McCabe: Trump’s Loyalty Demands Are Classic Criminal Enterprise Behavior | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “McCabe: Trump’s Loyalty Demands Are Classic Criminal Enterprise Behavior | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Yet outside the blue bubbles of the west coast and northeast the rest of this country loves this president . If not impeached than 2020 looks like an easy win for trump .

  2. any not against the trump both fully and without reservation are enemy
    there is no gray area, there is no middle ground, there is no other side of the coin
    those not against the trump are less than human, have zero human rights
    putting trumpanzies down no more sin than stepping on an ant, gear up, survival is all that matters

  3. When I'm seeing President Donald Trump standing there with his followers around him,
    I'm seeing a lot of tired and dragged out faces, hard with empty eyes. I'm not seeing that here.
    How did former C.I.A. director John Brennan get to be an old man without heavy forehead wrinkles? He's okay.

  4. When we go to vote in 2020, just try to remember how Trump schemed to avoid detection, and; how Trump had McCabe fired only days before his pension fully vested. This is reprehensible behavior for any politician… let alone the POTUS. We just need to stay focused and vote out Trump and every Republican/GOP enabler in the Senate. If re-elected, this would cause Trump to live with the shame, dishonor, and paranoia he truly deserves.

  5. We should be hearing more information about the ongoing investigations by Mueller and others every day soon. This will certainly create even more investigations and information for Congress to consider until the end of Trump's second or third terms of office.

  6. Trump is a terrorist. Pure and simple. He's actively attacking the USA's laws, our media, our rights, and even our military intelligence. We have the greatest military in the world, and he refuses to believe them. He even wants to rearrange parts of the Navy and Air Force into Space Force for Putin. That's our surveillance, communications, reconnaissance, navigation, ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) systems, defense warning systems, GPS, and a ton of other important, sensitive intel.

  7. Okay, a few questions here for IMDb… When is the movie coming out? Is Manis (Any Which Way But Loose, 1978) being considered for the leading role? Who would be better qualified to direct this epic… Peter Jackson, Marin Scorsese, Jack the Zipper, Ron Howard or Steven Spielberg? Is CGI going to be used to portray Jessica Rabbit as a parody of The First Lady? The only thing that I think is predictable under this present administration is the ending… and that's when the camera pans out on a world map showing America isolated, friendless and alone. Fade out showing the same map with the Roman Empire, Spanish Empire, Mongol Empire and British Empire with the simple words… 'Nothing Lasts Forever Without Allies… No Matter How Great You Think You Are!'

  8. I like the way Brennan refers to T as "Mr. Trump", never President Trump. Somehow it's an even more pointed signal of his public demotion than just calling him "Trump".

  9. Comrade Trump has attacked anyone, that has gone against him, including McCabe, Strok, Comey, Washington post, New York Times and a few others I’m forgetting. Can all these people be wrong, and Trump and his deep state be right?

  10. The role of the FBI is to PROTECT and United States and its citizens from domestic and foreign enemies…regardless of their "color". (Orange is the new TREASON!!)

  11. We do know that the country has been taken over by a criminal cabla. Barr signed the loyalty oath to Trump before taking the oath of office. He will say Mueller was a witch hunt end of story. But that won't be enough . Martial Law very soon. Too late for Americans who slept the whole time. Got that smart phone, got video games, got cheap gas and cheap food, Americans happy! Don't notice that all the laws are being changed. Just as well, they have all been broken by the Trump administration. If Trump can't be indicted for treason, there is something very wrong in the world, law or no law. Now we are under a fake National Emergency but Trump is on every day saying how threatened the country is by fake border problems. Too bad Americans gotta sleep! America allowed a fake National Emergency and I was not the only one to look up the law on this, and even the MSM has reported that there are 136 actions the Trump can take, only 13 require congressional approval, and any day Trump can declare martial law. Under that he can put troops on the streets, he can make or change any law. Get it? Trump has so many people paid off like he is, he has committed crimes almost daily, and is simply reshaping the laws to fit his version of what he can get away with.

  12. I'm waiting for the day when a reporter asks trump, "Mr. President, what are your thoughts on the money laundering crimes in USA which are out of control and do you think money launderer's should be held criminally accountable?"

  13. wollis/msnbc is an ugly ignurunt dolt:
    As the Supreme Court said about executive officials in Myers v. U.S. (1926),
    “The moment that” a President “loses confidence in the intelligence, ability, judgment or LOYALTY of any of
    them, he must have the power to remove him without delay.”
    TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIDUNT EVR! (and I ain't evun an american).

  14. How long do we have to put up with this crap with his stupid mouth? Everyone of these mentally unhinged people are the true enemy of the state and Trump is fanning the flames.. The S.O.B. needs to be jailed with all his people that are haters. He is using what ever he can to spread his hate and stir the country's haters to attack everything that dares tell the truth about him and his crimes. thank you to all the Men and women of the FBI

  15. Not being able to indict a sitting president run contrary to the rule of law. This has to be addressed by lawmakers. We have an agent of a foreign power dictating our national discourse. Enough ! Get his taxes, release the Mueller report, charge every complicit Trump, Arrest, Trial, Conviction, Forfeiture, Prison. We want the justice that would be applied to any traitor, any man stealing a loaf of bread, sweet Jesus for any arsonist. Stop President Piggy

  16. Trump is a self-absorbed insecure egomaniac. Trump lived a life dedicated to wanting to be a respected and powerful billionaire at all cost. The beginning of the end for the Trump brand was when he crossed paths with the Russian mafia.

  17. Don’t forget the CIA is a criminal organisation itself that acts to protect the financial interests of billionaires via murder.

  18. sir: North Korea are still developing missiles.
    trump: i just spoke to Putin he said they are not i think he is telling the truth.
    sir :??? wha….

  19. It makes me so angry that we have had this discussion for so long. It has certainly been obvious to most Americans that Trump has been a Russian Agent since day 1.

  20. The Electorate has every right to know what is in Mueller Report regarding Trump. To NOT be informed, means the Republicans & Barr are doing the same thing Trump did to hide the hush money of the two affairs. They are influencing campaigns & elections, by hiding what the taxpayers have every right to know. (Except that which protects our counter intelligence), …but even that…bring them in, if it means not knowing the level of treason some in elected positions have done) .

  21. All those guilty pleas and investigations sound like a big deal but if you had the power of high fbi officials i can guarantee you will find so much dirt from any other government officials who worked for past presidents. Its only because of their bias and hatred towards trump that trump is the only president who has been targeted publicly like this and making it worse is the anti trump media pushing it out. Its an obvious bias investigation right from the start targeting everyone and anyone close to trump digging up past mistakes, tax frauds, petty lies, j walking, parking fines, littering etc but nothing to do with russian collusion even after 3 years. People are just too blinded by their hatred of trump. A rigged investigation by these corrupt fbi top officials (comey, mccabe, Rosenstein, mueller..) It was all a setup. They didnt expect trump to win but they obviously had a backup plan. Because trump wasnt a globalist puppet and he was outspoken and always speaking his mind they knew that trump would eventually expose their many hidden corruptions and agendas when under obama and hillary.

  22. Donald Trump ( who is as stupid as a rock, with respect to Rock stars everywhere) is attached to Vladimir Putin (who poisons his so-called enemies and is sly as a fox))

  23. what has gone wrong in the USA? people think the president being a russian 'asset' is 'crazy'…. but with all the evidence to support it – they don't believe in global warming… or that the earth is actually round(ish)…they believe kids getting shot in schools is a hollywood stunt. they believe, even after seeing photographs, that the trump inauguration ceremony was the largest in the universe's history. when confronted with facts, they choose not to believe them, but just to say it's some deep state conspiracy… if there were a deep state, trump would be gone.

  24. Mr. Mc Cabe comes across as an honest, calm, professional with no personal 'axe' to grind. He has been admiringly calm in the face of unfounded, vicious insults hurled at his wife, by 45…and perhaps even threats. Mr. Mc Cabe is simply a person who knows what the right thing is. And, does it.

  25. Ha, I suggested the RICO act could apply to Trump a while ago!!
    The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, lying to Congress which is an offence, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.

  26. Asking for loyalty is used by Realtors of their new clients; DJT both in real estate and crime it seems. I suspect his father taught him to ask for 'loyalty'.

  27. All of the GOP are colluding with POCCNA and are traitors. This is why we are having these discussions. The GOP allowed him to run without any thought to his past, his taxes, his business etc and etc. We need to put an end to the GOP and throw out all Russians.

  28. cnn fake spin. bobby kennedy was loyal to jfk. holder and lynch were loyal to obama to even commiting crimes. but comey, strzok, mccabe, rosenstein stayed loyal to obama. they even started a coup. trump could have fired them all them at any time. but trump was too nice and wanted a continium of gov. that was a mistake. comey, strzok, mccabe, rosenstein were traitors.

  29. Again I say, Trump is a Russian asset if he is in any way compromised to Russia. He doesn't need to actually take any action contrary to US interests. It's like driving while under the influence: it's a crime even if there is no accident. However, I do believe Trump did act in Russia's behalf, particularly with respect to not enacting economic sanctions. Show the compromise; the rest follows.

  30. Trump is a Russian asset? He could not act more like one if he tried. He does it right out in the open. Americans are ignoring the evidence out of wishful thinking.

  31. You people are morons! Do you not remember obama wanting eric holder to be his " wingman"? And holder swore to it on National television. You people are pathetic!

  32. Isn’t it time that old standing regarding indictment of a President be re looked at in consideration of current times? It’s silly to claim in one breath no one is above the law including the President and then claim you can’t touch him while in office🤔 so a President can just carry on with any criminal activity, flouting the law! That’s just a crazy contradiction!

  33. It is more akin to a dictators style of leadership than a mob boss. If Trump had his way he would permanently eliminate his opposition that is why he respects Putin, Kim The only thing stopping him is his lack of balls.

  34. It’s obviously trump has been compromised by puttin as trump doesn’t believe America intelligence agencies he believes puttin word

  35. Incredible that we are having these conversations about a suspected Russian agent in charge of our government in the year 2019.

  36. What are 45s supporters getting for their loyalty to this man? They aren't getting tax breaks or health care. They claim to be patriots but follow a guy who's a foreign agent to our worst enemy that Pres. Reagan fought to protect us from. Instead, they believe the lies about immigration and crime. Drugs entering this country won't be stopped by a wall. What's the allure? I just can't believe at this late date he has any supporters left.

  37. Someone is going to assassinate Trump, a replica of President Kennedy's assassination in the past, culminating in the vice presidential council and participating in the military conflict between China and Taiwan。

    Please let more people see.Hoping to protect President Trump. I hope there's no assassination like President Reagan. I hope the American people live a stable life, and there will be no disputes or wars.
    God bless America. God bless Trump.

    It is hoped that our country will also have a president who can benefit the people rather than serving a small number of dignitaries.

  38. Classic was obvious since his campaign…cronyism, lies, changing the word from minute by minute, telling his followers to hurt others and he would pay their attorney (really?),,,acting as if he, Trump himself is above the law …on and on. Show your taxes. Get real about all this BS!

  39. And yet…. there is still a very real possibility that Trump will be re-elected. There is HIGH probability that the GOP will retain control of the senate.

    What blows my mind is how the GOP just goes along with all this.

  40. Brian Williams and John Brennan are the 2 biggest liars on TV though.. lmao hahahaha Look Both of them are trying to hold back from lol its sooo ridiculous

  41. Msnbc same as all the othere fake news networks they bad truthfll citasen jurnelist you tubers .then tou tube has a flood of these fake lying news propaganda smear campain video s . only the cloused minded libers watch t.v. and cable news fake news network companies

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