Mechanical Vs. Electrical Engineering: How to Pick the Right Major

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100 thoughts on “Mechanical Vs. Electrical Engineering: How to Pick the Right Major

  1. In this video I say that mechanical engineers take some electrical classes but electrical engineers don't take any mechanical engineering classes. As some comments have pointed out this does depend on your university (and sometimes your concentration) so there's no guarantee on what you can expect. Some electrical engineers might take thermodynamics, mechanics of materials, and so on, just be sure to look into what colleges you apply to. Sorry for the confusion!

  2. so say i want a leg into engineering.. use a cert 2 to step up to university..

    im mechanically minded but understand the relationship between moving parts and electrical signals activating these.

    like electronics but love mechanics.

    mechatronics.. how do i get there? i think is what I'm asking

  3. I wish I didn't have to go through statics and material strength as an electrical engineering student in Poland. It was kind of simplified for my course, but still really annoying and i failed it many times

  4. Do you like smaller classes filled with people equally as confused as yourself? Electrical

    Do you like large classes filled with people that know all the material better then you ever will? Mechanical

    So I did EE, and my friend did Mechanical, here is what it boiled down to at our school. Electrical had tiny classes (My largest electrical class was about 30 students) which was excellent for learning the material and getting help from the prof, but the material was always at an extreme; when it was fun, it was like a pornstar orgy with non-stop orgasms, but when it was hell, it was like the Devil's anus the day after a Taco Bell bender. Besides having your GPA drop too much and have the school kick you out, there was really no pressure if you had a bad class or even flunked some; C's get degrees. As for mechanical the classes were enormous (150+ students) so you couldn't really expect the prof to ever know who you were or be able to help you. The material was easier, its was pretty fun most of the time, but there was still stuff that was tough and boring, but not at the extremes like Electrical was. It was easier to keep your grade up but it was tough because you HAD to keep your grade up, if you fell below I think a 3.8 GPA, you didn't have a spot anymore. Electrical is not something most people understand or can learn very well, Mechanical on the other hand is and way more people try to go into it and they always have way more Mechanical students then seats in classes so its a fight. Electrical on the other hand they usually couldn't quite fill all the spots in any class any year.

  5. At the end of the day..those welding or coating inspector get paid more..speaking from is not fair lol..

  6. I have been watching your channel for quite a while, all I can say is that you have one of the best Engineering channels and your content is very beneficial. I noticed you don’t talk much about Chemical Engineering and as a fresh man in Chemical Engineering I would like to hear more about it in a later video of yours. Great work all in all, keep it up!

  7. I'm doing mechanical and automation and I'm screwed from both ends……equally.
    odd semesters are mechanical intensive.
    even semesters are electronics and electrical intensive.

    programming is a cherry on top: C, assembly and python.

  8. Where do electrical design for construction industry goes? 😕 Electrical are essential in every construction too. And EE are making a lot of money in to this

  9. Well I would also add, Embedded SW and software engineering, bringing machines to life and to think to what they are commanded to do…….I worked at SIEMENS: you can see clearly that the future is man and the machine…….SW-HW-ME one cannot go without another…..HW and PCB and electronics connect mechanical and software engineers, without HW there is no connection…..

  10. dont give a crap about.salary. Could easily make 100k a year with stocks and real estate/selling planes. Just a want a side career i love

  11. Don't worry, no matter which Engineering discipline you choose, there will be a lack of girls in both,
    so you don't have to worry about not having girls in your class rooms, because the other Engineers are going through the same struggle.

  12. I'm already working in the field I want. I work as an electrical designer in the AEC/MEP industry and I don't have a degree. A pure electrical engineering degree I don't think will work for me. I saw some schools that had Engineering Technology: Power Systems programs. Unfortunately, it's not about what school to go to right now, it's about if I have time to go to school again and handle school at the same time. The answer is no btw. I'm learning a lot at my job though but the engineering fundamentals I don't know. And forget about getting a PE. That's 20 years from now. Literally & unfortunately!

  13. I'm already doing masters on mechanical, but still watching these vids 😀 Really nice and compact video. Both majors are so broad that in that sense they are very nice picks to study.

  14. I’m gonna be a math major but mechatronics sounds really interesting, hopefully I can get a class in that field

  15. It's like mechanical job is heavier than electrical which is my common sense reply me if I'm wrong

  16. I’ve worked in solar for almost 10 years but I want to go back to school to finish a degree and go on to my masters. With my solar background, which would be better? Or possibly Civil. I could see a benefit in all

  17. I want to become an artisan in creating electronic devices, such as cameras, what major and minor should I consider taking in engineering? Would Electrical Engineering be a good major ?

  18. Is there an Electronic Major in EU? in México electrical engineering and electronic engineering are so different mainly because in Electronics are more focused in circuits involving semi conductors while electrical is more about more industrial electrical systems like for power plants

  19. Majorprep ,plz say that which one is to study electrical engineering or mechanical engineering in diploma

  20. Great video. What you're saying makes perfect sense. I've been seeing more and more degrees in Electronics Engineering. What's the difference between Electrical Eng and Electronics Eng?

  21. A big thank you! I hesitated between these 2 majors and this video helps me to make my choice! I subscribe and wish you a great day!

  22. For example If I wanted to major in mechatronics engineering and I go to CSUN. They don’t offer that major, but they offer electrical engineering. Would I still be able to major in mechatronics engineering at CSUN if I apply with an electrical engineering major?

  23. This was extremely helpful. So thank you! I'm from Spain, where if you want to get to university/college (I don't know the difference), you have to got through some tests (I think pretty much like the SATs maybe?), and (in general) if your grade is higher than a certain grade the degree has that year, you go in. So I thought I'd like to go into mechanical engineering, but I didn't get the grade. One option was to wait for the next year's tests and try to improve the grade, but I'd waste a whole year. So with the grade I had, I coul enter electrical engineering, and as the classes in the first year are exactly the same as in mechanical engineering, I could change to ME in the second year. So I saw EE always as a bridge to ME. But after this video I'm not so sure anymore if electrical is gonna be the bridge or the degree I want to take. So this video helped me because maybe I'm better in EE and I almost made a mistake… Have to research more and think about it more though. After all, it's my future I'm talking about. So thank you!!

  24. Computer science and electrical engineering student here, it's not how you think it is, or how people tell you it is.

  25. Hello Sir! I've got admission in Computers Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Civil Engineering, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering and CS for Undergraduate Degree in NUST.
    What should i choose? Kindly guide me. I'll be waiting for your reply.
    Thank you for your time.
    Regards: Taimoor Hassan.

  26. I have been looking for future education possibilities in Universities in Finland, and I am interested in Energy Engineering (in Lappeenranta University of Technology) and your channel didn't have a video about it. I kindly request that if you have time, could you make one of Energy Engineering? I've already looked into the website of the Uni, but you tell things differently so that is why I'd like to see such a video on this channel. I please.

    Oh, and while writing this I came into a question I wanted to ask: what engineering field could be suitable for EnE as a minor?

  27. this video made me feel so better because from past 2 days i was F***ing my mind up thinking that i made the wrong decision now im gonna grind my whole life, there is no more purpose in my life , I should Die now but man you got my back

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