“Make Them Remember YOUR NAME!” – Shaquille O’Neal (@SHAQ) Top 10 Rules

– What are you most proud
of in your playing career? – I’m most proud of my
outstanding free-throw percentage. (audience laughing) 51%, make one, miss one. One day, you’re going to be recognized. Your name will be remembered
because you are different. So master being different. You know, my mother always told me, Make ’em remember your name. No matter how, make
’em remember your name. He’s a retired professional
basketball player. He was drafted by the Orlando Magic and quickly became one of
the best centers in the NBA. He’s currently an
analyst on the TV program Inside the NBA. He’s Shaquille O’Neal and here’s my take on his
top 10 rules for success. Rule number one is my personal favorite, and I’d love to know which
one you guys like the best. And always as you’re watching,
if you hear something that really resonates with you, please leave it in the comments below, put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well, and when you write it
down, it’s much more likely to stick with you as well, enjoy. (upbeat music) – What is it about investment
and entrepreneurship that sort of has bitten you? – I never look at it as
investments, believe it or not. I just look at it as partnerships. I help changing the world. And just being part of
something that’s inspiring. My business people, all the time, whenever they talk about money,
you got to ask ’em about yaa, I don’t want to hear it. But if they bring an idea to me that I think is going
to go to the next level, most of the time if I follow my heart, then everything else will fall in place. I’ve never, ever done a deal, eh, we’ve got this suit company, we throw some pinstripes in the suit, you give me 100,000 we
sell 20 of them we make.” I’ve never did a deal where
it was always based on money. I’ve always done my
business deals based on how I felt it was going
to go in the future, how I felt it was going to
help and inspire somebody. – [Sportscaster] Mack tries to be trippy, and it may cost the
Nuggets a four point swing. – [Commentator] You ever
see a man that big fly? – What are you most proud
of in your playing career? – I’m most proud of my
outstanding free-throw percentage. (audience laughing) 51%, make one, miss one. I’m most proud that I made it. To just fulfill the
dreams and just work hard and just persevere through everything. I learned at age 13, 14, 15 to
use criticism as motivation. So whenever somebody
told me I couldn’t do it, it just made me go out and work harder. – [Sportscaster] Orlando
defense is so strong. (crowd cheering) When you try for the slot, you got to maintain body contact, He fields, he grabs, but he
doesn’t move back enough, and he gets dunked on. How embarrassing is that? – Investments not going to always
go how you want them to go. Business plans not going to
go how you want them to go. So you just have to regroup. – [Interviewer] You say
regroup, what does that mean? What does that look like? – Okay, my theory, my
thought process is to never focus on the problem,
focus on the solution. I invested in this water company, it didn’t go well, that money’s gone. Now I got to regroup, now
I got to do something else. So, I’ll be upset for about 20 minutes. Go to that cabinet, get
them Frosted Flakes. Get some of that cold milk. Slice them bananas up. Watch some ESPN, and then the
next day I’m back on track. – You all got that, that’s pretty good. But the key thing you said, focus on the solution, not on the problem because where your energy goes that’s where your focus
and concentration goes. (crowd shouting) – [Sportscaster] Whoa baby! They’re done the rest. Alonzo Mourning just got posterized. Oh my goodness, he went
flying through the air. And he’s saying, bang your head. – Now one thing I try
to do when I came in was I wanted to be different. You know, my dad, growing up, I realized that I was a little bit different but I didn’t like being different. And he would tell me, “You know what? “One day you’re going to be recognized. “Your name will be remembered
because you are different.” So master being different. Don’t be like everybody else. Master being different. – [Sportscaster] Rice falling away. Won’t go on the rebound. Now the Magic with a final shot chance. O’Neal runs the court, takes it all the way! (crowd shouting) – [Commentator] Well, that’s
ruined my theory there because the heat came down and
threw up another free shot. – Don’t do it because you’re trying to get your followers up. You know what I mean? Like, if you’re not really with the cause and you’re not going to
dedicate yourself 1000 percent, don’t do it. Like when you talk about
Jim Brown and Bill Russell and those guys, they dedicated
themselves 1000 percent. We didn’t have Twitter back
then and followers and all that, they dedicated themselves 1000 percent. So, if you’re not going to
dedicate yourself 1000 percent, and if you’re not going to do
it when the cameras are off, don’t do it. (crowd shouting) – [Sportscaster] Oh my goodness! Shaquille O’Neal, what an athlete! Are you kidding me! – David Robinson was the nicest man ever. I was a big man on campus in San Antonio and then the Spurs, they draft him, and he steals all my shine. So, I meet him one day and I was like, “Mr. Robinson, can I have your autograph?” ‘Cause I learned a lot from him. I learned as a big man,
you can get easy buckets by running the floor. I also learned the spin lob thing. – [Sportscaster] The old slam through. – [Commentator] O’Neal into the lane. – [Sportscaster] Slammer, oh baby! Save the women and children on that one. – I learned that from
watching David Robinson. So I meet him. We have a conversation. He signs my autograph. First time we plays
the Spurs, he kills me. And my father ripped me a new one. “You show him too much respect. “I don’t care if that’s David Robinson. “You Shaq O’Neal, you need to dominate. “You need to go home and think
about what you need to do.” So, I was like you know what, he didn’t give me his autograph
when I was 15 years old. That pisses me off. From that point on, when
I said that to myself, that he didn’t give me an autograph, that he stiffed me for an
autograph as a youngster, I wanted to pay him back. That was my way of competing
with David Robinson. (crowd cheering) – [Sportscaster] The lumbering, oh! Shaq spins, totally! – [Man] Let me see you miss. (glass crashing) You all right? – [Shaq] Yeah, I’m all right. – So, I guess we will never know, between the two of us, seeing that you just destroyed the basket. – [Sportscaster] Last game,
Dennis, Scott was starting. Bowie was coming off the bench. Head’s up, bring down
the entire backboard. Shaquille. – [Commentator] I’ve never seen that. – [Sportscaster] Hold on to the roof. The Shaq attack. – Do you have any advice for people looking to branch out
of their comfort zone? – You have to value partnerships. Like I’ve always been a basketball player. I’ve always played basketball. I could probably say I’m
a master of basketball. So, now when I wanted
to become a businessman, like I had to go through the
dos and donts of business, but to get respect as a businessman I was like, “Let me go ahead, get this Masters in Business Administration, so they know and understand
what I’m talking about.” I’ve always considered myself a leader. So, my thought process is,
let me get this Doctorate in leadership so people
would know and understand that my thought process
on how I do things. But, I’ve always been
smart enough to have people better than me on my team. For example, what’s the name of this? – Tech Crunch.
– Tech Crunch. So if I’m going to start a magazine, So if I’m going to start a magazine, called Tech Crunch, you best
believe I’m going to have the techiest publisher, I’m going to have the techiest camera
guys, I’m going to have the techiest interviewers working for me rather than me trying to
do everything by myself. So, you have to value partnerships. For example, if I wanted
to be the best Sheriff in Austin, Texas, I got to
get the best police officers. I can’t be the best without
having the best team. So, I’ve always, always
valued partnerships. And I always have people better than me and smarter than me around me so they can motivate
me, so they can help me. (crowd shouting) – [Sportscaster] Shaq sends
it back with a blocked shot. Here’s Shorty. Look out below! (crowd shouting) – [Lady] Wow, that’s you? – [Shaq] Yes. – [Lady] How old were you? – [Shaq] 16. – [Announcer] Growing up a military brat, he frequently changed schools
and had to make new friends. He struggled to feel
comfortable in his own skin. – I’ve always thrived on uniqueness. You know, my mother always told me, “Make ’em remember your name.” – [Sportscaster] Oh, oh! – “No matter how, make
’em remember your name.” – [Sportscaster] I can’t
believe it, are you serious? – [Announcer] Well, I guess
it pays to listen to mom. (crowd shouting) – [Sportscaster] O’Neal, O’Neal. Shaq over to Skiles, puts up a three. He missed it and Turner chases it down. Shaq for two over Olajuwon, whoa baby! That was nasty! My goodness. – I don’t want to be
remembered as an athlete who made a lot of money, or an athlete who did great movies, like Kazaam (laughing), I don’t want blue chips, I don’t want to be remembered for a guy that’s won a
lot of championships, I want to be remembered as a guy because of his action, he
inspired people to learn more, to do more and to want more. (audience applauding) (crowd shouting) – [Sportscaster] Gruli for O’Neal, That’s a mad jam! (audience shouting) – [Sportscaster] O’Neal’s
going to have to get back to the transition spot. Oh, what a dunk! Hey, look at him look back at Mourning. Oh, he came flyin’ out of nowhere! – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
Phillip Doblosky asked me to. Also, if you want to nominate someone for the next top 10 video, please check the description for a link to a video where you can vote for people and put in your suggestions as well. I’d love to know what did
you take from this video? What was the most important
lesson that you learned that blew your mind that you’re going to immediately apply to your life or your business somehow. Please leave it down
in the comments below. I’m super curious to find out. I also want to give a
quick shout out to to Jude. Jude, thank you so much for picking up a copy
of my book Your One Word and taking that picture. It’s amazing to see,
thank you so much again. I appreciate the support, and I hope you’re enjoying the read. So thank you guys again for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to
believe in yourself. And whatever your one word is, much love, I’ll see you soon. – And you know, Pat Riley and Dale Brown are similar guys. They teach you to never give up. You know, I can remember a game, we weren’t playing well
and Pat Riley comes in, “You guys mind aren’t in it.” And he comes in with
a big bucket of water. It’s all up here. You can do anything you want. I going to put my head in
that bucket for three minutes. And everybody sitting
there, like yeah, the record is a minute and 30. Like people that go scuba diving, a minute and 30 maybe two. And he did it for three minutes. – [Interviewer] Oh, come on. – Three minutes, Ernie. He stuck his head, ask
him next time you see him. – With his hair under there? He got his hair under there too? – Yes. – I don’t know which part
of that is more amazing. – I’m telling you, he did it. So the guys are looking at
it like, “You know what, “he’s right.” So, his speeches and his stories. I always tell people, that’s what always took
me to the next level. Not training, not going out and being in the gym three hours, conversation. – So those kind of
things, whether it’s Sarge or whether it’s Dale
Brown or Phil and his Zen, or Pat Riley, those
were the kind of things that gave you that umph that you needed? – Yes, because growing up,
it took a disciplinarian to make me what I am. It took a disciplinarian for
me to stop being a follower and learn to be a leader. I was a medium level juvenile delinquent. I used to come home and get in trouble. My father would just say,
“That’s how being a follower man. “I know your friends
wanted to steal the car “and you jumped in the car with them. “Now everybody’s in trouble. “You got to stop that, you got
to learn how to be a leader.” – Tell me this, do you feel any pressure because people say that now Shaq is in LA, we’re going to win a
championship right away? I know that you probably came here to try and win a championship, but do you feel like all
the pressure is on you to come and win one? – I really don’t believe in pressure. My job is to just go out and play well. And you know, you have to realize that all the expectations they set on me, those are the same expectations
that I set for myself. I just want to come out here and win, Never give up, work hard,
and continue to learn. Not only do I talk the talk,
I try and walk the walk. I left LSU in 1992, in 2000
I received my Bachelor’s so my mom said she was going to whip me. (loud applauding) Momma had an alter-ego too. And her name was Bigger Belt. (audience laughing) In 2004, I received my MBA. (audience applauding) In 2012, I received my
Doctorate in Education. (audience applauding)

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