Maharishi x Nike Air Force 1 High Cinematic On-foot Review

YouTube it’s SJ and I’m back with
another on foot cinematic type thing this time it is the Maharishi Nike
collab that dropped in December and this is the AF1 HI, let’s take a look YouTube yesterday and back and I hope
you enjoyed that cinematic on foot of the Maharishi Nike AF1 Hi collab that
launched back in December 2018 this was actually my first raffle win and when I
say raffle win it was my chance to purchase the sneakers not actually win
as and get them free of charge but 119 of your English Pounds these were a very
special pickup for me I mentioned this in the unboxing video I wore
maharishi to my wedding reception in fact the Maharishi’s that I’m
wearing in the onfoot are those very same Maharishi s from back in 2002
and inside those pants it does actually have the date stamp of 2002 which is
quite cool I can still feel them okay what I like about these sneakers is that
each one is slightly different so this one the right foot does not have a sneek
it does not have a switch that’s really prominent on this side it has it in the
red on the inside but here you just got that text that’s
stamped out then on the left sneaker you do actually have the gold swoosh and
that really really elaborate dragon embroidery which is kind of epic all
proportions so many details on these sneakers I foolishly did not look up the
23 and the 88 that is on the the laced tagged out of 23 I’m pretty convinced is
a jet is a nod to Jumpman 23 which you know the AF one is a skateboard culture
so I do think that’s a lot maybe wrong 88 I’m pretty convinced that’s where
maharishi launched again could be wrong but one thing I didn’t cool out in the
unboxing video and you’re not gonna be I see it unfortunately is the inner sole
has a camera print and you know that we all love a camera print here on Pilar
stuff again just a really nice touch on these sneakers super premium quality
wool British military red walls they are and the leather on the strap and this
little strappy thing here is super soft as
just really really nice pickup super-special glad I got them haven’t
worn them yet because every time I ask Alexa is it gonna rain today I don’t
trust her and I’m not risking wall sneakers in the rain but these will get
a proper debut really soon I mean obviously I did wear them outside for
the concert but I wanna wear these with a proper banging outfit so what do you
think guys as I said in the unboxing video maharishi no he did actually
launched these on and you could customize your own I know
my friends at the East London let it have a banging pair that I’ve seen so if
you’ve actually done your Nike ID maharishi please tag us on instagram
with the hashtag kind of stuff so that we can see your sneakers always like to
see what you guys are doing out there on the sneaker front or we can feature you
on our sneaker streamers someday which we do here on pointless stuff every
Sunday at 8 p.m. here in the UK which is about 12 p.m. on the west coast and 3
p.m. on the east coast so come along join us a sneak attack what do you think
of these guys if you liked them give us the old thumbs up leave us a comment
super-strong pickup super pleased with these let us know your thoughts in the
comments cop or not definite cop for me Oh big love for these sneakers and a man
behind the camera mr. B is like super jealous he didn’t get a pair of these
super jealous but these are all mine won’t fit you so there I think that note
I’m over and out I’ll see you soon on the next upload see ya faith damn girl
that was a burner

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3 thoughts on “Maharishi x Nike Air Force 1 High Cinematic On-foot Review

  1. These look fresh on foot. I'm still waiting on my ID maharishi air max bowfin 270's! Nike says I'll have them on 2/1. We'll see! 😁

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