Maharishi x Nike Air Force 1 High Sneaker Unboxing

hey YouTube it’s SJ and I’m back with an
unbagging rather than unboxing this is the nike Maharishi Air Force 1
collaboration let’s take a look hey YouTube it’s SJ and I’m back with
another collaboration this time between Nike and Maharishi but before we unbag
before we unbox from the bag I think if you’re new to this channel and don’t
know what we do we mainly do sneaker unboxings and on Sunday nights we stream
and that is at 8 p.m. here in the UK 12 p.m. on the west coast and 3 p.m. over
on the east coast but enough of that let’s get to this very very special
collaboration now this is in a bag in a box and this Mr B was the first ever
raffle that I won AKA won the opportunity to purchase these sneakers
and i actually picked these up on the friday like before we went to america so
this is right back at the beginning of december and they’ve just since that and
i’ve just looked at them longingly let’s get these out for those of you that
don’t know maharishi is a uk-based street wear burnt
I don’t classic is a strip there’s a skate brand but I saw it being classed
as that recently but for me now it’s never been a real skate brand it’s
always been a street brand that was huge in like the late 90s early noughties
and they’re sort of having a recent resurgence to be honest I’ve always been
a bit of a Maharishi girl I don’t really care about fashions when it comes to
Maharishi and comebacks etcetera but let’s take a look at these so these are
a night air force one high premium ID and the code is c13 909 9 – these are
aus 7 UK 6 and the color is just multicolored multicolored this is quite
a special box because it has the night by you on it just around for sneak
account getting up and then on the side it’s
kind of a bit of a DIY job this is literally like senator heat with a Nike
obviously stamped out then you’ve got the Maharishi traditional stamping out
of the words after I got these the whole range launched on Nike and you could
basically customize your own but I got them as is let’s take a look how we got
these out the box and basically I picked him up and they also just look at the
box okay so so nice so and I’d forgotten each sneaker is different okay which one
do I start with let’s start with this one actually okay so I’m going to take
this over to sneak account so you’ve got Nike by maharishi on the tag which I
will take off I mean it’s cardboard tag but let’s take a look at this red
material now this is red wool and it is British red I think I’ve read that
somewhere over on a box or somewhere and this is like the the wall that they used
to use on military jacket so it’s it’s British red military war I think they
call it British military red war now the embroidery here is actually to represent
the embroidery or the Japanese dragons and motif the US military guys had
embroidered onto their coat at the end of World War two was like a souvenir so
that’s what this is meant to represent so there’s that real military theme
going through with this sneaker the af1 and it’s an AF one hi you’ve also got
some number in here which has been stamped out again in your traditional
Maharishi style if I flick around to the back you just got like hair on this
lovely leather tab and that’s really nice soft lever and that’s embroidered
in the gold stitch which the dragon is embroidered in and if we flip round here
it’s just plain red and let’s see detail if any there is on here so on the
tab you’ve got Maharishi then you’ve got they’re saying the names of many the
truth is one now the laces are flat red slightly wax laces similar to the wax
laces we’ve we’ve been getting in Jordans recently then on the the lace
tab you’ve got 88 there isn’t any extra detail on strap in but again this red
lever is super saw and it’s red tumbled leather and that’s really nice quality
now actually it’s a look inside I’m just gonna take shoe tree out these are
pretty and these are laced really well I mean inside there’s nothing really that
exciting it just purely says Mike by maharishi on the sole I’m not gonna show
you that mister because it’s so hard for you to pick up on sneak account without
me totally unlacing that sneaker let’s put a shoe tree back oh so nice now
let’s take a look at the right sneaker now this one here doesn’t have the
Japanese dragon it just has the the Maharishi stay saying is of the name the
names of many the truth is was then you have some of their number in which is
stamped out you picking the detail up on this mister be because that really does
look as if somebody has got like one of those stamp out pens and just gone along
and stamped it out then you’ve got the swish miniature swish stamped out and
then on the inside you just have the swish in the the red wall and again on
the tab it just has my hurry cheater names I’m any of the truth as well this
one has a number 23 on it on the top on the lace try I’m gonna have to look at
what the 88 and the 23 represents cuz I’m not sure and I can’t think of
anything obvious off the top of my head can you mister B it is that’s why I was
thinking 23 is Michael Jordan’s number jump man 23 and his 88 was 88 the year
the Air Force Ones drops mm-hmm it was earlier wasn’t it yeah I think it
was 82 it was earlier I’m gonna have to look
that up find out for when we she do the on foot because there has to
be some sort of meaning behind those numbers that we can’t think of at the
moment and I don’t remember reading any detail around the numberings anywhere
I’m like but these are a super nice pickup but they I picked these up
I’ve been sick in the horn and felt rough all day I was like there is no way
I am NOT picking these sneakers out and literally dragged my ass to the
Maharishi store on the way home to get them at quarter to 6:00 so just before
they shot and I mean I’m so pleased I did because these are one very special
sneaker now as I said after I picked these up this did drop in the Nike store
and you could actually do your own Nike ID version of these along with along
with a utility af1 and the blowfish blowfish blowfish
both but there seems to have vanished now so I don’t know what’s happen there
because you could also get these in leather so you know pretty special
sneaker so special and the fact they’re wall I’m kind of worried to wear these
really am really worried to wear these mr. B but they’re so banging these can’t
sit these have to be worn really have to be worn so I’m just going to pick a day
when I know there’s definitely no rain to wear these because they’re just too
nice to sit in a box way too nice super special I was so pleased I thought these
they were actually pretty good price as well I think there were a hundred and
nineteen pounds considering the quality and the detail that is on them and to
fact their wall I didn’t think that was that bad and I’ve just noticed on the
lace caps it also says maharishi in the gold color super nice I’m gonna have to
dig out my old Maharishi combat’s which I actually wore a little story for you
to our evening wedding reception party because that’s the kind of girl I am
isn’t it mr. me so yeah I have to dig like that and wear them with my wedding
maharishi she’s just for just because I can
so guys what do you think of these slightly different don’t you think
did any of you manage to pick a pair of these up or even get the Mike ID version
if you did let us know in the comment and if you’ve done a video on them or
even put any pictures up on say Instagram leave us a comment and a link
in the comment if you can’t cuz I’ll be really interested to see them because
this is such a nice collab and was a real surprising one for me I never
fought Maharishi would do a collab with Nike but they did and I love them
so I’m gonna shut up now shut up as I said right back in the beginning if
you’re new to this channel don’t forget we do sneak stream Sunday at 8 p.m. in
the UK that is also free p.m. on the East Coast 12:00 p.m. on the west coast
and if you like what we’re doing here give us an old subscribe much appreciate
it and hit the old thumbs up if you like this video and the notification boat if
you already are subscribed because it really does work and it will tell you
when we’re putting out new videos so that’s enough of me I’m off to admire
these because they are super nice I’ll see you on the next upload / and act mr.
B are you slightly jealous I am more jealous than you would know I’m just
gonna say people I offered to get him a pair of Nike ID once Christmas even sent
in the link he ignored me yes I know they are so nice they’re the nicest
beyond nice oh well

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9 thoughts on “Maharishi x Nike Air Force 1 High Sneaker Unboxing

  1. I love your accent, I’m an English teacher in Mexico City and I appreciate the way you enunciate words lol

    Nice kicks too, happy new year to y’all!! Sj & Mr. B

  2. These are really nice!👌 Fabulous attention to detail. I designed a pair of air max 270 bowfin and I cannot wait to see how they turned out! 🤣 Oh…thanks for making this video btw!

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