Luft Qi – Your Personal Air Guardian

Allergic! Again? Larry finds a way to fight it, starting with the morning Many people don’t know indoor air
is worse than outdoor air Luft is a filter free air purifier that removes mold and bacteria
from your air even toxic chemicals from wooden furniture Yes, filter free Hate the smell of mildew? Or the toxic smell from sun exposure in your car? Luckily, Larry knows just what to do. Now he gets fresh air wherever he goes. It’s so compact you can use it at work or just take it anywhere Simply plug it in and Luft begins purifying your air Luft effectively breaks down bacteria,
mold, virus and bad odors Give your personal space fresh, clean air It’s innovative design is filter free Destroying pollutants not capturing them Luft saves you the trouble and money and also is environmentally friendly Watch how effective Luft is! Paint smell stinks but is also toxic Watch how Luft cleans the air Don’t cover up the smell, eliminate it! Allergic to germs and mold
in your office? Build up a bubble of clean air just around you And don’t forget about people you care! Give the gift of cleaner air with Luft Sleep tight, Larry Luft, your personal air guardian

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