Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage | PS4

You know that old saying… …never meet your heroes? Well… …I did. And it was awesome! The Avengers were everything I imagined. Hello, San Francisco! Thor, Tony, check it out. At once. Try to keep up. You waiting? Yeah, obviously. Figured I’d let you catch up. Whoa! This just got a whole lot more interesting. Let’s make this quick. Thor, see if you can clear a path on the bridge. Aye. We got at least two dozen armed men out here. We need backup. You are not worthy. Tony, Thor,
what’s your status? There are mortals trapped. Lot’s of small, angry men with guns. Out of my way! Thor, thanks for the assist. You’ve got civilians trapped behind those barricades Understood stay behind me. I’ll deal with them. This should be fun Help me, please. Are you hurt? No, just stuck. Lucky for you, I am mighty. Thank you, Thor. Get to safety. Thor!
Thor, thank you! Stay down.
Help is on the way. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Thunder God. Who said you could have all the fun? Your turn. Gotta admit it,
that was pretty impressive. Surprised? Ooh, cocky.
I like that. Incoming! My turn. Fight’s not over, Stark. Hey, get back here. Just got confirmation,
a S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy was hijacked this morning. This from one of Mr. Fury’s
morning briefs I never read? Com on, Tony.
Those are important. Okay, whatever. Pulsar rockets? Glad Fury kept all my best tech in one place. Those rockets are going to destabilize the bridge. Yeah. I know.
I built the damn things. Cap, we should secure the Terrigen Crystal. If that thing gets hit… Already on it. Stay behind cover. All right. Which one of you
B-movie extras shot at me? Avengers, the convoy is carrying
classified S.H.I.E.L.D. prototypes. Fury is tracking down the full manifest. How’s the cat? Tell Fury I really love being shot at
with my own weapons. We’ll keep you updated.
And Goose is fine. Ah, I didn’t know you were listening to that part. You would think these idiots
would be running away by now. Can’t shake the feeling we’re playing catch-up. There’s something else going on here. What’s going on down there, Tony? Oh, nothing.
Everything’s just peachy. Just hoping these guys don’t have — I take it back. They’ve got Pulsar tech. Going for a ride, Cap? Someone’s initiated the security protocols. The Chimera’s autopilot has taken over. Smells like a heist. We’re heading back. Negative. Secure the bridge.
Those weapons can’t get into the city. Copy that. You’re up, Bruce. Tony, Thor… Got some of those flyers on me. Annoying little guys, aren’t they? On my way. You know, I was thinking today was gonna be more
fan clubs and funnel cakes. Focus, Tony. Avengers, talk to me. Those tanks are doing a number on the bridge. It could fall if we don’t take them out. Hurry up, big guy.
It can’t take much more punishment. Where’s big green? I got eyes on him. Hulk, bringing in the Quinjet for a landing. HULK SMASH! Your inventions are dangerous, Stark. Hey, those weapons were meant for the good guys. Is that supposed to be a joke? Not the time.
Get your heads in the game. Cap, what’s going on over there? Not sure, Nat.
Seems like the reactor’s malfunctioning. I’m getting strange readings on the monitors, like we’re being pulled to a heat signal in the bay. Down! Nat, it’s going to destroy the — Repeat that, Cap.
I’m having trouble hearing. Nat, do you read? All hands.
The Chimera is under attack. Evacuate the civilians. Fire in the hole! Go, go, go! He’s alone.
Take him down. Steve, do you read? Nat! Nat! We’re being cut off. Captain, we have a problem. The reactor won’t stabilize. The molecular structure is breaking down into a gas. It’s extraordinary. If you can’t fix the problem,
then get to safety. I’ve got the shepherd in my sights. Shepherd? Avengers, if you can hear me, the convoy
is transporting a highly lethal sonic disrupter bomb. Our enemies intend to detonate it within the city. The reactor. I repeat, a sonic distruptor bomb. Secure the asset at once. Papa, where are you?! Sonic bomb? Are you kidding me? I thought the UN outlawed those years ago. let’s have a look, shall we? Now, that is an entrance. Taskmaster. We need to get that detonator. If that bomb goes off,
it could liquefy everything within a ten-mile radius. Well, what are we waiting for? Tony, Thor, the cables. I’ll handle the freak with the detonator. Romanoff, from one
former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to another…keep up. Been awhile, Masters. You get a haircut? The base of the bridge is secure. Guys, I’m getting these strange seismic readings. Tony, truck! Got it. Hungry? I’ll take this. You know, I was hoping to face you. Funny. I’ve never given you a second thought. Come and get it. Not so fast. Oh, did I break your little jet pack? Doesn’t matter.
I have this. Dammit.
Hand it over! Come and get it. Taking your usual notes? What? Oh, come on. The more I fight,
the more you learn, right? It’s called “photographic reflexes.” It’s called “unoriginal.” I’ve always wondered what
it would feel like to kill an Avenger. Keep wondering. Catch. So you’ve stolen your weapons from S.H.I.E.L.D. and your moves from my friends. And? That means I know just as much
about you as you do me. Your dance ends now. Must be frustrating,
always one step behind. You’re after the Chimera, aren’t you? What are you gonna do with it?
Sell it to the highest bidder? I’m after something much more valuable. Are you giving up? Not a chance! Where has your investigation left you? You’re not the brains behind this, and this smells like distraction. I’m done talking. Coward! What’s the matter?
Don’t like surprises? Fool. I’ll adapt. Can’t learn what you can’t see. Next time,
take better notes. Guess you saw that coming, huh? You think you’ve won? What the hell are you talking about? Look around, Romanoff. The world will remember this day, the day their heroes failed them. What’s happening here? The city’s collapsing. Dammit, they played us. Steve, can you hear me?
Get the hell out of there. Screw this. No. Some say they were set up. Others call them murderers. Do the Avengers pose a danger to society?
That was the question Bruce. That was the question. Well, we all lost something that day. But that’s not how this story ends.

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100 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers – A-Day Prologue Gameplay Footage | PS4

  1. If Hulk punches a lowly henchman in the face that henchman shouldn't just get up and shrug it off😂😂 A power to damage scale would be a nice touch… For example, 4 lowly goons would fight Widow and it takes multiple attacks to take them down.. While Hulk has to deal with 20 at once but they are all 1 hit kills?

  2. I wish the voice actors where the actual avengers from the movie somewhat disappointed b/c Thor and iron man sound so bad:(

  3. animations slow? the animations look extremenly realistic, why is that a bad thing? from what i remember those heros doesnt look super fast in movies

  4. Essas poras são heroi? Matando o povo, pq se uma força assim não matou não morre mais não. 👎🚾

  5. Essa viúva é o pior lixo que tem, antigamente heróis eram muito bom de assistir, mas hoje chega da nojo com tanta frescura

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  7. Really hoping that other platforms will get to play as Spider-Man.

    EDIT: Also hope that there will be missions where all characters are together, kinda like the Thors mission we saw that had Iron Man flying above Thor.

  8. They really should have had the enemies be robots or something. Having them be humans just kills the illusion of power. Thor's hammer would blow any human struck by it into smithereens, and Hulk wouldn't need more than one swing to knock out these enemies.

  9. Que le pongáis actores diferentes a lo de los Vengadores de verdad ya no me lo compraría porque no son las mismas caras es falsisimo y luego otra los gráficos de skyrim son mejores que estos y skyrim es de 2010, seguro que el precio no lo vale

  10. This game has a lot to live up to. The arkham series redifined the superhero genre and marvals spiderman was a welcoming addition that its not just rocksteady that can harness the superhero magic. It's still to early to tell how well this game will received but in my opinion of this early demo it's not looking to be a great game. Hopefully I'm proved wrong come release day once they've ironed out a few mechanics.

  11. Hey Sony I had to find a video to ask you this
    Can you fix safe mode it’s annoying and it’s happened like 3 times plz fix

  12. This game looks like its aimed at small kids and parents and grandparents that are just going to by the game because it has the name avengers on it. It looks pretty heinous. All the did was take a Lego game and make it 'realistic' I'd rather play lego avengers then look at Thors ugly face and beard on this.

  13. So many people are saying negative things about this video. Personally, I think this game will be really fun. This seems like an issue where people have already formed an opinion on the game before they know anything about it. Just because the gameplay is different from Spider-Man’s doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  14. It looks cheap on the details, with a clunky engine and lame dialogue. The main appeal will obviously be "standard action adventure game with the main Marvel heroes."

    Unless the rest of the game is very different from this.

  15. Honestly, Lego Marvel Avengers is a more natural paced and dynamic game than this, this looks like 2008 mechanics, fighting and movement, just with modern graphics and sloppy dialogue, kinda disapointed

  16. Thor need more punching moves and Kicking move 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  17. The terrigen crystal broke down into gas giving that girl powers who I assume is kahmala Kahn aka ms marvel an inhuman with stretchy powers

  18. The game doesn't really looks impressive. Just looks like a button mash kind of game to me. Thor's moves are very exaggerated and they still only take out like 2 people. Iron man doesn't seem very special and his moves seem repetitive. Hulk just grabs and smacks others with their own, and once he grabs 2 at the same time, a super epic slam but still kills little of them. Black Widow don't really know cause of the boss. But Captain America could be fine.

  19. I hope the dialogue improves. "did you get a haircut?" "hungry?" – that does not sound like something Black Widow would say at all, that's a sh*tty joke Spidey would say.
    The characters don't really bounce off each other, some exchanges have fairly big pauses too.
    Thor can usually get away with somewhat generic lines as he has an older fashioned vocabulary but his lines could still be cooler. Look at Avengers EMH for inspiration with exchanges like:
    Thor – "you are to return to Avengers mansion with me Hulk."
    Hulk – "…Move."
    Thor – grabs his arm "T'was not a request."

    Hulk's pretty simple, but the voice actor feels like they are suppressing frustration rather than expressing it. His roars should have slight echo to them or simply and his lines should be spoken with wider mouth to better the volume and range of voice. Or simply put; look at Fred Tatisciore

    Cap's voice doesn't seem to be anything impressive or interesting here so I dunno, hopefully he gets better lines.

    Iron Man's ok but his constant joking gets a bit too much, not that I'm saying he can't joke but some of his lines are just there with nothing to them whatsoever "huh, I just caught a bus. Maybe I should've had a bigger breakfast this morning." this line doesn't make me laugh, smile, worry or anything its just there. He's just talking for the sake of it

  20. Tony those missiles will destabilize the bridge… Hulk your up. smh

    They seriously need to understand that thor and hulk fighting humans head on just looks like under-whelming murder.

    Unfortunately, it also looks like an extremely large peak that precedes a downhill game. I mean, did you see that exp bar?

  22. thought the battle would be like the ac 3 or the batman series or even the spiderman ps4 even sleeping dogs (combo type thingy)

  23. 1-repetitive combos.
    2-The characters looks not sync with the conversations.
    3-the game looks like in a story-line, you can't finish the mission in many ways. (these kind of games are from PS2 Gen)

    by the way Captain America's combo looks similar to his old game from the previous Gen? and Black Widow looks similar to Lara Croft? I don't think they have an issue when it come's to animations and physics ^^'

  24. Da vergüenza . Hacer las pelear tan malas? Lo mas importante del juego. Los golpes no parecen reales, como si pegan contra la pared. Y eso no el lo peor, los enemigos no reaccionan a los golpes como si fueran reales. Y lo peor que las peleas son aburridas. Son los mismos golpes poco naturales que se repiten. Seguro que no lo compre.

  25. Gameplay is so on rails I can bearly even call it gameplay,it's more like interactive CGI that occasionaly checks if you havent went AFK.
    The dialog is just major cringe,it's so bad it made me want to mute the video.
    The verdict:Not worth pirating,not worth the dozens of GB of HDD space on my disk and CERTAINLY not worth a penny.

  26. There's a time skip after A-Day, right? Taskmaster could still have time to be the one in Spider-Man PS4. This seems younger than the one who fights Spider-Man.

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