Magic Robot (2010) – Ramya Krishnan, Sangeetha, Kaveri | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitles

With my family I am going on a
pilgrimage to behold our family diety. Mother, as always
please protect my house. Vimla, let’s go. Keeping all the valuables
at home have they gone out? We are going to be very rich today. You wait here for me. I will go in and bring
everything along with me. come into
my boundary and steal? When this Kali is here
leave aside this house.. cannot steal
anything from this village. You fool! I am going away from here. If you have the guts
steal this house and show me. No, Kali! Please, Kali! Guard! Yes, sir! Yes! I want to go to Devdasi! Devdasi! That same one..that
same one..Aparna Aparna! Sir! What are you saying? – You fool! Don’t you understand? I want to go to dancer Aparna’s
house to her her house.. Sir, in this village it
is not advisable for anyone.. go out of the house
at the middle of the night. Why? – Mother Goddess Kali from
the well must be keeping a watch. We can even die if we confront her. What? Kali is keeping a watch?
Are you mad? Sir, I am telling you the truth. Goddess Kali from the
well is not any ordinary Kali. No sooner we look at
the sun our eyes close. She is equivalent to ten such suns.
We will burn to death. Good joke! Very good! She is just Kali from the well. Does she vent out fire? I want to see her. Sir, Mother Goddess Kali
resides in the well which is.. ..on the west side of the village. What? She resides in the well? 24 hours swimming! She is not a godly woman! She must be a sexy woman! Sir! – What, man? Sir, please do not make fun.
She is Goddess Kali! If she gets angry
you will be finished. Hey you, don’t talk too much. I want to go to that well and see.. ..whether she resides
in that well or not. Sir, stop thinking like this. God can
test us but we should never test god. Shut up! Why did you stop the chariot? Sir that Mother Kali
always resides in this well. Well? – Yes, sir. Your lady guard,
bodyguard stays in that well? – No! I will go and see. If that lady guard is not
there I will make you a dead body. Mother goddess Kali! – Kali! Kali in the well..
What a foolish story! Sir that is not any ordinary well. Mother Kali resides there. I am going there only to test that. Don’t go there wearing shoes. Hey, Kali! Hey, there! Get some light. Hey! Kali from the well..come out! Come out, I say! Come! Hey, lady! Show me your body! Body! Kali from the well..where are you? Oh, god! Sir! I can’t see! I cannot see anything.
I cannot even see my hand. Oh, my god! I have become blind!
I have become blind! Mother Kali, please have
mercy and spare him for my sake. ‘My eyes! Oh, my eyes!’ I forgive this sinful man
for the sake of a noble man like you. Mother! Mother! I am sorry! I am sorry! I am sorry! I realize I behold you! You asked me to spare his life.
Won’t you ask for something for you? You stay forever with me and safeguard
my tradition, Oh, Mother Kali! “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “”The world sways
with Michael Jackson!” “I came to know that you all know me.” “The girl from the computer world..” “Has come on stage today!” “Has come on stage today!” “Just see no sooner the
music started I started swaying..” “Smart, smart this baby is smart,
smart baby.” “She dances with complete zest!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “When the drum beats my
heart dances like a peacock.” “Why don’t my feet ache
dancing day and night?” “The spring dances
on my tune and music.” “I being the spring everything
here is because of me.” “My heart wishes to put
anklets on the peacock’s feet.. ..and make it dance beautifully.” “Like a train I run
and dance merrily.” “I wish the world looks at me.” “This blossom is because of me.” “I bring the spring!” “The whole world dances
on my footsteps..” “If my feet stop this
world will go to sleep.” “I am a smart, smart baby.
I am a smart, smart, baby!’ I dance merrily.” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “When I sway my hips all
the lovers hold their breath.” “They themselves become
crazy and tease me.” “Looking at this slim waist
all the lovers fall in love with me.” “These crazy boys pick me
up in their arms and dance merrily.” “Wonder for whom
they cast their eyes.” “What shall I do?” “I am the only one and
there are so many after me.” “Seeing me sway my hips
their hearts go crazy.” “All of you see how the
world is crazy after me.” “Smart, smart this baby is smart,
smart baby.” “She dances with complete zest!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” My child, you danced very well. You have done a wonder
in this program. Thank you. You danced really very well.
– Very good. Hi, miss! Thank you. Hey! Why are you crying like this?
What happened? Miss, Priya finished all my water. Priya, didn’t you
bring a water bottle? I am sorry miss but I finished
all the water on the way. The first period is not yet finished
and you finished two bottles of water. This is not normal.
Why do you feel so thirty? Miss, I don’t know. When they feel thirsty
only their throat gets parched. But when I feel thirsty I
feel as if my whole body is on fire. Is that so? Okay, children,
before starting the lesson.. ..I am going to tell
you some good news. Last week the drawing
competition that was held? Yes, miss.
– Do you know who came first in that? You know who came first? Which drawing that was.. Okay. I will tell you.
Priya! ‘I already knew this.’ Priya is not only thirsty for water
but she also has a thirst for art. I am now going to show
you the painting that she made. This is grandpa’s car! This looks like the
car of Abbas Mastan! Keep quiet! Priya, you decided
to draw a picture of a car. Even though there were
models of so many new cars.. ..why did you think of making
a picture of an old car like this? In fact, you must have
never seen a car like this. You will not believe if I tell you. The thing is actually I wanted
to make a painting of a Scorpio car. I am telling you the truth. I do not know how
I made this painting. Who knows? Maybe you have some past
birth relation with this car. Come on, all of you clap for Priya! ‘Hey, brother! I am thirsty!’
‘Will you give me water?’ Sure. ‘I am thirsty.
Will you give me water?’ ‘Hey! I am thirsty.
Will you give me water?’ ‘Hey! Give me water!’ ‘Give me water,
I am thirsty.’ ‘Give me water..’ I must quickly leave from here. “Peace..” Oh, my god! You fool! You fool! Who are you calling a fool now? Me or your god? I will break your teeth! I have
still not finished my veneration.. ..and you already kept
the cooker on the stove? Tell me, how will I complete my
venerationif the cooker keeps whistling? Tension! Tension! You have married me
only to give me tension. Om Tensionaya Namah! What is so great about that? If it is a cooker
it is going to whistle. Considering it to be background
music keep chanting your mantras. What is wrong with you? Listen to me. I am totally defamed
because of this cooker. Don’t insult your honor like this. Gayatri, you are talking too much. You will have to decide today. Whether you love the cooker
or you love me more than the cooker. You only tell me. – Oh, god! Without the cooker
all my work will be waste. That means without me
all your work can be done? I did not say that. I want the cooker. I say, we don’t want the cooker.
– I want the cooker. Didn’t I say, no cooker? – I want it. A for Asin.
– ‘Didn’t I say, I want it!’ ‘I don’t want the cooker.’- B for.. Boy! – ‘I want it that’s it!’ No. no. Bipasha!
– ‘I want it! I want it! I want it!’ I don’t want it!’- C for. I don’t want it!’ – It started! My child, like a fight
they started the cooker fight. Okay, child, tell me.
Who will win in this fight? Mummy always wins in the fight. You are absolutely right. Answer my one question. Do you like mummy or papa? I like both of them. But more than them
I like my brother a lot! Brother?
But you don’t have any brother? Who are you talking about then? At night he comes in my dreams. He is dark but very innocent at heart. ‘Priya!’ Mummy is calling me. Grandfather, put me down. – Carefully. Carefully. Yes. My child, go carefully. Okay. – Yes. Mother is fair. Father too is fair. How will she have a
dark looking brother, then? It is C for confusion only. Oh! Mummy, what happened?
– My finger got cut again. Show me. It is bleeding. Can’t you see and work, mummy? Wonder what I was thinking
about and suddenly the finger got cut. Thank god, it did not bleed too much. God protected me. So what mummy! My blood group and your
blood group is the same, isn’t it? I will give you as much
blood as you wish, mummy. ‘Madam Gayatri! Our blood
group is the same, isn’t it?’ ‘I will give you as
much blood as you wish.’ Mummy! Mummy, what happened? You talk exactly like Savitri. Aunt Savitri is the one who
is in that photo, right? – Yes. Why, mummy? That means she and I
have the same blood group? You are right. It is rh-ve. How is that mummy? You are mummy and our
blood group is the same. But she is someone else, isn’t it? Priya, she is not someone else. She was like my younger sister. That is why without
bothering about anyone.. ..I have hung her portrait here. I will never be able
to forget Savitri. Mummy, tell me where that aunt is now. In God’s abode! ‘Mother, I made a mistake!
I committed a mistake!’ ‘I did not listen to You.
Please forgive me, Mother.’ ‘Please free me from these chains.’ ‘Mother, please forgive me!’ ‘Free me from this bondage.’ I will surely free
you from this bondage.. ..and I will surely destroy them. Nothing, my child. As Priya is scared of fire.. Yes. And now as she is asleep this is the
right time to cast away evil from her. ‘Brother, I am very thirsty.’ ‘Please give me some water to drink.’ 1’Brother, I am very thirsty.’ ‘Please give me some water to drink.’ ‘Give me water.’ Brother, you have come.
Here drink water. Brother, we died on this day. And their death day.. We will finish them! Friends, send these cars to Germany. Load them on the shop today itself. Don’t worry, partner. Tomorrow itself we will call the
laborers and will load them on the ship. There can be a union
problem with the labors. Take our own people to do this work. And how many cars that
are here send them to Netherland. None of the deals of our
company we have completed till date. I don’t know what I will do. Hey! Hey! Look over here! How did this car come here? Hey! – Hey! Come on, run! Come on, run! Come on, hurry up! No! No! Leave me! Leave me! Please! Please!
Please, leave me. Please. Leave me! Leave me! Leave me! Leave me! No! No!
No! Gayatri! What happened? Why are screaming in
high pitch at the middle of the night? Priya is not to be seen anywhere. Priya is not to be seen? – Yes. What are you saying?
– What is this, my dear? In the middle of the night.. ..the way you are screaming
son-in-law is holding his heart. Priya must have not gone anywhere. She must be sleeping
somewhere around here. Come, let us find her. – No,
father, I searched for her everywhere. She is not to be seen.
See there the door is open. Seeing that I got scared and.. ..I screamed! – The door is open? Who opened the door? That is why I was telling
you don’t send out child for acting. I think someone has kidnapped her. Oh, god! – Son-in-law,
come let us go to the police station. Yes, yes, let’s go..
– That is not necessary. That I have come back now. Priya! Priya! Where did
you go so late at night? Tell me. Where did you go? All that later!
First get a pot of water, mummy! Why? – Didn’t I tell you to get water? ‘Om!’ Tell me, why are you having
a bath so late at night? Tell me! I am asking you.
Tell me. What happened to you? Where had you gone? Don’t you always
say that after you return from.. unholy place you must enter
the house only after having a bath? What is she saying? What is this.. My dear, Priya! Where had you gone? Tell me. Nothing, mummy.
I wanted to see the harbor. And I got an opportunity today. I took a stroll there and returned.
Only that much. You had gone to the harbor? Do you
know how far the harbor is from here? Father, see what she is saying. Son-in-law, don’t get confused.
I understood. You be rest assured. Okay. – Priya has a habit
of walking in her sleep. In her dream she must have
gone to the harbor. – Is that so? Priya, my child,
don’t scare your mother. Where had you gone?
Won’t you tell your mother? Oh, no! What is this like action
replay you are asking me.. ..the same thing again and again. I am bored. I will go and watch TV. Hello. My name is Sonia Sahani. Last night a man was brutally
murdered on Mumbai harbor and.. ..along with the
commissioner of Mumbai.. ..a group of policemen have
reached the harbor for investigation. We have received this news. What am I hearing?
A murder took place at the harbor? The murder took place at the
harbor and not in our house, isn’t it? Oh, father, please keep quiet. You are coming from the harbor,
isn’t it? Someone was murdered there. That is why I had a bath! As I returned from an unholy place! This is just the beginning. You keep watching.
One more is going to die. What are you saying? It is Saturday today. And the one who dies on Saturday
will surely take one more with him. Madam Gayatri, tell me, am I right? My dear, Savitri used to
address you by this name, right? Yes, father!
– Priya calling you by this name.. I don’t know! Listen! Today it is six
years that Savitri passed away. I told you not to hang her photo in the
house but you did not listen to me. Right now I will take her photo and.. Gayatri! – Yes! Savitri is not in the photo. “Come on, my brother!” “Come, my brother, I beg of you..” “Come, my brother,
I fall at your feet.” Brother! – Yes. Take this. Hot water This is very hot.
Brother’s body will get burnt. Kabir! I know you
love this car immensely. That does not mean that
you will bathe him with hot water. Priest. You say whatever you wish. All night it was raining and
the water has become freezing cold. You can drink ice water
but can you bathe with that? It will catch cold.
– That is okay for human beings. But this is a lifeless thing. Does a car know the difference
between hot and cold water? Father! – Who is that? For the veneration in the temple
fruits, flowers, milk, etc is ready. But I wish to say something. Tell me, my child. There are many things for the
veneration like, fruits, flowers, milk.. But how will Lord Ganapati know?
He is lifeless! I will slap you now! You call Lord Ganapati as stone? You got angry, right? You find god in stone.. ..and they see Him in this car.
This is the only difference. That..this..that.. – You are speechless,
isn’t it? Sister Gayatri is right. Madam Gayatri,
that was a nice question. Father was speechless. Whatever it is you
are my friend, right? Okay. Whatever it is Lord
Ganapati is waiting for you. Hurry up! – I am going! Kabir! Don’t apply black powder. I will go and venerate the Lord now. What is this? – This is milk porridge. You like it, right? – Yes. Take it. – No. No, I don’t want. You got for me what had to
be offered to the Lord for veneration. If He comes to know
He will gauge my eyes out. Who told you that God
will gauge your eyes out? If the devotees eat consider
that God has eaten it. Have it. Madam Gayatri,
why do you love me so much? If I have to take birth again I would
like to take birth from your womb. Savitri! My sister! There is good news. Savitri! Where are you? She never goes anywhere
without telling me. Oh, you are here! Sister! Brother! Savitri, what is this?
You went off to sleep in the car? Brother, shall I tell you the truth? When I sleep in the car
I feel as if I am sleeping.. my mother’s lap. That is why. Savitri, you are still a child for me.
– Leave it, brother. Take this! – What is in this packet? You used to always tell me
to get Biryani from Bashir’s hotel? Yes. – I have brought it today.
You eat it. No. I don’t want. You only keep it. What happened?
– Brother, I don’t want. I brought it for you
and you are refusing? The thing is when I had taken
madam Gayatri to the hospital today.. ..I came to know that she
her hemoglobin is very less. At the time of her delivery someone
will have to give her blood, isn’t it? No one’s blood matches
with her only my blood matches. Okay. As you are going to donate
blood you must eat chicken and mutton. But why do you refuse?
– Brother, what is this? She is Brahmin by caste.
She does not eat non-vegetarian. Her blood is very pure. And as I am going to give her
blood if I eat chicken and mutton.. ..won’t her blood become impure? Brother that is wrong. Even though I love
non-vegetarian food.. ..for her I will stop eating all that. Hey, friends! Where were you? Come on, hurry up! There is a surprise for all of you.
– We will drink and enjoy a lot today. Of course! – Come on! Wow! Oh, my god! The landowner of Shikarpur
is a very flamboyant person. From outside it looks like
a mansion and from inside this cave. This place is very safe. This place is not only safe. He used to get different
girls daily and would enjoy himself. Hey, what is this? Like a tourist guide you are narrating
a fifty year old story to me. Now, now..come to the present. People staying in this area
thinking this to be haunted.. ..are very scared of this place. But we have made it a youth
mansion and we are enjoying. That’s it! – Yeah! Yeah! Yes! – Buddy,
at least open the bottle first. Good evening, dear friends. So, how are you dear friends? Hey, Manmauji!
When did you return from Assam? From there..I am coming right now. Hey! First you used to
yearn for a quarter bottle.. ..but now this entire bottle
comes towards you on it’s own. Buddy, how is this possible?- Yes This is the greatness
of that Guruji from Assam. Fantastic! – All of you
together gave me a full bottle. Shall I order for nice
hot chicken for all of you? Hot chicken? – Yes. Enjoy yourself! – Super! Earlier you were of no use
but now you are really a helpful man. Can you bring the bank locker
here with the power of your mantras? My friend, for this only
since the past one year.. ..i was learning this art of mantras. If I give a young unmarried
girl as sacrifice.. ..all the powers will
be under my control. And then after that the Swiss
bank will automatically come to us. That means to become
wealthy we will have to.. ..sacrifice a young unmarried girl.
– Of course! Consider that we have got the girl. And my fiancée is
only that unmarried girl. Brother! – Yes! We heard a loud noise outside,
isn’t it? But there is nothing here. Sister, see this! Both the
tyres have got punctured together. I don’t understand anything. You are right.
Even I don’t understand anything. Brother! – What? He is coming. Son-in-law,
what has brought you here today? What should I offer you?
Anyway you go in and sit.. ..I will get special tea for you. Leave it, Mr.
Kabir. I am not your guest. I am your would-be son-in-law. What am I hearing?
What am I hearing? What you are hearing is right. After thinking a
lot I have deiced that.. ..I will get married only to Savitri. Son-in-law, I am feeling very
happy after hearing what you said. One more thing. You need not give anything as dowry. I will take utmost care of Savitri. From now on between Savitri and I.. Oh! What is this? You were talking of good things
why then did your face become black? Forget it, Savitri.
This is after all a machine. What is its mistake? Mr. Kabir, I will fix the date
and come you arrange for the rice. Rice? – Brother,
didn’t you understand? Rice is necessary for a wedding. He is talking about that. Okay that rice? – Yes. Savitri, you are very intelligent. I am leaving. Okay, bye. – Yes. Hey! You have become sad? He came to our house
to ask for my hand. Brother, I am happy about that. But after giving me love of both
the parents you raised me so lovingly. But I am feeling sad at the thought
that I will have to leave you and go. What is there to feel sad about that? After all whose sister are you?
You are this Kabir’s sister. “My sister is one in a lakh..” “There is no one
like you in this world.” “There is no one in this
world as wealthy as me.” “My sister, you have got
the beauty of goddess Laxmi.” “You laugh in my joy
and you weep in my sorrow.” “For me you are my god.” “You are the boon of god.” “My brother is one in a lakh.” “There is no one as
brave as you in this world.” “There is no one in this
world as wealthy as me.” “God gave me a brother
with all the qualities.” “You laugh in my joy
and you weep in my sorrow.” “For me you are my god.” “You are not my brother
but the boon of god.” My car is full of magic! It leaves everyone
behind that is its speed! It leaves the path, it leaves
the destination all are worried! No one has seen such a super car! “My only desire is
to find a prince for you..” “Your hands should
be ornated with Henna..” “..and I bid you farewell.” “Don’t forget me after
going to your husband’s house.” “May you get all the happiness
and sorrows remain away from you.” “You give me all your sorrows
and take all happiness from me.” “This is only what I wish for.” “You give me all your sorrows
and take all happiness from me.” “This is only what I wish for.” “I raised you like a mother.” “I will take away all your sorrows.” “My sister is one in a lakh..” “There is no one
like you in this world.” See how it runs. See its speed! It goes and touches
the clouds and loves them. It crosses the mountains
the ocean is terrified! It is not afraid of lightening. Tell the world this is that car! “I am also proud that
my brother is an all rounder.” “There is no one here
as intelligent as my brother.” “He has moustache like Nathulal.” “His body is like that of Salman.” “He has a heart of a child
and is brave like Hanuman.” “When I fell sick he looked
after me day and night.” “He looked after me day and night.” “When I fell sick he looked
after me day and night.” “He looked after me day and night.” “He showered love on
me more than his life.” “How can I forget this love?” “My sister is one in a lakh..” “There is no one
like you in this world.” “There is no one in this
world as wealthy as me.” “God gave me a brother
with all the qualities.” “You laugh in my joy
and you weep in my sorrow.” “For me you are a boon.” “Not my brother but you are my god.” Mother! What is it, my son? Mother, looks like I have
seen you somewhere before. There is a well in this village. I have been staying near
that since many years now. Forget that! In the darkness
of night you are wandering alone.. ..wearing so many gold ornaments. Don’t you feel scared? Fear and me? What are you saying? People only get scared
when they look at me. I am not scared of anyone. Mother, you look
exactly like my mother. Mother, come.
I will drop you in my car. No, my son. I am like the wind. As per my wish I can
come and go anywhere I want. Okay! Is that so? I have to go and arrange
everything for my sister’s wedding. I am going. – Wait for a minute, son. You called me mother. Will you listen if
I tell you something? Tell me, Mother. Your sister will not
get married to Ramfal. Don’t ask any question. First go and stop that marriage. I considered you my mother but you
are talking about inauspicious things. This wedding is taking
place with my sister’s wish. Even if Lord Brahma descends
and tells me to stop I will stop it. My son, listen to me..
– Mother Punyavati! Even by mistake do
not say this to my sister. If she hears this
she will end her life. Go! Go from here! Mother, see even by mistake
don’t come near our house. Go now! ‘Stay with us forever and
protect our tradition, Oh, Mother!’ That day I had promised
to protect your tradition. That is why I am telling
you to cancel this wedding today. But this is the game of fate! Kabir! Kabir! Priest, what is the matter? Gayatri is suddenly feeling unwell.
She needs to be taken to the hospital. You get her quickly.
I will bring the car. – Okay. My child, give me that bag. Carefully! Brother, you take the car and go. You too come along.
– No, brother, you go. I will go to Mother Goddess’s temple.. ..and take an oath for
madam Gayatri to deliver safely. Don’t be late. Come soon. Brother, you go.
– Savitri, I am very scared. I will leave right now.
– I will come soon! Mother! Mother Goddess!
Let everything be fine. Savitri, where are you going? They have taken madam Gayatri
to the hospital for delivery. I am very scared so I was
going to the temple to pray. Why, temple? Come with me. Where? – I know of a mendicant. He will give you a talisman. You tie that on your friend’s wrist. She will be absolutely fine. She will be fine? – Yes. Are you telling me the truth?
– Yes, I am speaking the truth. Come on, sit. -Yes. What is this?
Savitri is not to be seen? Kabir! – What happened? Where is Savitri? Blood has to be given.
– Priest, wait for a minute. I will go and get Savitri. Quickly! Quickly!
Go and bring her quickly! Listen! This is that
haunted mansion, right? That mendicant stays here? For people here this
is a haunted mansion. But for the sage this is a temple.
A temple. You will come to
know once you meet him. Let’s go. – Yes. Hey! This is Kabir’s sister. What is this? There is no one here. I am feeling very scared.
I am going to the hospital. What’s the hurry? But you were saying that
veneration takes place here. Veneration does take place. The veneration will start now. Girl, look at me! Look into these eyes! Now you will do what I tell you to do,
right? – Yes. Remove her sari now! Drape the dress of leaves on her now. And after that make this girl
holy and make her sit in front of me. Kabir! Kabir! Stop the car! Mr. Kailash, I am out to
find my sister. You meet me later. I am telling you
about your sister only. She has gone to that
haunted mansion with someone. She has gone to that haunted mansion? ‘Sanskrit Sholok’ ‘Sanskrit Sholok’ ‘Sanskrit Sholok’ Oh, mother! This girl is restless.
She is impatient. Before setting fire to her bathe her
with turmeric and sandalwood water. The earth is trembling.
The sky is shaking! Before throwing her into the
holy fire bather her with vermillion! Sister! Sister! Sister! Children,
light a fire of camphor in front of.. Mother Kali! Sister! Savitri! Savitri! Savitri! Hey! Why have you
brought my sister here? Why is she sitting like this? Hey! – Hey! Leave me! What are you doing? Let my sister go! Mother Kanal Durga is going
to be one with the camphor fire. Burn it now! Ramfal! Please don’t do this! Leave her! Don’t burn her. Ramfal! Leave my sister! My sister is ignorant!
She is innocent! Leave her! My sister! Leave her! – Brother! Leave her! Spare her! In the moment it will destroy. Priest, give me a
boon I become big mighty. And I become a God of whole world. I am only God. Leave me. I am ruined! I am ruined! All my powers are
snatched away from me! An ordinary man destroyed
my years of penance. After toiling hard for 365
days I started this veneration. But everything got ruined
in just three minutes. Hey! What are you saying? No matter in any corner
of the world we go and hide. That soul will find
us out and will kill us. She will not keep quiet!
She will surely come to take revenge. Oh, no! – How shall we
save ourselves from this soul? Surely there is!
There is also a way for that. I have learnt a mantra from my Guru. Seema Raksha Mantra! Seema Raksha Mantra?
– What does that mean? That! I don’t talk much.
I do and show. I will show you right now. Even after hundred years
this soul will not go out from here. When I bend you beat with a stick. When I get up you
give me a lollipop, sir. Right n front of m you
are making a fool of me! Oh, my god! – Sir,
sir, why are you shouting like this? What should I do then? After listening to
you should I take action? Tell me what should I do? Will anyone believe that
a car has committed a murder? Sir, we both have seen
that car committing a murder. When? When you were intoxicated? And I also..whatever drink I take,
I dream that.. ..Aishwarya on my right
and Asin on my left are standing. Can I go out and tell this to anyone? Inspector, be serious! We are not some road side people.
We are VIP’s. We are telling you that a
haunted car has murdered our partner. Oh, no! Again they
are saying the same thing. Okay. Tell me all
the details of the car. That car is a very old model. It must be a model of around 48 or 50. What? Why do you confuse me like this? What can I do by you
telling me all this? – Oh, no! The registration number of the car,
the number, the color.. Even after telling me all this right
I will not be able to find the car. If you confuse me more I will have
to hand in my resignation. – Okay. What? Should I give my resignation? Sir, not that. He is going
to draw the picture of that car. Yes. First do that! Sir, this is that murderous car. This? What is this? This seems like the car of Lord Clive! Why don’t you draw properly?
Are you making fun? Okay. I will speak to the
commissioner about this. You go. Sir! – Yes! Do anything but find that murderer. Do I look like a comedy police? This is the picture of the car. Go from here! And listen! You will have to come
here whenever I call you. Oh! Oh, god! What is this? Listen! Father! Come out quickly! Since the time I have got
married I am running like this. What happened? What happened, my dear?
– Why are you shouting like this? What happened, my dear? See this! She is sleeping here? Father, she was sleeping in the room. How did she come into this car?
– In this car? By the way this is
good only for name sake. This is a haunted car. Last five years it was
in that haunted mansion. How did it come here, then? Father, my blood pressure is rising. Just keep quiet. Priya! Yes! When did you come
and sleep in the car? At night and that too at 12 0′ clock. Oh, god! At 12 at night? Ghosts and spirits
move around at night. This small child.. When I sleep in the car I feel as
if I am sleeping in my mother’s arms. ‘When I sleep in the car I feel as
if I am sleeping in my mother’s arms.’ Okay, Priya! You go in and sleep. Take her in. Father! – Yes! What? This car is filled with magic. Father, how shall we keep this here? You don’t worry. Just make a call
at the police station.. ..and tell them that an unwanted
car is parked in our compound. We have a doubt that there
may be a bomb in this. – Okay. It is more than enough
to tell them this much. They will come and take the car away. Come on, hurry up or
else the bomb will blast. Hello! ‘Hello, sir! In Ram Nagar in Kandivali’
‘there is an unwanted car parked.’ ‘We have a doubt that
there may be a bomb in that.’ ‘Can you come immediately?’ ‘Come immediately, sir.’ Oh, my god!
That haunted car is still here.. ..from where has this
car with a bomb come now? They are troubling me! Veer Singh! – Sir! Come here! Yes, sir! An unwanted car is parked
in Ram Nagar in Kandivali. Go and find out. Sir, nowadays it is a fashion
of planting a bomb in the car. Sir, I will take the
bomb squad along with me. You work intelligently.
I appreciate you. Proceed. All right, sir! – Okay, sir! What is happening? We are searching in every
alley but that car is not to be seen. Sir! Look over there! There is that car! What is the need of ten
people for this useless car? This useless car
has troubled us so much. Spit on this troublesome car! Check if there is
a bomb inside the car Okay, sir. No! – Sir! Tension! Tension! Tension! Don’t you have any other
work other than giving me tension? What happened? Instead of taking care of your husband
what are you doing sitting here? You are getting angry
without thinking. What? – The car has
disappeared from here. Thinking about this I am worried. Don’t you know?
Father called the police. They came and took away the car. Trouble is averted. – Oh! Do one thing now. Go and get me a nice
hot cup of tea. Go. Okay. The police came and took away the car! When did the police come and.. This is moving on its own. How did this car again
come into our house? I brought it! Someone was selling
toys near the school. I like this car a lot
from amongst those toys. That is why I purchased it. Brother, let’s go. ‘This is the same which
has come back again like a toy.’ Oh, god! I don’t understand anything. “My beloved has gone to Rangoon..” “From there I got a call.” From phone I remembered, cell phone.. Dear Gayatri!
That Lakshman from Indian Oil.. The one from Sai Baba Colony! There is Lakshmi Kuber
veneration at this place. Shankaracharya from Chennai is coming. And many other VIP’s are also coming. My son-in-law inspite
of keeping a moustache.. ..recites the Shlok’s well
that is why the priest has.. ..sent him an invitation
of being present in the veneration. I am going. Today is Friday. Last Friday only he had reminded
me about today’s veneration. It is Friday today?
– There is no doubt in that. It is Friday today. – Yes! That means tomorrow is Saturday. Sunday will come after that. This will go on.
– What problem do you have? Gayatri, what happened? I..went to bring tea for you.. You don’t worry about tea and coffee. There we will get better
tea and coffee than this. Let’s go, son-in-law. We are late. She was saying something
about Saturday.. ‘This is just the beginning.
You just watch.’ ‘One more is going to die.’ ‘What are you saying?’ ‘Today is Saturday!’ And the one who dies on Saturday’
‘surely takes someone along with him.’ ‘What if this turns to be true!’ A minor girl was raped. Looks like there is someone
better than me in doing this. In memory of! ‘The partner of SMS Dware
Contianiner’s, Mr. Chelladurai..’ ‘..suddenly died last night.’ Hey, stop! Sir, what happened? – Why
are you bringing this coffin here? Who are you people?
Have you come to the wrong address? I have come to the right address. It is heard that the
master here is no more. You scoundrel! Who told you that? I will kill all of you! Sir, it is not our
mistake in this at all. Mr. Ramfal called and told us this. Ramfal told you this? Hey! What is all this? Why have you come here with garlands? Chelladurai, you are alive? Why? Have you come to bury
me alive and make my monument? I just read it in the newspaper and you
have already come here with garlands? Sir, we did not read
it in the newspaper. Mr. Ramfal himself messaged and told
us that you are no more. – Oh, no! Ramfal! Ramfal! Ramfal! Has he gone mad? Why is he spreading this
rumor all over the city? This is the vermilion
from Mother Durga’s temple. This will burn you to death. You cannot cross this and go out. Why are you glaring at me like this? I do not know the reason but
I do know what is going to happen. And today is Saturday! Someone is sure to die somewhere. And you are only going to kill him! And I do not wish that
you become a murderer. No one should die a miserable death. That is why by drawing a line
with vermilion I am stopping you. You only had said that
the one who dies on Saturday.. ..will surely take
someone along with him. But this will never happen. What are you saying? No. No. All night my
mobile was switched off. How can a message go
through my mobile then? Your mobile was switched off? Who must have sent the message then? The way he murdered
Sunil the same way.. ..he wants to murder you as well. Hey! What are you saying? Yes! Sunil was murdered on Saturday. And today is also Saturday. Hey, you be careful! Don’t scare me. Tell me how
to save myself from that spirit. Listen, you don’t get scared at all. Right now you go to
Commissioner’s office.. ..and be there all day. Even I will see how it
will come there to kill you. Okay! Okay! Come on, run! “Radha dances on the
banks of river Yamuna..” “A beautiful looking damsel!” “She came there to fill water..” “While filling water
Kanha started teasing her.” “Kanha threw a stone on
her pot and the pot broke..” Dear, Priya! – Yes. Who made this line with vermillion?
– I did it. You only did it and you only
are sitting and looking at it? This is a game! Can you erase this
line without touching.. with your hand
or by blowing it away? Tell me. Without touching or blowing
this line should be.. But I can erase it!
– What? Show me how? I will show you right away! Yes! Do you now agree? Superb, grandfather!
You are very intelligent. Thank you. I am going. Mention not!
What you say is absolutely right. I have brains of Hatim Tai!
That is why I don’t go out. If people of Japan
see they will kidnap me. Do you know? Father! – Yes. Who erased this vermillion line?
– I did! And Priya? – She went away!
She left! She has gone! I tried to stop her
but she succeeded. Oh, god! Who are you? I..I..leave me. Please leave me. Please let me go. Today is Saturday! You have
returned after committing a murder. Here have a bath. How do you know all this? I also know that you are Savitri.. ..who has possessed
my daughter’s body. Sir, I have brought here
the witnesses who are connected.. ..with the murder that
took place in the Circus Company. This is Mr. Ramfal! And this is Mr. Mohan Nair
the owner of the Circus Company. Yes, tell me. Sir, whenever you question me.. ..I will have only one answer. The murder that took place
at the harbor and the murder.. ..that took place yesterday
both were done by that car. Are you out of your mind?
Can a car ever commit a murder? Nonsense! I don’t agree. Sir, please..
– Mr. Nair, you speak. How did Sunil Kumar
come into your circus tent.. ..and how did he get murdered. Sorry, sir! In two days this
circus will go away from Mumbai. And then our next program is in Goa. That is why I had gone to Goa.
Sir, I do not know anything. But sir, I can give you a clue.
– What clue? There is a video camera fitted
where we perform our show, sir. And no one is aware of that, sir. And that murderers film will
surely be there in that camera, sir. If you see that film you
will know who the murderer is. Sir, first you see that.
You will come to know yourself. No! No! Sir, this is not true. Arrest him! Sir! Sir, do not believe this! Sir, that soul is fooling
you and trying to trap me. I have not committed the murder. I have not committed the murder! Please! Believe me, sir. Believe me.
– Hey you! Keep quiet! Right from the beginning
I was suspicious about you. Last week you murdered one partner.
Yesterday you murdered another partner. And you conjure up a story
that a soul has committed this murder. I will beat you now! – Sorry, sir! I was saying that I
will file a case on him. No, sir! No, sir! File an FIR against him and
immediately take him to remand. “The one who locks horns
with me will be finished.” “I will teach you a lesson.
Don’t consider me a child.” “I will love you if you love me.” “The enemy will be beaten..” “Whenever I attack
it will never go waste.” “I am a girl from Goregaon.” “I am a sweet knife,
a pawn on the chess board..” “I am a smart child..” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “The one who locks horns
with me will be finished.” “I will teach you a lesson.
Don’t consider me a child.” “The one who locks horns
with me will be finished.” “I will teach you a lesson.
Don’t consider me a child.” “I will ride a cycle on the
road and go ahead of the auto.” “The one who races with
me I will leave him behind.” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “I have made the enemy bald
only by blowing from my mouth.” “If I just caress his head
hair will never grow there.” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “See my vehicle, it is a robot..” “Don’t touch me.
You will be confused..” “My hands work like a machine gun..” “I will attack back like reversion.” “I ride a tiger. I am so brave..” “I am so cunning that I can
even break an elephant’s teeth.” “I cannot tolerate
anyone troubling me.” “The way I make their
condition see this example.” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Dance!” “Sway!” “Dance!” “Sway, sway, sway and dance!” “I am a colorful kite
I fly without a string.” “With the clouds I bet, I bet..” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Little star,
little star, I am a little star..” “After Shahrukh I
am the next superstar.” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “People are stunned
seeing my actions..” “Just try and tease me,
I will make you speechless.” “I love animals. I play with them.” “See he is my friend.
He is black in color.” “Wearing a black
cap the way I dance..” “People are stunned to
see the commotion I make.” “People and ladies
are jealous of my actions.” “We are small people
but our shadows are long.” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Sir, rest everything is worthless.’ “I will love you if you love me.” “The enemy will be beaten..” “Whenever I attack
it will never go waste.” “I am a girl from Goregaon.” “I am a sweet knife,
a pawn on the chess board..” “I am a smart child..” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “Beware! Be aware of me!” “The one who locks horns
with me will be finished.” “I will teach you a lesson.
Don’t consider me a child.” “The one who locks horns
with me will be finished.” “I will teach you a lesson.
Don’t consider me a child.” “Dance in such a way that
the whole world sways with us.” “Robot, dance with
me and enjoy yourself.” “Sway, sway, sway and dance!” Great! There is only one news on all the
channels and also in the newspapers. One died on the harbor and
the other one died in the circus. You are avenging your
thirst by killing them. And some innocent person
is accused of these murders. Without seeing the entire
film you reached to the climax? You are not aware of
what happened that day. Savitri, kill those
people who murdered you. Burn those people who set fire to you. But to take revenge you
chose my daughter’s body. Isn’t this a sin? If a snake is in the
temple we worship him. But if the same snake enters
our house what shall we do? Tell me. Madam Gayatri, because
of this body my soul is powerful. If I go away from her
body I will lose all my powers. No! No! If that is so
then you stay in Priya’s body. I will not tell you to go
till you do not take your revenge. But my family should
not suffer any sorrow. Promise me. Madam Gayatri,
no one should know that I am here. Promise me! – Okay, Savitri! Tension! Tension! Tension! I am fed up of this daily tension! What’s the matter?
– Sorry, son-in-law. In my tension I said your dialogue. Why are you in tension early morning? Priya has a habit
of walking in her sleep. And now it is impossible
for me to go to the barber. But this Priya,
she walks to the harbor at night. Though she is suffering
from this illness.. ..Gayatri is sending her to school. What? School? – Yes, son-in-law. What are you saying?
– I only said school and nothing else. Gayatri! Gayatri! This son-in-law is
also a strange man.. ..who sits and watches news.
I will watch F TV. Wow! Lovely!
What a lovely cat walk she is doing. Gayatri! – Yes. Are you sending Priya
to school? – Yes. Priya has been possessed
by some spirit. Instead of taking her
to the Kametka temple.. are busy making preparations
to send her to school? Priya was not possessed
but I was possessed. As I am fine now I
am sending her to school. What are you saying? Who are you? Why did you save my life? Is it that you are a spirit..a spirit? God! Hey, Manmauji! What is this? From where did you acquire
this power of being invisible? Ramfal, this is also one of the
powers from the eight divine powers. To become more powerful than
this I tried sacrificing a girl. But that proved unsuccessful. After that I went straight to Bangkok. There I met an unique Ojha there.. ..who is well known there
by the name of Bauna Munivar. Okay? – He taught me
many mantras and skills.. ..and he has come here
with me for my protection. Dugdugi Bauna Munivar!
A very strange name. Where does he stay?
– Where? He stays here. He stays in this talisman?
– Yes. Shall I show you? Manmauji,
he is not even two inches tall. This dwarf is going to protect you? You don’t believe, isn’t it?
You see for yourself. Guru Bauna Munivar!
Show the power of your tabor. Manmauji, I now believe you. Tell him to return my
original self to me. Please! You now believe, isn’t it? Gurudev, please set him free. How was it? Friend, he is a dwarf
but his powers are dangerous. If you would have come
here fifteen days back.. ..then our friends Sunil
Kumar and Chellaidurai.. ..would not have got murdered. I know everything. Not only you but I have
come here to save myself as well. That means, do you know
who that spirit and power is? Do you want to see
who those spirits are? Come on! Look into my eyes. These two! My doubts
have changed into belief now. Tell me. How must have her brother’s
soul broken the Seema Rakshak? A lady with divine
power set them free. Now with Gurudev’s help I am
going to bring them under my control. There is a problem here! Problem here! Jagdamba is telling me.
She is telling me! There we will have to be very careful! We will have to show our smartness. We will have to show our smartness. Jagdamba is telling me.
Jagdamba is telling me! Gurudev, what are you saying? Till that spirit is in that child’s
body we cannot harm her in any way. Listen, Gurudev! Is there any solution to
separate the soul from that child? In that there is less
of the power of mantras.. ..and more of intelligence. Right at this moment I will
take the form of that child.. ..and through her mother I
will get her thrown out of the house. Hail Jagdamba! What is this? The one who plays
the tabor should come in the morning. Why have you come in the
evening and giving me tension? Hail Jagdamba! Hail Jagdamba! Oh, Priya! You? My dear, Priya, what disguise is this? In school drama I
acted in this disguise. The name of the drama
is Dugdugi Bauna Munivar! How is this? – Nothing is right.
How do I explain to you? If you would have come in
the disguise of Indira Gandhi.. ..or Mother Teresa it would
have been something different. This is..anyway, where is mother? Who knows? I am hungry. Okay. Mother has prepared
curd and rice for you. Go and eat. – Curd and rice? Horrible! Horrible? From the past so many years we are
eating that and she says, horrible? Yes, tell me. How are you? Yes, okay, okay.
I remember. I will surely come. Yes, I will bring
father along as well. Yes, near the Ganesh temple, isn’t it?
I know..I will come. Okay. I will come. Oh, god! What is this?
You witch! You sorceress! Do you know my whole body
has become impure with this blood. Oh! Oh, god! Oh, god! What am I seeing? Such a child in my house! Oh, my god! What are you doing?
You are having a bath in the evening? Gayatri, our doubts have
turned into reality. – What? That Priya is possessed
by some spirit.. That is totally confirmed now.
Go and see. Your daughter is drinking
fresh hot blood.. she is drinking hot milk. What is wrong with you?
Look over there. Hi, daddy! Did you see? Priya and
I are just returning from school. Which child are you talking about? And the one who is inside? She was here!
Wonder where she went away! And there down a cock was lying. What? After all what has happened? Gayatri! – Yes! Priya had come here
and she also spoke to me. Saying she is hungry
like a Dracula she bit.. ..her teeth into a cock’s neck.
I saw it with my own eyes. I understood! In the afternoon
you ate curd and rice.. your heart’s content
and after that you went to sleep. Maybe you have seen
a dream in your sleep. No, Gayatri! Do you think I am mad?
Don’t give me tension! Listen! Listen to me! Hey! First tell me who are you? Why have you come here in my guise? Is this you talking or
that Savitri who is within you? Then say that you are an imposter. Forget about me.
Shall I tell you who you are? Dugdugi Bauna Munivar! You are not Bauna Munivar!
You are a cunning Ojha! By coming here in my guise
and influencing Gayatri’s mind.. wish to send
me away from here, right? This will never happen! I am an expert in
chasing away spirits. Dugdugi Baba! Am I some ghost
who hangs from a tamarind tree? I am a weird mendicant. I will not play the tabor and
I will not smear ash on my forehead. But you will run away and I
will see that you go away from here. Hey! I bet! You will die! I will see to it whether
you run from here or not. How is this! ‘Priest!’ ‘Wait!’ This sounds like Kabir’s voice!
– ‘Priest, wait! ‘Look here. Look at me. I am here.’ The car is here but Kabir is not inside.
– ‘I am Kabir!’ Kabir is dead! ‘ Come, I will drop you. Come.’
– Someone please save me! ‘Please sit. Sit inside!’ What is this?
– ‘Priest! Please come. Come.’ ‘Why are you scared?’
– Please let me go. ‘Priest, I will not do anything!’
– No! I will not come! I will not come! Priest, give me fifty rupees.
– I don’t have. Then give me thirty rupees.
– I don’t have! At least ten rupees? – I don’t have! Why are you laughing? Hey! Hey!
– This scooter is coming on me! I will kill you!
– You scoundrel! Will you kill me? I will not spare you alive!
Hey, keep quiet! Son-in-law! – Father, you? What are you saying? Father, in tension
I must have said something. Please forgive me. But why are you shouting like
a crow who has suffered a shock? Have you heard the name of a cemetery?
– Yes, I have heard. The name has changed now.
– The name has changed now? Kabir has returned from the cemetery. Is this any new serial?
– I am serious! Son-in-law, the car that
was parked in our compound. Yes, father!
– That car is following me. Hey, no! – On top of that Kabir,
who does not have a body.. Only his head is
following me everywhere. My head was spinning just like this.
Just exactly like this. Yes. Your head is spinning. – Yes. But see who is moving around behind.
Just see. Mutton! Chicken! Priya! Instead of going to school
why is she going into that hotel? She is not Priya! She is a witch! She will not be able to sleep
till she does not drink blood. Yes. – That is why under
the pretext of going to school.. ..she has come to this
non-vegetarian hotel. Come, we both will follow her.
– Me? How can I come? That is a non-vegetarian hotel. It is okay if it s a vegetarian hotel. Otherwise I will die. We want to catch that witch, isn’t it?
– By all means. Hold your nose and follow me. Hey, Banwari! Baby, how do you know my name? Looking at you anyone can
say that your name is Banwari. Okay. Okay. What do you have? Crabs, fish,
mutton biryani, chicken biryani.. ..Teetar, Bater, we have everything. Wait! Wait!
Get everything in double plate. Two plates of everything? Everything she is ordering
double plate is she a ghost? Father, there is no doubt about it. Yes, son. I completely forgot. Father, I will go home
and bring Gayatri along. Wait, wait.
Why do you want Gayatri here? Don’t get her here. You very
well know that she hates eggs. What is the need to call her here? If she comes here.. – No, father. If Gayatri does not come
here she will never know the truth. You said right.
– I will go and get her. Son-in-law, wait here only! Please! Go and come back quickly.
I will not be able to wait here long. My heart is coming to my mouth. I will get infected with diseases
like Swine Flu and chicken Guinea. Quickly go and come.
– Yes. I will be right back. Superb! – My child, take this. Banwari, what more is there? You want more? Now something can be prepared
only after the hen lays eggs. Hey, you, go! Is that her mouth or a godown? She is eating everything
and digesting it. Priest! Have you
forgotten the hotel today? What do you want?
– I don’t want anything. There the one who is eating
chicken is my granddaughter. I am keeping a watch on her. What? A priest’s
granddaughter eats non-veg? She is not a priest’s
but a ghost’s daughter. You don’t know anything. You go. Gayatri! Gayatri!
Gayatri! – What happened? Come with me.
Come on, hurry up! – Where? Come to the non-vegetarian hotel. Yes! No sooner you heard the
name you felt like vomiting, right? Come there and see your daughter
Priya is eating non-vegetarian food. What are you saying? You did not believe about she drinking
blood yesterday, isn’t it? – Yes. Come and see now. Your daughter is eating
a variety of non-vegetarian food. ‘Sanskrit chants’ Wow! Delicious!
Everything else is nothing.. ..compared to this curd rice. Did you see? She..she is here but
then who is that one? My child, here is your bill. Not me give my bill to my grandfather. Okay. So I should
go to your grandfather? Yes, Banwari.
– Okay. Okay. Yes! Bye! Oh, Lord Ram! Where is Priya? Here, take this! What is this? – Bill. The bill is here but where is Priya? The child left long back. She went away? Okay, I am also going. Where are you going?
Pay the bill first. After all your
granddaughter ate the food. How much is the bill? – 3400. Oh, my god! I am dead! I will have to give you my property.
I don’t have money. There is no need to give property.
I have a way. What way? – Come. Both are not here!
– Sir, who are you looking for? There was a priest here.
Where did he go? That means that child’s grandfather? Yes, you are right.
– Who are you then? I am this child’s papa.
– Is that so? Grandfather is busy. You come. Om dishonesty Namah! Om telling tales Namah! Om free fundum Namah! Om jealous Namah! Om grinding Namah! What is this? Is this some new mantra? What to do? I have got habituated
to chanting the mantras. After all it is my old habit. After all tell me what happened? That child of a witch got
me trapped here and ran away. Oh, no! Father, what is this?
Why do you need to grind all this? Why are you doing all this? What for? What should I do? If I do
not make a payment of 3000 rupees.. ..they will hang me here and kill me. See, there he comes. – What is this? Chilies, lentils and coriander..
– What for? After grinding this I
have to grind that as well. The bill is of 3400. If after three
months he cannot repay the amount.. ..then he will have
to keep grinding like this. Hey! Who are you telling
to grind chilies? He is my son-in-law! Do you know who he is
and how much he is educated? You are telling him to grind chilies? You dare to say this! I will not spare the two of you!
– What are you doing? Tell me. Why are you
raising you hand on me? Didn’t I tell you
to first pay the bill? Which bill are you talking about? That witch’s bill? 3000 rupees? Son-in-law has parked
a new scooter outside. You bring that inside and
let us go out. Problem solved! Father, what is this?
What are you saying? Son-in-law, come home
after paying the entire bill. Father! Father!
– Listen to me! Listen to me! Son-in-law! Son-in-law! You are shouting as if you have
seen the film Bees Saal Baad just now. Father, never mind if
you would have come in your.. ..original form but you
came in the form of a ghost.. ..and tried to send me away.
Why, father? Why are you going around
like a ghost at night? Why don’t you go and sleep? What should I tell you? When
a witch is going around in the house.. can I sleep peacefully? Yes, father! We both say
that there is a ghost in this house. But Gayatri does not agree to this. Gayatri is just like her mother.
Very slow. She will laugh today for
the joke she heard yesterday. But what should I do in this? Shall I narrate another joke?
– No. Father! How can we convince Gayatri
that there is a ghost in this house? Actually even I was coming
thinking about the same.. ..but upon hearing you
scream I forgot everything. Yes. There is a super idea! Tell me the idea first! After that I will tell you
whether it is super of super flop. The way we charge our
cell phones in the same way.. ..these ghosts charge themselves
by drinking human blood. They charge themselves. And right now it is
time for midnight masala. And the ghost who
has possessed our child.. ..will surely drink blood. Absolutely! What is it? What happened? Whatever it is open
your mouth and speak. Whose blood is she going to drink? Instead of asking why are
you touching and frightening me? I cannot tell you now whose
blood she is going to drink. We will come to know
that after she drinks, right? We will do one thing.
When she will drink blood.. ..we will call Gayatri and
show her how she is drinking blood. We will prove it to her
that the child is a ghost. How is the idea? – It is good.. What are you saying? Say the dialogue loudly! Son-in-law,
see there the witch is coming. There are some things which I
will not be able to speak due to fear. Try and understand
by seeing the lip movement. Can you see? That witch has hidden the
bottle of blood in her school bag. Looks like she must have
stolen it from the blood bank. A group, B group.
She is changing and drinking. We do not know which group this is. Surely it must be A. – A means? A for soul! Mine is B group! That means.. – I mean.. Father, you stand here only. – Okay. I will go and bring Gayatri. Father! – What is it? Don’t be afraid! You are scaring me
by saying don’t be afraid? Priya, went.. Priya went away!
– Look over there.. Where will you see? Just missed! As always she has come late. And she drank the blood and went away! If you would have come a little
earlier her mouth smeared with blood.. No, we would have
caught her red-handed. But that was not possible.
– Oh, no, father! Why do you agree with him
and accuse my daughter like this? Why will I accuse her? If you
don’t believe me see for yourself. Half bottle of blood is in her bag. If you see you will come to know. Gayatri, go, go and see.
– Go and take a look. Both of them together
are troubling me so much. Father, what is this?
There is water in this. What is this?
I saw it with my own eyes. She kept the bottle
of blood in her bag. I saw with my own eyes. So was I looking with
someone else’s eyes? Father, keep quiet. All efforts waste.
– Gayatri, actually.. Don’t say anything. Son-in-law!
Actually.. – You keep quiet. What is this? Before this changes into
blood i will keep it in the bag. Hey, Bauna Munivar! – Yes. You go to a non-vegetarian hotel.
You drink blood here. You do all the worthless things.
Don’t you feel ashamed? Look, I am not bothered
about all these things. I want to win and I will win and show. I will cross any limit
to send you away from here! You will not be able
to do anything here. You go away from here now. If you try and play with
me I will cut your nose.. ..and you will be nowhere. You are a witch and I am a mendicant. Iwill not go away from
here till I don’t send you away. I am not going to get scared of fire. I got immersed in camphor flame. I am power!
I am the greatest of power! You are a devil! You are cunning. Enough of your nonsense, you spirit.
You will not be saved. Hey, get lost! Move away! Hail Jagdamba! Hail Jagdamba! “Hey, small, small, small, witch.” “Go away, tiny witch..” “Cunning, cunning, cunning, devil!
Go away, you cunning devil!” “If you want your life
to be saved run away from here..” “..or else I will finish you.” “I am not going to get
scared of your empty threats.” “I am fire I will destroy everything.” “I play with fire.
I am not going to get scared.” “I am fire filled with divine powers!” “Where do you know me still?” “Where do you still know my powers?” “Do you know what
I will do in my anger?” “Hey! Go away, you still
have the opportunity to run away.” “Hey! Go away, you still
have the opportunity to run away.” “You devil!
There is still time, go away!” “Go away, there is still time..” “Hey get lost, tiny witch!” “Hey, small, small, small, witch.” “Go away, tiny witch..” “Cunning, cunning, cunning, devil!
Go away, you cunning devil!” “Run away! Run away! Save your life!” “Or else you will die!” “I have seen many
cunning people like you.” First go and save your life.” “I will chant such a mantra
you will turn into ash.” “Where will you go
saving yourself from me?” “Your mantras will be left here only.” “There is no antidote for my mantras.” “I am not going to get
scared of your empty threats.” “You will fall flat on the
ground if I kick you like this.” “Hey, small, small, small, witch.” “Go away, tiny witch..” “Cunning, cunning, cunning, devil!
Go away, you cunning devil!” Hail Jagdamba! Hail, Jagdamba! Something terrible is
going to happen in this house. Jagdamba is saying this!
Jagdamba is saying this! The witch is going to
kill the master of this house. Jagdamba is saying this!
Jagdamba is saying this! Gayatri!
Quickly wake up! Get up quickly! Some witch is going to kill
me and you are sleeping peacefully? What are you saying? – Not me.
Some Baba outside is saying this. Death is inevitable!
Death is inevitable! It is definite that the master
of this house is going to die. It is absolutely sure! Gayatri, some Baba has come
here at the middle of the night.. ..and is scaring me. Oh, no! That is not
a drum it is a tabor. Keep quiet! There outside
he is talking of my death.. ..and here you are pacifying me.
Do something. Send him away from here! Hey you! Who are you? You are coming here in the middle
of the night and frightening us? Come on, go away from here.
– She is telling you to go away! I will go away! I will surely go away! But mother, please give me some alms. Mother, please give me something. No one gives alms in
the middle of the night. Come in the morning. Why are you extending
this matter till morning? What if that Baba
casts some magic on us? Mother, hurry up!
At least give me old clothes. Hearing his voice
I am getting more scared. I am coming! This is very new!
I wore it just once. Keep it. Swami, this is your shirt,
isn’t it? – Yes. ‘Swami, I don’t want!’ Hey! Why are you returning it to me? You are going to die now! I will
not wear clothes that you have worn. I am going to die!
– No, I don’t want. Never! I don’t want it. I am sorry! Hail Jagdamba! Hail Jagdamba! What are you saying? Gayatri, there is no other option. Before she kills
me I want to kill her. I have spoken to the
Guruji at the hermitage. If we perform the Samhar
Yangya (Killing ritual).. ..then that witch will
go away from Priya’s body. Oh, no! There is no
witch in our Priya’s body. Why are you scared like this?
There is no need of any ritual. Gayatri,
this is the question of my life. You don’t stop me from doing this.
– Listen to me.. ‘Sanskrit chants’ Priest, the ritual for the
soul to rest in peace is over. Now for the soul to be free
no sooner we offer our oblation.. this holy fire the soul that
is restless will attain salvation. All of you start chanting the mantras. From today the story
of that soul is over. ‘Sanskrit chants’ By performing the ritual
of releasing the soul.. ..will I go away from here?
This will never happen. I know this will never happen. But you don’t know what
is going to happen. How is that? Come. Did everything
go on successfully? By chanting the killing rituals
you sent Savitri away, right? Tell me! I am asking you only.
Open your mouth and tell me. This poor man cannot speak. – What? Before chanting of the
mantras that murderous soul.. ..strangulated him and made him dumb. No! This is not possible. I don’t believe this!
My Savitri can never do this! I saw your loving daughter
Priya strangulating him. This is only the truth. This..what are you saying? Gayatri, that is a very
dangerous and cruel soul. It is not easy to control her. Gayatri, to destroy is their quality. They only know to snatch
life and not give it. It is a very difficult task
to free yourself from this soul. All of you leave this house
and go away somewhere else. Hey! Tell me. You promised
and then deceived me, isn’t it? After all you did show
your true colors, isn’t it? I allowed you to stay in
Priya’s body and this is how.. pay me back? Listen, Savitri! You cannot stay in Priya’s
body even a minute more now. Right now leave her body and go. Please don’t say that!
I did not commit any mistake! Don’t give specifications! If you do not leave Priya’s
body and go right now.. ..I will kill Priya. Go! You go! Go away from here! I am going. Gayatri, we have finished our task.
Shall we leave now? Good-bye! – Come. ‘Sister, how have you come here?’ Brother, I had come here to
take revenge but an Ojha sent me away. Savitri, the way I sent
you away from that child’s body.. the same way I am also
going to send your brother away! I am going to send him away!
I am going to send him away! Hey! Please don’t do anything!
Please don’t do this! Five years you were in
this bondage and now you both.. ..are in my custody! The auspicious moment has arrived! The auspicious moment has arrived! I have held both
the souls in my custody. The coming problem has been averted!
It has been averted! Hail Jagdamba! Hail Jagdamba! Ramfal, we were scared that
one of us may die on Saturday. Yes, brother! Now both of us have a long life. Friend, I am convinced now. But if you finish all these
souls together that will be fun. Yes. Yes. It is only possible
on the no moon night.. give salvation
to all the souls here. Tomorrow is the no moon night. The story of the souls
will be over tomorrow. Thank you, friend!
Thank you very much! I made a mistake. I sent away
a pious soul away from the house. By the way only Mother goddess Kali
from the well can bring back your voice. But I do not know in
well does that Kali stay. With a true heart I will pray to Her. She can only give you your voice back. Gaaytri, the fan is going to fall! Gayatri, the fan has stopped turning. Look, you can speak! Mother Goddess Kali has
showered her blessings on us! No sooner you remember
her this Kali from the well.. ..will be in front of you in a minute. I have made your husband normal again. And no I am going to proceed
to kill those sinful people! God damn it! ‘You love children!’ Come! Come! Kill me! Kill me! Come! Come on! – Mummy! Kill me! – Mummy! Mummy! Kill me! Mummy! I will have to immediately
tell Manmauji about this. Ramfal! I am here! Hey! came in
the form of that child? Yes! I very well know that,
that haunted car loves children. That is why I came here in
the form of a small child to save you. But see the game of fate.
That soul though so powerful.. ..could not recognize
my true identity. Friend, leave all that.
You and that Ojha will be saved. Just think properly. Bauna Munivar had taken the souls.. custody how did
this soul then come, tell me? Surely something is fishy. That Bauna Munivar has deceived us. He has cheated us. Cunning man! Gurudev! – Manmauji! There
is some divine power behind this.. ..and you are holding me,
your guru only responsible for this? I will not wait here
even for a moment now. I will also free all the
souls that I had held in my custody. What is this, buddy? Gurudev! Gurudev! Gurudev! Hey! What have you done? My Guru left me today
because of my mistake. What shall I do now? Gurudev! What shall I do now? Ramfal! What shall I do now?
Tell me what should I do now? Tell me! Forget it!
Even I have some strange powers. I will use those powers and
bring those souls under my control. And Bauna Munivar will keep watching. Mother! They have
freed us from bondage! Tomorrow is Saturday. I will surely take revenge
on those sinful people. Tomorrow is not only Saturday
but also a no moon night. And a no moon night
is favorable for Ojhas. But it is unfavorable
for good souls like you. You will have to
make an effort and win. I am with you! Hey, Manmauji!
Why are you standing in this form? If I remain in a human
form that soul will kill me. That is why I am standing here
today in the form of this magic robot. Yes! As you know the
mantras you will be saved. But what about me? Look at your wrist! Hey! What is this? Till this magical talisman in on
your wrist no power can come near you. Right now I will go and
burn those souls to ashes. Okay, buddy! Hey you, murderer! Just because you ran away from
jail do you think you can be saved? I have come to catch you. Hey! Hey you, don’t run! Stop! You are running? Run! You will go and fall in
that same pit which you had dug. I will change today’s no
moon night into a full moon night. How did tonight change
into a full moon night? The divine power is stopping
the power of the mantras! My power is getting weaker. Your daughter’s body once
again made Savitri’s soul powerful. That soul has attained salvation now. Your daughter will
not face any problem now. I will protect your tradition always. “I sway, I sway!” “I sway, I sway!” “The world sways
with Michael Jackson!” “I came to know that you all know me.” “The girl from the computer world..” “Has come on stage today!” “Just see no sooner the
music started I started swaying..”

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