Madison County tech students receive new HVAC units

3 TECH STUDENTS IN MADISON COUNTY GOT A SPECIAL HANDS-ON LEARNING EXPERIENCE TODAY.. H-VAC UNITS WERE DONATED TO THE STUDENTS — SO THEY COULD TAKE THEM APART AND LEARN THE INNER WORKINGS.. OUR MARY STACKHOUSE WAS THERE AND HAS MORE ON HOW IT’S HELPING PREPARE THESE KIDS FOR THE WORKFORCE.. SHE JOINS US NOW.. MARY? 3 THAT’S RIGHT — SOUTHERN COMFORT DONATED TWO AIR CONDITIONING UNITS TO THE STUDENTS.. THEY ALSO CAME TO TALK TO STUDENTS ABOUT THE AMPLE JOB OPPORTUNITY FOR A/C WORKERS– AS THERE’S CURRENTLY A SHORTAGE IN OUR AREA. 3 A special delivery today for the Madison County Schools Career Tech Center — two brand new A/C units from Southern Comfort..The students will get to take them apart and learn how they work– and also how to fix them. The goal is to get students hands on experience that will help prepare them for the workforce– at a time where more technical positions like electricians are needed.nat – “There is a shortage of workers there.” A representative from Southern Comfort tells students there’s ample opportunity..”It’s a very good career path to choose. It’s very lucrative in its pay, and you can go as far as you want to go.”Tyler Jensen is excited to learn the inner workings of the AC unit. “Instead of watching videos and things like that, we have stuff to be able to work with our hands and learn stuff.” He’s one of 15 students in the Construction Academy program.. “Last year we were doing electrical, so I was learning the basics and then I took it again this year to get my carpentry certification.” Initially starting as a plumbing and pipe fitting program, Construction Academy grew to cover a variety of topics in the construction field. It’s designed to get students the experience and prep they need to enter the workforce. “It’s important for us to offer it because it narrows down what they want to pursue as a career or at least say this is something that I don’t want to do.”Tyler says he loves getting to work with his hands.”I want to do something in the trades — perferably electrical. I want to go to Calhoun Community College to be an electrical technician.” 3 The representative from Southern Comfort told students if they apply themselves and want to be an AC worker, they should eaily be able to get hired right out of college. Putting the valley first, Mary Stackhouse WZDX News. 3 TODAY, VOLUNTEERS GATHERED TO BRAINSTORM WAYS TO

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