MEC Rad Pants

Climbing in dress pant. Lunging in jeans. Hiking in coveralls. There’s nothing worse than the wrong pant at the wrong time. What if I told you that there’s a pant that can do it all? Climb, hike, bike whatever. That would be a rad pant. And that’s exactly where we named them. The MEC Rad Pant features bona fide science. You can achieve a remarkable range of motion. In fact, your hamstrings will give out before the MEC Rad Pants do. The durability is out of this world and the pockets can accommodate the latest gadgets… or a large meal Each leg comes an attached elasticated cup design… that is based on other pants and makes a lot of sense. These pants concede no style points and come in two trail-safe colors… Plus black for that last-minute wedding or bar mitzvah. The MEC adjustable Rad Pant waist band is included in the purchase price. So you could be up and running in your first pair in no time. Rad pants make me feel like a superhero. If I were trapped on a desert island and I could only take two pairs of pants. One would be the red pant. The other would be a letdown. I just love to dance and the rad pants do nothing to stop me. When I walk down the street people notice me. I think it’s the rad pants. Rad pants make me a better husband and father. So there you have it. The MEC rad pants. The pants for all seasons. The pants for all reasons. What will you do in your rad pants today? Call in the next 15 minutes and get them sooner than waiting longer.

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3 thoughts on “MEC Rad Pants

  1. CLEARLY an April Fool's joke as evidenced by the presence of an identifiably white, heterosexual, male. Ha, ha, ha…! Good one, MEC! I almost lost my mind until I realized what day it was. Boy, you had me for a second, there!

  2. So they have an "infamous backstory" of being prematurely discontinued and then they sell out the limited release in less than a month. I feel like maybe lessons should have been learned…

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