Making the mold: How to make your own fingerboards (Part 1/3)

Hi guys my name is Kasper Fejring, and in
this video I will show you how to make a fingerboard mold. So the things you will need to make
the mold are thin clear tape, some pieces of wood, hot glue, sand paper and something called auto body filler, which you can buy on amazon for about 30 dollars. To begin with you will need make a small box to cast the mold in. Cut two pieces of wood which should
be about 38 x 55 mm and two pieces which should be about 115 x 55 mm. Now glue the four pieces together so it becomes a small box. Remove the glue in the corners of the box with a knife or screwdriver. Then cover the inside of the box with tape, so you will be able to get the mold out of the box. Place the box on a piece of veneer or cardboard. Mix the auto body filler with hardener and then fill up the box with it. Make sure you get air bubbles out of the mold by stiring a bit. Let it dry over night to make sure that it’s
fully hardened before you demold it. Then take the mold out of the box by using a hammer and gently pounding on it. It can be at bit difficult, but just be patient. Be careful not to damage the box, because you need to use it again. I recommend sanding the molds top flat, because then it will be easier to draw the shape you want. Draw the shape you want your mold to have, you can basically make to mold whatever shape you want, and I’m gonna make mine 62 mm with a 20 degree angle. Now you will need to make the concaves,
this is definitely the most difficult part of making the mold. Use some sand paper and by HAND begin sanding down the edges, after some time it will start looking like concaves. If you have an old fingerboard you can use it as a template, to get a sense of whether you are doing it right. And when you think you are done with the concave, then just stop sanding. If there are some small holes in your mold, you can use simple filler to fill them out. When the filler has dried use a very fine sand paper to sand the rest of the filler off. Now put some tape on the mold, be careful and make sure that the tape is smooth without any wrinkles and air bubbles. Put the mold about half way into the box and use some tape to hold it in place. Fill up the box with auto body filler and let it dry over night again. When it’s fully hardened try and take it out, and there you have your mold. If you liked this video please pause it right now and I mean RIGHT NOW, go down under the video and hit that like button.

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100 thoughts on “Making the mold: How to make your own fingerboards (Part 1/3)

  1. hvis jeg giver dig penge vil du så lave en mold for mig jeg giver 150 kr for den det er mit start bud

  2. Omg thanks so much for this this a very simple tutorial and BTW I'm making fingerboard company called Finale Fingerboards™ I'll give you a free board soon as there produced

  3. Hello Kasper! Super great video. I am trying to make finger boards myself. But I do not know which veneer to buy. What kind of wood is your veneer made out of that you usually use? Pine, Oak, Birch, Spruce? Please let me know!

  4. I'm making it but I forgot to put tape around the box. Also instead of putting veneer or cardboard on the bottom, we used plywood. Don't know if it's still gonna work

  5. I used a 2×4 of treated wood… was a pain to cut thru, but the wood is impregnated with concrete.. so it presses harder as a mold

  6. If You Want A Good Mold

  7. Helps so much! My friend and I will be making fingerboard decks this summer so thanks so much for this!

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  9. I love your videos on how to make a fingerboard. I hope these are always on here because eventually I'm going to be making my own and I'll use this as a reference. Thank you for making this video ♥

  10. You can find something like this on the Stodoys website. Full step-by-step instructions right on your desk.

  11. You dont have to get that thick wood, you can simply use paint sticks mixers and stack them to the same height that he had depending on the length of the paint stick mixers and they are really cheap to get

  12. You really dont have to let it harden overnight haha i only used a little bit of hardener and it took about an hour

  13. Im planning to make one. Any guess what will be the size of the deck that will be perfect for that mold? Will the length of the deck matter or its just the width? Cheers!

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