Medmigo Startup Presentation

Today we came to Antigua Guatemala with a one simple question, what’s the first thing that people do when they need a doctor
let’s see the responses Maybe ask in the hotel for help (ask for a reference) yeah Ask for references with the locals (obiously) because I’m not in my country Yellow pages have existed since 19 century and
one of the main problems with directories being in paper or in Web Apps is that you actually don’t have any clue who’ll be a good doctor for your need. In fact I’m pretty
sure that the first thing you’ll do when you need a doctor is to call to one friend or family asking for references To solve this problem we have created Medmigo a technological platfform that creates a profile for medical practicioners to give you the best
solution for your need Medmigo constructs this profile based on Social Network Analysis we have chosen 6 factors in order to establish how
much is a medical practitioner trusted Those factor are, 1-medical insurance, 2-the price, 3-the
geolocation, 4-the experience academic and professional that this medical practitioner has and most importantly 5 – the trust that your friends have for this practitioner and 6 – the trust
between these practitioners With a basic fee under $35 we’re planning to deliver a medical appointments manager a medical records manager, and a reputation tool, with this we are empowering medical practitioners and
giving them a tool to increase their reach and revenue By connecting Medmigo with social networks like
Facebook, Twitter or maybe LinkedIn we are able to construct a tool that will give you the help when and where you need it At this time we already have our communications and core framework and on top of it we have a web application. We are seeking for support in order to speed up the development of
the Android an iOS applications

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