Luft Qi Open Box Review – Travel with Luft – Danielle Walsh

Hey friends! My name is Dannie and I wanted to talk to you about two lifestyle changes that I’ve made in the past year or so One has been traveling a lot I’ve been doing it for work and for pleasure and it’s been a major lifestyle adjustment But it’s created this crazy wanderlust in me where I wanna continue traveling The other is going zero waste I’ve gone zero waste for about a year And it’s been hard to find products that fit into that lifestyle of traveling non-stop But one that I’ve found is this filterless air filter by Luft It’s a cute little mini sized air filter so you can fit it in your purse or in your suitcase
and travel with it It doesn’t have batteries
It has this little USB port So it makes it really easy to find a plug in place for it like in your car or when you’re traveling
in the little charger that you carry I know I always have one on me It’s made traveling a breeze because I can keep my air quality pretty much the same anywhere I go! But I’d love to know
how this would fit into your lifestyle and how you would use it Let me know. Thanks!

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