? I know I'm working hard when I'm seconds away from throwing my guys up.

  7. Moov Now will also have third party support for heart rate monitors too. I bought the original Moov wearable over a year ago. I have gone from 28% body fat to 18% body fight and I am still gaining muscle using the Moov, their new 7 Minute app and a lot of swimming. I love these. You can use a promo code with the following: . It should still work!

  8. This is exactly what I need on top of a traditional fitness tracker like UP24. Just ordered. I'm so excited.

    Order yours today:

  9. cant wait to try it out!…i picked up mine for $59.99 instead of the regular price of $99.98….

  10. Ordered mine! Here is my referral link so you get a discount and so do I ! Thanks and I can't wait to get mine!

    If you have any questions send me a message or respond to this post:

  11. I've just completed my order for this and can't wait. It should be shipping soon and when it does the discounted rate will end. You can order it now with a 40% discount here

  12. Id like to test it out for my Kettlebell sport training center but, id like more information as it can't be worn on the wrist when we train as the weight sits there. and the legs remain stationary. if you can provide me with some feedback id be interested in recommending to my community. Joe Daniels

  13. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months with Moov. I cant wait to receive the Moov Now. I got one for me and one for my husband for only $49.99 each. This price will only last a few more days. You can order yours here:

  14. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months with Moov. I cant wait to receive the Moov Now. I got one for me and one for my husband for only $49.99 each. This price will only last a few more days. You can order yours here:

  15. hello everybody, 

    I ordered 4 and paid only 49$ per unit but the promotion is ending in a few days.  It's shipped from Singapore so expect to pay the vat.  

    I received them and while I can't comment on the functions yet the material is super nice. Best rubber I've ever touched. And the design in black or red is awesome… Blue and white not so… 

    Would be awesome if you would use my link to move it… Would help me repay the 2 I bought as gift! Thanks!!

  16. I'm curious if anything for custom workouts is in the making. Such as setting it to record a motion for custom exercises, setting up your own rep range, workout list, and rest periods.

  17. where is the display? just a dummy band with no display unless you got your phone with you? Fibit has display notifications like heart rate, steps and calories. Why I have to rely on a third party product to check the stats?

  18. for an athlete more functions and less distraction is everything, I like the design as I want to change from Fitbit to Moov, the company just sent another package… this is going to be along walk

  19. I hope I can customize the sound of the speaker. Damn while doing push ups DJ Khaled would help me alot!

  20. why is this guying saying "moo" ?!

    —-Is he fuckin blind?!

    Its written "moov" so pronouced "move"

  21. I want one but $80!? it's probably us dollars so I will have to times it by 1.15 for currency fees then shipping

    a)that's a lot of math
    b)I don't even have the base price
    c)a build a bear is cheaper than this

  22. Hey, I have mine and really love running with it, I'm just really hopping for some kind of function for gym weight lifting in the softwares , for example counting how many reps and maybe interval training timer .

  23. i have bluetooth headphones as well, can i listen to music, and listen to moov coach me through my workout? will my music pause when she talks to me.

  24. MOOV NOW is the most advance fitness tracking device ever. The MOOV NOW makes the Fitbit look like a something from the 80's. This thing is lightyears ahead of the Fitbit, and cost a lot less. Just check out all the great reviews on Amazon.

  25. americans either don't exercise or exercise like crazy. Or exercise like crazy for a while and then don't exercise at all

  26. I love the MOOV NOW Design and the minimalist look.Also love the number of level it offers 1-40. The voice guidance coach is just amazing. Big thumbs up guys. 3D motion detection sensor. WOW. SIMPLY AMAZING.
    Can were it very easily. Great steal with the ongoing sale now further can use this coupon for $5 off on each device you order
    Coupon code link Here: is the

  27. This device stop working after 3 months for me, I contacted them and I did not receive any help. The device has tremendous promise but the support needs to improve.

  28. LMAO all people who featured in this advirtisment were shaped withaout any electronic devices. Shall I continue or you already get what exactly you should to do?

  29. the most important question is if it automaticaly recognize activity : for example, do i have to set via app, that i am going to ride my bike, or after couple minutes it will recognize activity?

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