manobras basicas de tech deck

oh sorry guys hey guys of the day so first things first we’ll be showing you the front the front clip is this is done up atop the opposite way of the backflip so start off with two fingers there then your left index finger in the Texas so then if use your left hand now flip it I mean flick it okay we should not make this now let’s go and start with the grinds first client is 50-50 and how to do the 50-50 is by putting your trucks at the area on we’re even a great we like that now to the death grind it is kind of it’s the most popular grind just kind of use your dad too bright in um one maybe it is the one kind of put your back art your deck they move forward now the fs I mean those blonde the salad disorder do the FSL kind of just kind of fly a be at one trunk at the ER at your grantee places they can just kind of just make one grind there and we picked one of your trucks grind from a place that’s how to do it without the you guys for watching and tomorrow I still have board

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