Making the graphic: How to make your own fingerboards (Part 3/3)

Hi guys my name is Kasper Fejring and in this I will show you how to make a fingerboard graphic So the things you will need to make the graphic are wood glue, a printer, normal paper, clear coat, a photo editing software and a nail file First you need to find out what you want your graphic to be Then open your photo editing software and make a new document with the size a little bit bigger than your fingerboard, so I’m going to make mine 10*3,4 cm Try and get the graphic to fit as you want Now print the graphic and make sure that “scale to fit media” is not checked Cut out the graphic with a scissor Put quite a good amount of wood glue on your deck, so you will be able to move the graphic around to make it fit You can press the deck into something soft to get the paper folded nicely around the edges Let it dry over night to make sure that the wood glue is completely dry Use a nail file and chamfer in a 45 degree angel around the edges to remove excessive paper Now it’s time to give the deck clear coat, I recommend giving it 3 or 4 layers If the coat is a bit uneven, use some very fine sand paper and try to make it smooth, and then give it one more thin layer Finally use a spike to remove the graphic and coat from the screw holes I hope you liked this video and if you did please hit the like button down below, and I will see you guys in the next video!

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