Mark Zuckerberg Believes Politicians Should Be Uncensored On Facebook | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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21 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Believes Politicians Should Be Uncensored On Facebook | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Mr Zuckerberg needs to pull his head out of his butt and look at what's been going on. A democratic society cannot make an informed decision when lies are allowed to be passed off as truth.

  2. just like Trump, this slimy little serpent Zuckerberg, is a narcissistic greedy con man, & a total anti-American scum bag….

    refusing to do what is best for America, just so he can continually & rapidly add to his current Net Worth of $70 BILLION.

  3. What a disgusting human being. A multibillionare by 30 yet he still wants more money, no matter the consequences. This guy is worse than Murdock.

  4. Any media outlet should have their feet held to the fire on fake news. They should be required to cancel all accounts spreading lies, and remove it from their realm. The problem is such a severe one, a government agency that focuses on that one topic should be established to combat it. Repetitive ISP's sourcing such lies abroad or in the US should be warned and removed from accessing US networks if no action is taken within 24 hours to remove offenders after they have been reported and identified by this new agency. Politicians should be impeached and banned from politics for spreading lies. Candidates should be disqualified and disallowed from future elections in our political system.

  5. Given that the Government knows Facebook has no integrity in its platform, they should ban all political advertising on it, especially around election times. I for one never use Facebook as a source of news. They should also hold politicians to a higher standard and fine them or be made to post corrections on social and mainstream media at their own expense apologizing for the misinformation.

  6. There was a time I supported m.z.but as they say give this kid an inch he’ll take a mile,for 1 you know your supporting Trump and his minions when you allow him to fly campaign adds that are lies but you for sure relegate your.many customers for way less than what your letting a proved liar such our lying president,,now your appearing in front of congress to have them approve your own Facebook currency no wonder your siding with trump.Mr.zuckerburg you use to have an ok thing going until you entered politics.

  7. I think that Zuck should consider an offshoot platform . . . sort of a Facebook 'Official'.com . . . so that it can be understood that a platform is a platform (the one that already exists) so that all people can participate no matter their experience level. For some darn reason I'm not permitted to have an account on Facebook. And I REALLY would like to participate. I've some 60 years experience being exposed to printed media. It's VERY cool to go directly to an account and offer thoughts and then feel satisfied that my two cents has been introduced. Zuck, a little discussion of your frame of mind: The Feds NEED to understand that YOUR friends and you do NOT have authority to decide what is acceptable or not. Flagging and take-down is barometer to alerting REAL authority that there is a problem. No matter what happens in this world, it is of monumental value that there be a sort of written, audio, video, spiritual understanding as to what occurred. Platforms do just that. Evidence and academic understanding is how we learn how 'not' to wind people up. A record of what happened is 'not' the stimulus . . . it's a record. You're not the crime. You're a facilitator helping citizens of the world to be friend. ALL this did not come about by chance. Bell and Marconi and thousands and thousands of workers made such things as AT&T, International Bell, and TV. NASA, Kazachstan, ESA, and so many are opening a new avenue to communication. You're just a rider. Respect that. I'm sure that you do. Lesser children (as myself) are dwarfed by the number$. Our sounding board (Congress) echoes these concerns. Where to start? Jeffrey Epstein? A friend who could help girls out of poverty. A friend who would help many wrapped up in their own life's pursuits not knowing . . . not having a clue . . . as to how to gain reproduction. Isn't that how you got your start at Harvard? Arranging/creating a platform for mutual interests to find each other . . . in their own time. Them old boys on The Hill are just grabbing at straws. Don't you get bluffed by them. Free speech. That is what you facilitate. Authority? That is what THEY facilitate. Don't get spooked by them. Buying your way out of a jam that they're creating isn't an answer either. Foolish and wasteful. The only thing they'll do with the money is create more landfills. And YOU'LL be the roadkill. Zuck, your platform has many that enjoy these golden times. They are appalled that there is any resistance. And when they find resistance to their sleighride, they vociferously declare, "Hate speech!" Most of them haven't a clue who's under their wheels. Free speech. Zuck, I sure would like to be allowed back on Facebook.

  8. And I believe that children should be protected from Marc Zuckerberg and his goons !!!! I wonder how long it takes before politicians start to realize this.

  9. Yet they censor countless less famous people daily, demonstrating the reality the ONLY reason Zuckerboi doesn't censor famous people as well is the fact he wouldn't get away with that too in the long run.

  10. LOL. Yeah, let politicians show their true colors. Although they lead people like sheep. Mostly on the left. Thinking this could backfire for one side?. Kind of like the fake media thing. that was started by democrats… Then ran like Wildfire by the Republicans calling them out / calling the media out.. Which has been long overdue

  11. Not a Zuckerberg fan. He's a staunch liberal which is funny with the attacks here from the left. But how do you police everything.. Without stopping I'm right. Without abusing bias?. Or attacking Facebook. Which I dislike quite a bit.. Well keeping quiet on the mass media of MSNBC CNN Etc? Interesting. Oh wait, they just make mistakes period. They don't lie, misinform , cherry-pick Etc on purpose

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