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Hey Everyone, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here. And I’m back with another Deck Tech. This time I’m taking a look at the alternate
Commanders from Commander 2019. Recently I was challenged to build a Deck
around any of the Alternate Commanders from the recently released Commander 2019 decks. Being a cat dad I was drawn towards Marisi. Look at that kitty and tell me he doesn’t
look like the kind that rubs up against your leg to let you know he’s there, while secretly
planning your murder. That’s right, you can’t. Before we get into the deck I want to take
a minute to remind you to subscribe if you haven’t already and click that like button
while you’re at it, helps out the channel. With that out of the way let’s get into it. First let’s take a look at our Commander. Marisi, Breaker of the Coil is a 5/4 for one
of anything, 1 red, 1 green and 1 white mana. So far that’s a pretty well costed creature. His first ability is Your Opponents can’t
cast spells during combat. OK so no combat tricks to worry about. That seems pretty good too. But wait there’s more. Whenever a creature you control deals combat
damage to a player, goad each creature that player controls. Yes…Dance puppets! Dance! I mean…(clears throat) yes well, you probably
shouldn’t attack me. I’m no threat and that opponent is just sitting
there. Who know what evil scheme’s their cooking
up. You should probably just attack them. What? You can’t attack me anyway? All the more reason to attack them! So obviously we want to really take advantage
of that last ability. What better way to win the game, than by letting
your opponents fight amongst themselves? To really push the political envelope we want
to be able to offer our opponents choice. Or at least, the illusion of choice. So that’s why we’re including Duelist’s Heritage
and Angelic Purge to be able to offer our opponents a boost to their creatures, but
also give us the option to do the same to ours. Along that same line we’ve included Gahiji,
Honored One and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight to encourage our opponents to take each other
out. We’ve also included Varchild, Betrayer of
Kjeldor to give your opponents more creatures to attack with that are essentially goaded,
with the added bonus of getting all of the survivors back later. But we still haven’t hit maximum Goad yet. So that’s why we’ve included Bloodthirsty
Blade for targeted goad. Disrupt Decorum lets us really get our Goad
on to help us round out a close game. Grenzo give us a cheap backup for Marisi and
gives us the flexibility to cast the top of our opponents library if they just tutored
up something spicy. This all sounds good, but it’s only effective
if we can get damage through. So we’ve got a wide range of ways to make
that happen. Trample is our friend here so we’ve included
Archetype of Aggression, Loxodon Warhammer, Street Riot, Larger than Life, Nylea, God
of the Hunt, Vorrac Battlehorns and of course Akroma’s Memorial. With Akroma’s Memorial putting in 110% by
also giving our creatures flying, first strike, vigilance, haste and protection from black
and red. Keeping our opponents from blocking is another
alternative, so we’ve included Ferropede to consistently get through and slowly whittle
down any planeswalkers or counter sinks like Marath. Soltari Visionary and Soltari Guerrillas are
gold in this strategy since most decks don’t include creatures with shadow, so you can
usually get through every combat. The added bonus with the Visionary is that
you get to blow up an enchantment that player controls. It’s not too often you’ll be using the Guerilla’s
ability here since it’s way more fun to watch them attack elsewhere with their big threats. Master Warcraft gives you control over any
combat phase you want. It gives you the flexibility to assign no
blockers on your attack, but it also allows you to negotiate with your opponents on theirs. Use this power wisely. Bow of Nylea makes your opponents think twice
about blocking, by giving all your attacking creatures deathtouch. Dryad Sophisticate will, 99 times out of 100,
get through since it’s not a commander game unless SOMEONE has a non-basic land. Having Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist in the
deck means that no matter how wide your opponent goes, they’ll only be able to attack or block
with a single creature. Giving her a dual purpose in this deck by
adding a bit of protection, if your opponents manage to be able to attack you at all. Manifold Key gives you the option to make
a creature unblockable , but also lets you untap an artifact for a potential political
move. Naya Charm is an all-star in this deck, giving
you spot removal, recursion and the ability to walk right up to your opponent and give
them a little slap, free of risk. And what unblockable deck would be complete
without Rogue’s Passage and Whispersilk Cloak? Because we need creatures to be able to get
damage through we need to keep them safe. So to do that we have a bunch of ways to protect
them. From the afore mentioned Master Warcraft to
Ghostly Prison and Norn’s Annex to prevent our opponents from attacking us. Authority of the Consuls slows our opponents
down a turn and gives us a boost to life total, keeping us alive longer if they do manage
to attack us. Glaring Spotlight gives us a bit of insurance
against our opponents, by constantly having them on edge as to whether or not we have
a kill spell in hand, or if we’ll use it to protect our own creatures. Which brings us to Heroic Intervention and
Favorable Destiny to give us more ways to give our permanents hexproof. And that leads nicely into Hammer of Nazahn,
Angelic Guardian and Boros Charm, giving yet more instances of indestructible. With the Charm also giving you the option
to do a little extra damage, a couple of different ways. Wow it’s almost like I know what I’m doing. Nah. Giant Growth is such a cheap and effective
combat trick I’d be silly not to include it here. Chaos Warp is great for protecting your stuff
or getting rid of a big threat at any stage of the game. Temper turns a bad block into a bigger creature,
so go ahead and block that Ulamog or Managorger Hydra. Temper don’t care. And just in case our opponents have managed
to get rid of some of our permanents, or maybe you just want some stuff back, we’ve included
Season’s Past to return any number of cards with different CMC’s to your hand. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Moving on to our value creatures. These are creatures that I can’t lump in with
any of the other categories I’ve already talked about, but are just awesome in this strategy. First up is Aether Membrane. It’s a great blocker since it deters your
opponents from attacking long enough to be able to deploy the Prison or Annex. Aerial Responder and Ajani’s Sunstriker give
us a little incidental lifegain, with the Responder getting it in consistently due it
having flying. And these pair nicely with Angel of Vitality,
giving us added lifegain and being a 4/4 flyer itself most of the time. Lieutenant is an ability that Loyal Apprentice
and Angelic Field Marshal share, that gives us a little bonus if Marisi is on the battlefield. The Apprentice gives us a flyer each combat,
that we can get our Goad with. And the Field Marshal gives us a nice flying
body and gives all our creatures vigilance. Akki Underminer acts like a slow and paaaaainful
boardwipe. Not only are they forced to attack elsewhere
if it gets through, but they have to sacrifice a permanent, making them easier to attack
next turn or slowing down their plan. Akoum Firebird is a great haste-y flyer that
your opponents just won’t be able to get rid of. Apocalypse Hydra is great at pretty much any
point in the game. Being a mana sink in the late game to come
in with extra counters and be able to deal out damage to get rid of smaller blockers. And last are our Dragons, cuz why not a couple
dragons… right?! We’ve included Atarka, World Render and Balefire
Dragon to combo nicely dealing crazy amounts of damage to either open up an opponent for
an attack or just put them out of their misery. I’ve also included Domri Rade for a couple
of reasons, but couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted to put him in this video. Is it pseudo card draw? Is it protection? Is it getting damage through? Pretty much all of his abilities help our
strategy in some way. His plus 1 gives us a peak into our future
or, even better, a creature in hand. His -2 lets us decide who lives and who dies. And his ultimate, -7 gives us another copy
of Akroma’s Memorial. Sort of?! Moving on to our mana base. We’ve gone a bit less budget than our normal
builds. And I apologize, but this deck is a bit greedy
in general so I needed to make some sacrifices. To start we’ve got the usual mana dorks with
Birds of Paradise and Llanowar Elves. Trace of Abundance, Fertile Ground and Verdant
Haven to add extra mana when we tap our lands, with the added bonus of protecting a land
with Trace and gaining some life with the Haven. Rampant Growth makes an appearance for consistency. Fellwar Stone as the usual mana rock. And of course, being a political deck, I had
to include my preview card, Pendant of Prosperity. And being a commander deck you know I had
to include Sol Ring. Given that we are three colours we need a
fair bit of colour fixing with our land so we’ve included Canopy Vista, Blossoming Sands,
Boros Garrison, Boros Guildgate, Cinder Glade, Clifftop Retreat and Game Trail for duals. Jungle Shrine and Command Tower give us a
little more flexibility by giving us access to any of our colours. Top that off with 9 Forests, 11 Mountains
and 10 Plains and you have one Marisi, Breaker of the Coil political Commander Deck. Well that about does it for today. What did you think about this deck? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video and want to see more,
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next video.

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