Marmot Men’s Quasar Hoody

I am wearing the Marmot Men’s Quasar hoody.
This warm jacket is insulated with premium 900 filled goose down, so very compressible.
It is also very light weight. This checks in at just 13.1 ounces. That light weight
construction is mirrored with 10 {?} fabric. So you are looking at ultra light weight fabric.
It might be a little bit of a give on durability. Again, that is what helps this jacket check
in at that very, very low weight. The Quasar hoody has what Marmot would call
its regular fit. So fairly well fitted. I mean, there is certainly room to wear some
base layers or low profile layers underneath it. In really, really cold weather you could
put heavier layers over top of this, too, but certainly the intent here is to wear it
as an outer wear piece. There are a couple of points of adjustability
here, dual points on the front here that address the hem and can cinch and pull in that jacket
to better the fit. Also elasticity on the cuffs makes that comfortable coming over the
wrists and also keeps the jacket from riding up on you. A really nice hood on the Quasar hoody, certainly
a warm hood. Pull that up and over. That is not what I would call a helmet compatible
hood, more of a stream lined cut there. There is elasticity which pulls that into the face
to increase warmth. Turn around here, too, and show you there
is a point of adjustability on the back of the hood. So you can even better cinch that
in, pull it close around your head and face to insure that you are staying warm. Nice full length zipper on the Quasar hoody.
Again, this is an ultra lightweight jacket. A lot of times to get there manufacturers
will employ a half zipper or a three quarter zip, but you do have the full length zip here
on the Quasar hoody. You have also got zippered hand warmer pockets, nice insulation over
the top of those, so really warm pocketing. Also a zippered chest pocket for small valuables.
This jacket does also stuff inside itself and we will give you a closer look at that. You can see here I have got that Quasar hoody
stuffed inside its own pocket. It packs down nice and flat. It is a really interesting
option for cold weather back packing, because, you know, the way that slots in there you
are not taking a whole lot of space up in your pack. You have got a really warm jacket
when you need it. Certainly works just fine as a stand alone every day piece as well.
It looks great. It is a stylish piece. Interestingly enough, if you look at that
shaping also would make a nice pillow for backpacking purposes. So you can leave your
other pillow at home. Marmot Quasar hoody. Really warm, really ultra
light weight down jacket for cold weather activities.

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9 thoughts on “Marmot Men’s Quasar Hoody

  1. is this a good stand alone jacket for everyday urban use in Canada. (-5 to -20 C), assuming i wear a couple layers inside ,a shirt and a vest. thanks

  2. Excellent review! My only suggestion for improvement would be to state your height, weight and jacket size. That's super helpful info especially when ordering online. Thanks for the review.

  3. Too bad they discontinued that jacket. The new version has better baffles…but no hood cinch, no "Down Defender", no DWR, no ripstop and no Pertex.

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