Make It Real: Batman Grappling Hook Gun

We’re making Batman’s most iconic gadget: The grappling hook gun. pew pew pew pew pew pew pow (Hacksmith Make it Real intro song) We started making Batman gadgets earlier this year with some awesome batarangs, and a real working grappling hook with repelling device. Now while this works great for getting down from high places, How about getting back up? (Batman transition thing but with Hacksmith logo and not Batman logo) Alright, first, let’s build the grappling hook. We’re gonna reuse the design from the repelling hook with a few modifications. Now last time, we had the parts laser cut. But now that we have a Tormach PCNC 440 milling machine, We’re gonna make them right here in the shop. (Epic Montage music) Alright, we’ve got mains and let’s weld it together. (Small metal object falling on table sound) (Some more epic montage music) (Welding sounds with still more epic montage music) (Epic montage music… again) (Some more welding along with montage music) (More montage music) (Sizzle sound… with more montage music in the background) (Drilling sound… still more montage music) (Some more welding and montage music) (Montage music) Alright, the hook is done, now we’re gonna use our 3d printer to print a shroud to hold the rope when we shoot it off the launcher. (Even MORE montage music) (Epic music, at least it isn’t the same montage music) Alright, here’s the completed launcher. The launcher itself uses expanding gasses to fire the projectile. And we’ve also added a tracker on the top so we can fill up the laser sight. (OW MY EYES!) Alright, so we’re gonna test the grappling hook by shooting through a dry wall. So we’re gonna test the grappling hook in SLOW MOTION. That’s why we have all these lights set up, and it’s gonna blast right through this wall here, and we have cameras on either side, it’s gonna be pretty awesome. (BANG) (POW) (Slow motion pow) (Music) (OUCH THAT LOOKS LIKE IT WOULD HURT!) (Music) (BANG) Are you alright? Nope. Alright, one more test inside, but then we need to take it outside to REALLY test it to its limits. (Slow motion pow) (Another slow motion pow) (Music) (BANG) (OH NO) (I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP!) (Pop sound) (Pop) (Clang) (Pop) (Clang) (Clang) (Wheeee) (Pop) (Music) (Clang) (Music) So we found this PERFECT building to test out the grappling hook. Let’s take a look. (BANG) Alright, so there are random holes in the floor… Yeah, people definitely came in here a lot to spray paint stuff. So here is the main window we want to shoot the grappling hook through. Well look at this. Goes all out over top of the silos, you can see the outlining each… Woahh! An eye can connect it, eh? (Hacksmith chuckles) And there is access to the roof Stay away from the edge, dude. Alright, so this is PERFECT for testing the grappling hook gun. (BANG) (Clang) (BANG) (POP) (pop) Alright, so that worked FANTASTIC. I can’t believe how well this grappling hook gun worked. We were able to get it into the window, and over the entire roof! Now, we can’t exactly climb this rope, and that’s not very Batman style either. So we’re gonna have to build some kind of ascension device that can take us up this rope. Don’t forget to subscribe to see the next video where we test the ascension device to scale a building just like Batman! (Batman transition with Hacksmith logo) Alright, this thing is awesome. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of having my own Batman grappling hook launcher, and now, we’ve made it real. But the next step is going up the building, which means we need to build a custom ascension device. This is our prototype 8 horsepower electric ascension device, which will allow us to scale buildings at Batman length speeds. During this test, we were only using one of the two motors at 25% throttle, and had no problem lifting Ian. Once completed, this will lift us as fast or faster than any commercial ascension device available. Mind you, ours isn’t waterproof. Though it is more compact. To see the completed Batman grappling hook system in action, don’t forget to subscribe. And, we’ll find out if you need zip line using a grappling hook gun These projects take hundreds of hours to complete. If you wanna support the channel and help us make new projects in the future, consider supporting us on Patreon where you get access to behind the scenes content.

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100 thoughts on “Make It Real: Batman Grappling Hook Gun

  1. What'd you guys think of the prototype SUPER WINCH? It's going to allow us to ascend buildings as fast as Batman!

    … i.e. I'll have a high probability of ripping my shoulder out of its socket we're going so fast!!! Subscribe to see the next part of this project!

  2. Hello (excuse me for my English but I'm French and I do not speak English very well)
    I would like to ask you where you bought your metal cutting machine because I can not find it on the Internet.
    thank you in advance.

  3. With all the people making different types of Bat equipment somebody could actually just be Batman if you all put it together

  4. Now make a real villain, find a clown leaving circus or clown college then beat him up or give him some other trauma so he can have PTSD

  5. Watching a video on making something cool and the only part I want to see how it’s propelled or shot is a “trade secret” come on skip the welding and machining and just show the end product then

  6. Not sure whether to be impressed or frightened that you didn’t wear any eye protection during the drywall test! Unless I’m just overthinking it and trying to imagine the worst possible outcome…

  7. You forgot to showcase the lift in order to be a grappling hook especially batman's model you have to have it lift you up and carry you to where you fired it and that kind of needs to be tested

  8. He's working for Lucias Fox's R&D division at Wayne enterprises, waynetech div.

    In other words, yes, Morgan Freeman (Lucias fox) is his boss lol

  9. there is a spring in the gun that realizes when the trigger is pulled and the spring has a point that will shove into a 30 ot 6 blank behind the grappling part that will launch it.

  10. Bon super vous parler pas français et vous être en France? Pi moi je le veut et je peut pas parceque papa na pas tous sa 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 et moi je suis au Québec comme le truc ça capitaine ameriqua aimenté le bouclier 😫😫😫😫😫😕😕😕😕😕😔😔 et sa doit coûté cher

  11. What song is play at 1:44?? As far as how practical that would be for Batman I doubt, unless he was rocking a ectosuit. But still very dope!

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